“Happy Anniversary Neal! Two years ago today you and Ruby were married! You know I can’t believe it’s already been two years!”


“I can’t believe how fast time flies!” Neal replies.


“I can’t believe that you finally got her to marry you!!” Steve replies. “How long did you two date?”




“Wasn’t it like years?” Steve asks.


“Probably. But she had her doubts I mean it’s not easy being married to a cop you know.”


“You mean it isn’t easy being married to you!” Steve replies as he points at Neal.


“What about you?”


“What about me?” Steve asks as he points to himself.


“Steve I’ve lived with you and it wasn’t easy you know.” Neal points out.


“Well I never said that it was and it wasn’t easy living with you either. If you and I have a hard time what about the women in our lives?”


“Yeah I mean Ruby has lost a lot of sleep over worrying about us.” Neal replies.




Neal nods. “Yes us I mean Ruby loves you too.”


“Ah Neal.”


“Besides Ruby is a special Lady I mean our wedding day was not exactly what she had always dreamed of you know.”


“Well no….” Steve replies. “Hey I got you guys a gift.”


“Steve you didn’t have to do that man.”


“Sure I did, open it.” Steve replies as he hands him a box.


“Wow its heavy what is it?”


“Open it and find out silly.” Steve replies.


Neal puts the box on the desk then he unties the ribbon and when he takes the lid off of the box he gasps.


“Steve where did you get this? I didn’t think any pictures survived that day.”


Neal takes the framed picture of himself and Ruby out of the box carefully.


“I found the camera in the storage room and I thought it was worth a try. Happy Anniversary Neal.”


“Thanks Steve oh man Ruby will love this. Look how young I look.”


“Neal that was only two years ago.”


The phone rings at Neal’s desk and Steve answers it. “Detective Schon’s desk. Oh hi Ruby….what! You are!”


“What is it?” Neal asks.


“It’s Ruby….”


“Yeah man I gathered that much….” Neal replies as he sets the picture down on the desk.


“She thinks she’s gone into labor….”


Neal snatches the phone out of Steve’s hand. “Ruby!!! Are you sure? Okay, okay I’m leaving right now!!! Okay I love you bye!” Neal tosses the phone back to Steve. “I have to go!! My keys!!! I can’t find my keys!!!”


“Neal, Neal calm down man here are your keys.”


“Okay, okay, okay Steve I’m going to be a father!!!” Neal replies as he grabs a hold of Steve. “And Ruby is going to be a mother!!!! I’m going to be a father!!!!”


“Yes Neal I know come on I better drive you.”


“Good idea but what about….”


“I can do it in the hospital you know Neal the first baby always takes it’s time to be born.” Steve replies.


“Takes it time? Steve it’s already been nine months how much longer does it need?”


Steve laughs. “Come on dad let’s go.”


“Dad? Steve I’m going to be a father!! You know I’m a little scared about this whole thing.”


“If you’re scared just think how Ruby feels.” Steve replies as he leads Neal towards the door.


Neal looks at Steve. “Ruby is going to be a mother!!!”


“Yes she is and I’m going to be a godfather!” Steve replies happily.


“Oh yeah man!! How come you aren’t nervous? I mean I scared out of my wits!!”


“Breath Neal breath.”


“Good idea.”


The sound of a door opening and then closing is heard.















“So Steve how was your weekend?” Neal asks as they meet up at the coffee pot.


Steve shrugs. “It was good Stacy and I got together and did the movie and dinner thing. What about you and Ruby what did you two do?” Steve replies as he pours himself a cup of coffee.


“Oh not much we just got engaged.” Neal says as he takes the coffee cup out of Steve’s hand then he heads over to their desks.


“What?” Steve replies as he follows Neal over to their desks. “Did you just say that you and Ruby got engaged?” Steve asks surprised.


Neal smiles. “Yeah I did! She finally said yes!!!”


“Neal congratulations!!! You old dog you!!” Steve gives Neal a hug. “Look at you! I have never seen you so happy!!”


“Oh yeah Steve I am pretty happy I mean I can’t believe she said yes!! It was just the perfect evening and it all came together and I have you to thank.”


“Me? What did I do?” Steve asks.


“You gave me the idea about the moonlight boat ride and the candlelit dinner and it was so perfect and romantic and I had the ring with me and I asked her….again!”


“And this time she said yes!!” Steve replies as he hits Neal on the shoulder.


“And this time she said yes!!” Neal repeats.


“You know I wonder why she said yes this time?”


“You know I don’t know maybe I wore her down.” Neal replies.


“Or maybe it was Mark and Brenda’s wedding last month, you said she cried like a baby.”


“Well maybe but I cried and you cried too it was a beautiful wedding.” Neal replies.


“Yeah it sure was and Brenda was certainly glowing.”


“That’s because she’s pregnant!” Neal replies.




Neal nods. “Yes!!”


“Wow!! Hey maybe Ruby is….” Steve replies.


“Oh no no she isn’t.” Neal replies with confidence.


“How do you know did you ask her?”


Neal looks at him. “Well no I mean I would think she would tell me something that important and besides she’s on the pill.”


“Neal the pill is only 99.99 percent effective.” Steve says.


Neal looks at him. “I….I didn’t know that. Hey how do you know that?”


“Stacy and Cosmo magazine.”


“You and your dates talk about birth control?” Neal asks.


“Well no not usually but she was reading an article in Cosmo about birth control and we talked about it, why is that odd?” Steve asks.


“Not for you.”


Steve pauses. “So when is the big day?”




“Oh okay.” Steve replies.


“We want to wait until Joey is out of school Ruby wants him to be the ring bearer.”


“Wow this sounds like it’s going to be….expensive.” Steve replies.


“She did mention something about a carriage and white horses.” Neal replies as he takes a sip of coffee.


Steve’s eye widen. “A carriage and white horses?”


Neal laughs. “She was kidding; at least I hope she was.” Neal replies as he checks the messages on his desk.




“Hmmm yeah Steve.” Neal asks without looking up.


“So….whose going to be you know your best man?” Steve asks as he bites his lip.


“Well you know I was thinking about asking the Captain.”


“Oh.” Steve replies as he bites down on the pencil’s eraser. “He’s a good choice.”


Neal throws a waded up piece of paper at Steve’s head. “You’re going to be my best man dummy!!”


Steve smiles. “Really?”


“Of course Steve who else but you? I mean I’m going to need all the help I can get here, which reminds me I have to go and talk to the Captain….”


“He isn’t here.” Steve replies.


“He’s not?”


“Nope, he’s on vacation for three weeks remember?” Steve replies.


“Oh yeah that’s right so….”


“Lieutenant Michaels.” Steve replies as he looks at him.


“Oh no not Lieutenant Michaels! He doesn’t like us….”


“Yes I know.” Steve replies.


“Come on let’s go I want to stop by Personnel and get some vacation forms.”


Steve grabs his jacket and they both get out of their chairs and they head for the door but before they can get there the Lieutenant stops them.




Neal and Steve both stop with their backs to him.


“Lieutenant.” They both say as they turn around.


“Going out on patrol?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Well we were until you stopped us.” Neal replies.


“How can you go on patrol when you don’t even know where you are going Detective Schon?” 


Neal and Steve look at one another. “We have district 41 so that is where we are going.” Steve replies.


“Not this week.” The Lieutenant replies as he hands them a sheet of paper.


“What?” Steve replies as he looks at the paper. “This is crazy!!”


“Come on Steve let’s go.” Neal replies.


“But….but what about?!” Steve asks as he waves the paper around.


“Don’t worry about it let’s go.” Neal replies as he pulls Steve along.








“What did we do to deserve this?” Steve asks.


“Lieutenant Michaels doesn’t like us pure and simple.”


“I know that Neal but that was last year!” Steve points out.


“Well Steve when you blow up somebody’s car and it was a brand new Camaro….”


“Yeah he only had it a few days….” Steve replies.


“People have a tendency to get pissed off and stay pissed off.”


“But yeah but it’s not like we did it on purpose!” Steve points out.


“I know I know what are you doing?”


“Well since I am your best man I thought I should make a list. You said that you’re going to need my help.”


“A list? What kind of list?” Neal asks.


“The wedding list of course.”


“Oh of course so what is the wedding list?” Neal asks.


“A list of things you will need for the wedding or to get done before the wedding of course. Now do you have a tux?” Steve asks as he looks over at Neal.


“A tux no? Do you?”


“Oh sure. You’re going to need a haircut….” Steve grabs Neal’s hand and he looks at his fingers.




“A manicure, a bachelor’s party….”


“A….a bachelor’s party?” Neal repeats.


“Yeah sure you know a party with dancing girls, food, liquor, you do want a bachelor’s party don’t you?”


Neal scratches his head. “Well I don’t know Ruby would kill me.”


Steve shakes his head. “No she won’t because Ruby will probably have a bachelorette party.”


“What is that?”


“Neal don’t you know anything?”


“Obviously not.” Neal replies.


“A bachelorette party is a party where the bride to be and her bridesmaids have a party with food and liquor and possibly male dancers.”


“Wait male dancers? Can you and I be there?” Neal asks.


Steve makes a noise. “No Neal that is the whole point it’s the bride’s last big hooray before she gets married.”




“You’re going to need to shop for the wedding ring and what about the honeymoon?”


“What about it?” Neal asks.


Steve takes a deep breath. “Where are you two going?”


“Well we haven’t talked about that yet I mean I just asked her to marry me. We really haven’t made any decisions about anything.” Neal replies.


“Well you better start bucko I mean tomorrow is the last day of April….”


“I know.” Neal replies.


“And May will be over before you know it so you have to make a decision about what church and reception hall….”


“Oh well we can have the reception at Ruby’s club.”


Steve nods. “Okay that sounds good and you’re going to need food for the guests….”


“Wow I didn’t realize there was so much to do.”


“Well what did you do when you and Kathleen got married?” Steve asks.


Neal shrugs. “I was fresh out of the academy and we poor we got married at the justice of the Peace. I was so broke I wore my police uniform.”


“Oh okay well if Ruby wants I know somebody that could help her.”


“Who?” Neal asks.


“Her name is Marsha and she’s a wedding planner.”


“Another old girlfriend Steve?” Neal asks.




“Aren’t those wedding planning type people expensive?” Neal asks.


“Well….I’ll talk to her.”


“Okay I’ll mention it to Ruby.” Neal replies.


“Are you two going to move into your apartment?” Steve asks.


“Well no I mean it’s not really big enough and her place over the club is just big enough for her so I thought about looking into buying a house.”


“Wow cool you know that would make a great wedding gift for her!” Steve replies. “There’s that new housing development with those starter homes, you know, when things slow down….”


Neal looks around. “When things slow down?”


“Okay when we can get away from the Lieutenant we can drive over there and take a look at a few of them. You can get a house with a backyard for Joey and then we can get a dog!!!!” Steve says happily.


“We?” Neal replies.


“Oh well I meant Joey can get a dog.”


“And you’ll come over to visit it right?” Neal asks as he smiles.


“Well yeah. If it’s okay with Ruby and all.”


“I’m sure that it will be okay with Ruby.” Neal replies.


They sit in silence for a few minutes watching people walking up and down the street.


“Neal?” Steve finally says.




“Are you nervous?”


Neal thinks about this for a minute. “No I don’t think so, not yet anyway. Probably when the wedding date gets closer then I may be nervous but right now I think I am more shocked than anything.”


“Shocked? Why are you shocked?”


“Well because Ruby finally said yes I mean I was shocked way back when, when Ruby said yes when I first asked her out for a cup of coffee. Now in a couple of months she’s going to be my wife, yeah shocked is a much better word.”


Steve laughs. “Well you know all this activity is making me hungry I think I’m going to walk over to that Deli we passed, what do you want?”


“Get me a corned beef on rye with mustard and don’t forget the pickle man.” Neal replies as he takes out his wallet.


“Oh no man put that back it’s my treat.” Steve replies.


“Really truly?”


Steve laughs. “Really truly. I’ll be back in a minute.”


Neal watches Steve walk off with his lazy gait then he picks up the newspaper and he reads a few articles then surprised he sees Steve out of the corner of his eye standing at his driver side window. Neal lowers the newspaper.


“Back so soon?” Neal asks.


“We have a problem….”  









“Hey man got a light?” Steve asks the guy holding the shotgun guarding the back door to the deli.


The guy holding the gun jumps a good foot then he points the gun at Steve. “What in the hell….”


The guy doesn’t finish because Neal grabs him from behind and as he puts his hands in the right position on this guy’s head Steve grabs the shotgun and he wrestles it away from him. By now Neal had applied his patented sleeper hold in earnest and the guy’s struggling slowly, slowly subsided down to nothing. His arms fell down to his side and Neal knew that he was out so he helped him down to the ground and once there he took out his handcuffs and he handcuffed him to the pole that was there as Steve takes the rounds out of the shotgun. 


“Ready?” Neal asks.


“As I will ever be partner.” Steve replies.


“Watch your ass you’re my best man remember?”


“Wouldn’t miss it! See you later.” Steve replies.








“Hurry up with that cash register what’s taking you so long?” The man with the gun standing next to the owner asks.


“I….I’m going as fast as I can that shot gun is making me nervous.” The owner replies.


Just then the door to the back opens and Steve comes in whistling wearing a white butcher’s hat and a white apron carrying a tray of bread up in the air.


“Hey where in the hell did you come from?” The second guy on the other side of the counter who had been watching the other customers at the tables yells surprised at Steve as he points his gun at him.


When the guy yells Steve looks and when he sees the two gunmen he drops the tray as his hands fly up into the air the tray he had been holding making a loud, metallic noise as it hits the floor.


“Hey man I asked you a question!” The gunman asks as he points the gun at Steve.


“From out back man I came from out back!!” Steve replies. “Cool it alright!!”


“Go out back and check on the lookout!” He says to the other gunmen without taking his eyes off of Steve but before he can do that the bell above the door jingles signaling a new customer has arrived. The guy holding the gun on Steve turns at the sound of the bell.


“This place is like frigging Grand Central station!!!” He replies as he trains the gun on the new customer coming in. “Hold it buddy!”


Neal raises his hands in the air holding a folded up newspaper in one of them. “Holy shit man what’s going on? I….I don’t want any trouble I just want a sandwich.”


“Not today but I’ll take your wallet. Didn’t I tell you to go and check on the lookout!!!?” The gunman yells to his partner that is behind the counter.


Just as he turns to leave Steve is there. “Hey buddy do you like mustard on your corn beef?” From behind his back Steve produces a big, squeeze bottle of mustard which he promptly squeezed with all of his strength into the gunman’s face. The gunman drops his gun as he screams and he covers his eyes then Steve throws the mustard bottle right at the other gunmen and hits him square on the head and Neal uses this distraction to grab the business end of the shotgun and point it up to the ceiling, where in the struggle, the trigger was pulled and one round was fired off into the ceiling.


“That’s one!” Neal yells at him as the people huddle underneath the tables scream and cover their ears.


Neal makes him pull the trigger again. “And that’s two!!! Guess what happens now.” Neal asks him as he leans in closer to him.




“You’re under arrest!” Neal replies as he shoves the gun barrel back against the guy’s forehead knocking him to the floor.  








“Detective Perry what are you wearing?” The Lieutenant asks.


Steve glances over at Neal as Neal scratches his head.


“Well Lieutenant I am wearing a comfy pair of Levi’s a t-shirt and….”


“No Detective.” The Lieutenant replies as he shakes his head.


“No?” Steve repeats.


“No. Detective Perry is that mustard I smell?”


“Actually Lieutenant its spicy mustard.” Steve points out.


Lieutenant Michaels rubs his forehead. “Why were you two in the Deli?”


“Why?” Neal asks.


“Yes Detective Schon why were you two in the Deli?” 


“Well it was lunchtime after all….” Steve replies.


“And we….” Neal replies as he gestures to Steve and himself. “Were in our assigned district that you Lieutenant Michaels assigned to us and it was a good thing too!!”


“Yeah those guys were mean!!!” Steve replies.


“Do you two have any idea how many people were in that Deli?” The Lieutenant asks.


Steve squirms in his chair. “No not really.”


“Try ten.” The Lieutenant says.


“And nobody got hurt.” Neal points out.


“Yeah man we didn’t fire one shot!!” Steve also points out as he holds up one finger.


“Why didn’t you two call for backup?” The Lieutenant asks.


Neal and Steve look at one another. “Well you know there wasn’t really much time….”


“Besides we didn’t need any back-up….” Neal replies.


Lieutenant Michaels slams his hand down hard on his desk, which causes the guys to jump, and then he stands up so quickly that his chair hits the wall behind him.


“That right there could get some innocent person killed, that lackadaisical attitude that you two have….”


Neal comes out of his chair as he points his finger at him. “Now you listen Carl….”


“Lieutenant Michaels Detective Schon!” 


Neal takes a deep breath. “Lieutenant Michaels we didn’t call for back-up because there wasn’t enough time and Steve had already scoped out the Deli and he knew exactly how many bad guys were in there!!!”


“There were only two shots fired and those were in the ceiling and the people in the Deli thanked us and the lady who feeds the pigeons pinched me on my butt she was so grateful.” Steve replies.


“It was a good, clean bust and you know it!!” Neal replies.


“You two….” The Lieutenant starts to say but he’s interrupted by Steve.


“There he goes with that ‘you two’ stuff again Neal.”


“….Have always gone against procedures and department policies and as your superior….”


Neal raises his hand to stop him. “Wait did you just say as our superior?”


“Yeah Carl?” Steve asks as he puts his hands on his hips.


“I am your superior Sergeants!!”


“Only….only for three weeks while the Captain, who is our real boss by the way, is on vacation!” Neal replies.


“Don’t tell us about, about procedures and department policies and by the way when was the last time you were on the street!! And for the hundredth millionth time we are sorry about your car!!” Steve replies.


“Yeah man sorry.” Neal replies.


“Come on Carl what did you expect Neal to do with that hand grenade put it in his pocket and let it blow his personality off?” Steve asks.


“Look you two….”


Steve makes a face.


“….Whether you like it or not I was put in charge while the Captain is gone and you will do things accordingly and in a professional matter….”


“And if we don’t?” Steve asks stubbornly as he crosses his arms over his chest.


“Yeah Carl if we don’t?”


“Then I will be forced to write you up….”


“Wait, write us up?!” Neal asks loudly.  


“….And put it in your service jacket….”


“Wait; put it in our service jacket?” Steve asks loudly.


“Or put you on suspension.”


“Suspension? You can’t do that!! Neal he can’t do that can he?” Steve nudges Neal. “Huh can he Neal? Can he?”


“Yeah Steve I’m afraid that he can.” Neal replies.


“Oh well lookit Carl….” Steve pauses when the Lieutenant gives him that look. Steve clears his throat. “….I mean Lieutenant if you take a look at our arrest records….”


“I already have and it is impressive I must say.” The Lieutenant replies.


“Oh well okay anyway Neal and myself have always been about being professional, right Neal?” Steve asks.


“Oh absolutely.” Neal agrees.


“But Lieutenant you have to realize that the bad guy, who usually has a bigger gun than we do and who doesn’t care if he goes home at the end of the day does not give a rat’s ass about being professional. That is why we are where we are and that is why the bad guys are where they are, understand? We do a good, clean job of putting the baddies away so Car….I mean Lieutenant don’t rattle our cages too much especially now, you see Neal is going to get married….”


“Really, well congratulations I hope you two will be very happy together.” The Lieutenant replies without cracking a smile.


Neal rubs his eyes as he grimaces.


It takes Steve a minute but he finally catches up. “Wait….no we aren’t getting married! Oh! Ha-ha-ha I get it that was a joke!”


“Detective what is the point of all of this?” The Lieutenant asks.


“I don’t know you called us in here you know!” Steve points out.


“You two….”


Neal and Steve look at one another.


“….Are known troublemakers….”


“Troublemakers?” Neal and Steve say at the same time.


“….Bucking the system….”


“Bucking the system?” Neal and Steve say at the same time again.


“….And someday I hope to make Captain….”


“Well bully for you!” Neal replies.


“So I’m going to make examples out of your two!! If I can straighten you guys up then I can do anything!! For these three weeks I’m going to ride you guys like a horse!! You do things by the book and stay out of trouble! Got it! Now get out of my office!!!”


Steve and Neal both look hurt as they turn and walk slowly out of his office.


Steve turns around. “How about….?”


“Get out.” The Lieutenant replies as he points.


Neal opens the door and once again Steve turns around. “What about….?”


“GET OUT!!!!” The Lieutenant yells louder.


“Alright man cool it don’t bust a gut.” Steve replies as he shuts the door behind him.


They walk back to their desks in silence their hands in their pockets.


Then Steve says, “Neal….”


“Yeah Steve?”


“What does lackadaisical mean?”








“Another lively section of town I see.” Neal replies.


“Yeah the Lieutenant really knows how to pick em.” Steve replies.




“Yeah Neal.”


“Are you reading the….dictionary?” Neal asks.


Steve looks up over at him. “Yeah sure.”


“How is it?” Neal asks.


Steve flips a few pages. “Wordy.”


Neal laughs. “Why are you reading the dictionary?”


“Because the Lieutenant and everybody else I know uses big, high dollar words and I think it’s time I learned some like this word….dabster.”


“Dabster? What does that mean?” Neal asks.


“It means an amateurish worker or somebody who just dabbles in something.”


“Oh okay.” Neal looks around. “The church and convent on one corner and the blind school on the other, this district has to have the lowest crime rate in the city.”


“This is what’s-his-name and what’s-his-face’s district.” Steve replies.


“What’s-his name and what’s-his-face?”


“Yeah you know who I mean I’m no good with names you know that!! Curly headed dude and the blonde, you know, what’s-his-name and what’s-his-face!” Steve replies.


“Oh yeah!!! I know who you mean now! So this is their district?”


“Yeah.” Steve replies as he goes back to the dictionary.  


“Looks like they ran all the crime out of here.” Neal replies.


“Neal its blind people and Nuns….” Steve replies as he shrugs.


“Isn’t that the blind school you went to?” Neal asks.


“That’s it.”


“And isn’t that your church too?” Neal asks.




“Maybe we should go around the block again?” Neal asks.


“We’ve already been around it three times, one more time and somebody will be calling the cops on us. Neal look I think that is Sister Mary Catherine and she’s coming over here.”


They watch as Sister Mary Catherine crosses the street and she runs over to the car.


“Oh Stephen I thought that was you.”


Steve and Neal both get out of the car. “Sister this is my partner Neal Schon.”


“Oh yes Stephen has spoken about you often and he lights many candles for you, it’s very nice to meet you.”


Neal glances over at Steve as he blushes and looks at the ground as he rocks back and forth.


“Well Sister it’s very nice to meet you too.” Neal replies as they shake hands.


“Oh Stephen I am so glad that you’re here!” Sister Mary Catherine replies. “I need you’re help!”


“What is it Sister? Is there a bad guy in the rectory?” Steve asks.


“Was there a break-in Sister?” Neal asks hopefully.


“Oh no nothing like that.” The Sister replies.


“Oh.” They both say with a disappointed tone.


“It’s Gabriel.”


Neal looks at Steve. “Gabriel?”


Steve shrugs his shoulders then he scratches his head. “Gabriel Sister?”


“Yes come with me!” Sister Mary Catherine takes Steve by his hand and she takes him across the street with Neal following close behind.


Steve finds himself having to run to keep up with her otherwise he would have been dragged across the street and she lead them around to the back of the convent where the courtyard was located and once there she came to a stop at the foot of a tall tree.


“Gabriel is up there.” Sister Mary Catherine replies as she points to the tree which causes Steve and Neal to look up.


“Let me guess Gabriel is a cat right?” Neal asks.


“Oh yes and quite a spry one at that.” Sister Mary Catherine replies.


“How did he get up there Sister?” Steve asks as he looks up.


“Oh Stephen Gabriel loves to chase squirrels and he chased one right up into that tree! Can you two be a dear and get him down for me?”


Neal looks up into the tree. “Steve I don’t know man it’s awfully high.”


“Yeah I know.”


“I think you should go up there and get Gabriel.” Neal replies.


“Why me?” Steve asks as he points to himself.


“Because you have the most experience with….”


Steve points at him as he moves his eyes in the direction of the Sister.


“I was going to say you have the most experience with pussy cats Steve.” Neal replies as he smiles.


“Yeah right.” Steve replies.


“Oh do you? Oh Stephen could you get Gabriel down for me? He’s been up there for hours!”


“Hours?” Steve replies as he looks back up at the tree.


“Yes hours.” The Sister repeats.


“Well….” Steve replies as he continues to look up at the tree.


The Sister puts her hand on his arm. “Stephen I will put in a good word with God for you.”


“Steve man that might be a bribe.” Neal points out.


Steve takes a deep breath. “Alright Sister I’ll do it, Neal give me a leg up okay?”


Neal shakes his head. “Alright man.”


Neal bends over slightly as he interlaces his fingers together to make an improvised step. Steve puts his foot in Neal’s hands as he reaches up to grab the overhead branch and he pulls himself up into the tree.


“Gabriel?” Steve replies and from pretty close to the top of the tree he hears the cat meow.


“Steve man be careful.” Neal says from below.


“Gabriel, here kitty kitty, good kitty come to Steve.”


The cat meows in response but doesn’t move.


Luckily for Steve the tree branches are such that they make steps and Steve is able to climb up to where Gabriel is resting happily on a branch of his own. When Steve gets to him he reaches out and he scratches him behind his ear.


“Well Gabriel fancy meeting you here, alright Gabe Sister Mary Catherine wants you to come down.” Steve replies as he picks him up off of the branch. “So let’s go….”


“Steve did you get him?” Neal yells up.


“Yeah, yeah I’m coming down….Gabriel….calm down kitty….okay.” Steve says.


“Steve what’s going on?” Neal asks.


“Nothing….” Steve replies as he slowly climbs down. “Gabriel! Good kitty! No….no Gabriel!!”


“Steve?” Neal asks with just a tad of concern in his voice.


“Gabriel!!” Steve yells as he juggles the cat.


“Steve?” Neal yells again.


“Gabriel no Gabriel no!!!!” Steve yells.




“Neal!!!” Steve yells.


“Steve? STEVE???!!!”


“NE…..ALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!” Steve yells.








“Detective Perry.”


“Yes Lieutenant Michaels?” Steve replies.


“Is it Arbor Day?” The Lieutenant asks as he sits at his desk twirling a pencil back and forth.


Steve glances over at Neal as they stand next to each other.


“Arbor Day?” Steve asks.


“Yes Detective Arbor Day, you see I only ask this question because of the greenery sticking out of your hair.” The Lieutenant asks as he gestures around his head.


Steve rolls his eyes up as he tries to look up at his hair.


“Or perhaps you were dancing around the forest playing a flute Detective.” The Lieutenant asks again.


Neal reaches over and he plucks the greenery out of Steve’s hair.


“Owwww!!!!” Steve says loudly as he grabs his head. “Hey that hurt!!!!”


“Well Detectives?”


Neal clears his throat. “You see it was like this….”


“There was Gabriel and Sister Mary Catherine….” Steve replies.


“Gabriel and Sister Mary Catherine?” The Lieutenant repeats.


“Gabriel’s a cat….” Neal replies.


“And Sister Mary Catherine is well, a Nun.” Steve replies.



Fifteen minutes later….



“GET OUT!!!!!” The Lieutenant yells.


“You know if you keep this up you won’t be invited to the wedding!!!” Steve yells after the office door has been slammed in his face.


“You should go down to the clinic and get those scratches looked at.” Neal replies as he limps away.


“Yeah good idea.” Steve replies as he touches the scratches on his cheek. “Thanks for catching me.”


“Oh no problem, you know I didn’t know that a cat could do that.”


“Do what?” Steve asks.


“Fly. That cat saw that squirrel and he took off….” Neal replies as he makes a flying motion with his hand.


“Yeah using my face as a launching pad.” Steve replies as he touches the scratches.


Neal takes some aspirin. “I’m sorry that I said those bad words in front of Sister Mary Catherine….”


Steve gestures with his hand. “She gave me five Hail Mary’s to say, don’t worry about it.”


Neal rubs his leg. “If only that stupid bird bath hadn’t been there, you know Steve most people who fell out of a tree like that would be dead!”


“I can’t believe that you caught me!!” Steve replies.


“I can’t either oh there’s going to be a bruise there tomorrow.”


Steve puts his arm around Neal’s back. “Come on I think we both should go down to the clinic.”


“Yeah good idea….just don’t move so fast.” Neal replies.


“Neal you know I’m really shocked….”


“Yeah man me too who knew that the Nuns do that just for fun.” Neal replies.


“Yeah that darn cat can get down all by himself….” Steve replies.


“I bet what’s-his-name and what’s-his-face already knew about it too.” Neal points out as Steve helps him hobble to the elevator.


“Yeah the Nuns just love to see people climb up into that tree to get that silly cat down, it’s their form of entertainment.”


“They should stick to Bingo.” Neal replies as they get into the elevator.








“No I’m sorry they aren’t here would you like to leave a message?” Steve asks then he hastily scribbles something on the message pad. “Okay bye.”


Steve looks up to see Neal standing in front of the desk.




Before Neal can finish the phone rings again.


“Holy crap!” Steve exclaims as he raises one finger to stop Neal as he answers the phone. “9th Precinct Homicide Division.”


Neal looks around examining the ceiling as he waits for Steve whistling under his breath.


“No this is Homicide you want Auto Theft, hang on I’ll transfer you, and have a nice day.” Steve hits the transfer button then he hangs up. “Oh my god how does Alicia do this everyday? Neal do you really think she has the flu?” Steve asks suspiciously.


Neal shrugs. “I don’t know man.”


“I can’t believe that Car….I mean the Lieutenant assigned us to the office for two days!! I mean I am the long arm of the law man! Not a secretary or a receptionist!! I just hate when people usurped their authority….” The phone rings again. “Oh hell….”


Neal reaches over and he answers it. “9th Precinct Homicide, nope that’s another department I’ll transfer you….” Neal motions then Steve hits the transfer button and Neal hangs the phone up.


“Did you say usurped?” Neal asks.


“Yeah I did and that is what he’s doing!!!” Steve replies as he points towards the Lieutenant’s office. “Where have you been for the passed hour and a half?”


“Filing that’s where and when Alicia comes back I think she is going to be pissed! I think I messed up her filing system.” Neal replies.


“Well that is neither here nor there….what do you want anyway?”


“That is nice I must say.” Neal replies as he crosses his arms over his chest.


“Sorry but these phones are making me….” The phone rings again. “….Crazy! 9th Precinct Homicide Division….hello?! They hung up wrong number I guess.”


“Steve what is this?” Neal asks as he holds up a message slip.


“That would be a message for you.” Steve replies as he points at him.


“I know that you dolts but what I can’t figure is what does it say? I mean what is this some sort of Portuguese shorthand?”


“Neal do you have any idea how many messages I have taken my gun hand has a cramp in it.”


“Be that as it may….” Neal replies but is interrupted by the phone ringing.


“9TH Precinct Homicide. No I’m sorry they aren’t here may I take a message?” Steve looks up at Neal as he tries hard not to laugh. “Yeah I got it have a nice day.” Steve replies then he hangs up the phone. “What is so funny?”


“May I take a message?” Neal mimics. “You do that quite well.”


“Shut up!” Steve replies as he tosses the pencil back onto the desk.


“Does this say Floyd or Lloyd or what?” Neal replies as he hands it back to Steve.


“Floyd I think.” Steve replies as he hands it back to Neal.


“You think? You wrote it.”


“Yah that doesn’t mean I can read it.” Steve replies.


Neal takes a deep breath. “Okay what did Floyd or Lloyd want?”


“I don’t know what does it say there?” Steve asks.


“I don’t know what it says that’s why I am asking you!!”


“Let me think….” Steve replies.


“We don’t have that much time Steve.”


“Ha-ha! Oh yeah he wants you to call him or something.”


“Call him how there’s no phone number on here!” Neal replies.


“It was a bad connection okay.” Steve explains.


“Did he say what he wanted?”


“Nope he didn’t lookit if it was anything really important he will call back, right?” Steve reasons.


“Yeah I suppose. Here’s your Wedding notepad.” Neal replies as he tosses it onto the desk.


“Uh oh what happened?”


“Nothing happened you can just mark some stuff off that’s all, Ruby and I made some decisions about a few things.” Neal replies.


“Boy you had me worried there, okay shoot.” Steve replies as he flips open the notepad.


“Mark off the tuxes.” Neal replies.


“Okay why?”


“Because Ruby thought it would be a good idea if we, that’s you and I Steve….” Neal replies as he points. “….Would wear our dress uniforms.”


“Oh you mean the ones reserved for funerals and such?” Steve asks as he bites down on the pencil’s eraser.


“You got it.”


“White gloves and all?” Steve asks.


“Yes white gloves and all Steve.”


“And the hat too?” Steve asks.


“Yes and the hat too.”


“Wow! You know I think Neal you will look very dapper. Okay what’s next?” Steve asks.


“Dapper? The honeymoon.”


“Yes dapper, the honeymoon? Okay where are you two kids going?” Steve asks.




Steve perks up. “Wow!!! Hawaii!!! Man that is so cool and I am so….jealous!!! Can I go!!!?”


Neal laughs. “You want to come with us on our honeymoon?”


“Well….yeah I mean I’ve never been there!!! You lucky dog you!!!! How can you afford that?” Steve asks.


“I can’t my mom’s sending us, as a wedding gift.”


“Wow that is really, really generous of her I must say!!!” Steve replies.


“Well what can I say I am her little boy you know?” Neal replies as he pats himself on the chest. 


“Uh huh. Neal just promise me one thing okay?”


“You want me to bring you back a souvenir from Hawaii right?” Neal asks.


“Oh! Oh sure yeah that too but promise me Neal when I get married you have to send me and Mrs. Perry to Hawaii for our honeymoon, okay?”


“Yeah sure okay and uh Steve, Ruby picked her maid of honor.” Neal says.


“Oh yeah and who might that be?” Steve asks.




“WHAT!!!” Steve says loudly as he comes up out of the chair leaning on the desk.


“Sssshhh calm down!”


“But….but it’s Eva!!! And you know that woman almost killed me Neal!!! You know that she’s a….”


“Yes Steve I know but you’re safe she’s engaged.” Neal replies.


“Oh! Whew! You still want to buy the house?”


“Yeah I thought we could go by after work today and take a look.” Neal replies.


“And Ruby doesn’t know right?”


“Right and hopefully she won’t I thought while we were gone on the honeymoon you could arrange to have it all set up and everything.” Neal replies.


“Not a problem.” Steve replies as the phone rings again. “Hey Neal….”


“Yeah Steve?”


“After lunch do you think you could take a turn at answering these damn phones?”


“Sure partner I got stuff to file and stuff to pull, see ya later man.” Neal replies.


“Yeah later, 9th Precinct Homicide….”








“So this makes the fourth house we have seen today.” Neal replies as they get out of the car.


“The first two weren’t right and the third….”


“….Way too expensive.” Neal points out.


“Right but according to the paperwork we got back at the real estate office I think this might be the one. Three bedrooms and two baths, a big backyard….”


“It sure looks nice let’s go and check it out.” Neal replies.


They both walk up the walk way and when they get to the porch they are greeted by the Real Estate agent who is there hosting the open house.


“Good afternoon gentleman I am Mindy Collins with Oceanview Realty and you are.”


“Oh I’m Steve Perry and this is my partner Neal Schon.” Steve replies as he makes the introductions and they shake hands all the way around.


“Come in and I will show you around.” Mindy says.


They follow her in and she starts with the living room and they make a slow circuit thru the house, Mindy pointing out all the new and latest features and the guys asking all the questions and they ended up in the backyard.


“Well what did you two think?” Mindy asks.


“I like it, it’s just the right size for a couple starting out, don’t you think so too Neal?”


“Yeah, yeah I do and that kitchen is great.” Neal replies.


“I like the big closets and of course the two car garage.”


“And the price is reasonable so Mindy let’s talk numbers….” Neal replies.


Mindy hands them a sheet of paper with a break down of the price. “Wonderful! I think you two will be very happy here. This neighborhood is new and it will be very accepting of you two and your lifestyle choice!” Mindy says happily.


Neal and Steve look at one another and then Steve starts to laugh. “Oh no you see he’s getting married….” Steve says as he points at Neal.


“Oh don’t you two have to go to Mexico to do that?” She asks seriously. “Don’t worry that will not impact your ability to purchase this house, you see my agency is very open minded. We know that gay males in the future will make a vast impact on buying Real Estate and we are very discreet also.”


“Mindy we aren’t gay.” Neal points out.


“No?” Mindy asks.


“No.” Steve replies as he shakes his head back and forth.


“I am getting married but it’s not to old Steve here.”


“Oh I see and that is a shame you two make a cute couple.” Mindy replies as she clutches the clipboard to her chest.


Steve scratches his head as he looks over at Neal smiling.


“Uh Mindy these figures are they….negotiable?” 


“Let’s go back in the house and talk about it shall we?” Mindy replies as she motions back to the house.








“Wow that was certainly a lot of paperwork wasn’t it?” Steve asks.


“Yeah here I want you to hold on to it.” Neal replies as he starts the car.


“Me why?” Steve asks.


“Because I don’t want Ruby to find it that’s why! They still have to run my credit etc and hopefully all of this might be done before the wedding and if I get it….”


“You’ll get it Neal don’t worry partner.” Steve replies with confidence.


“I hope so and when we come back from the honeymoon that is when I am going to spring it on her! Oh man Steve she will really be surprised.”


Steve starts to laugh.


“What’s so funny?” Neal asks.


“She thought that you and I were getting married!! She thought we were gay!!!! I wonder why she thought that.”


“It might have something to do with the fact that you introduced me as your partner.” Neal replies.


“Well duh Neal you are my partner!” Steve points out.


“Steve I know that I’m your partner but she thought that I was really your partner, partner.”


“Oh okay! So she thought that you were really my partner and not just my partner, partner?” Steve replies.


“Now you got it!!!”


Steve nods his head then he shakes it back and forth. “No, no I don’t! Neal I’m confused!”


Neal laughs as they drive along. “I’ll explain it to you partner. See it’s like this….”









“Neal do you want some coffee? Neal? NEAL!” Steve says as he yells at Neal.


“What? Did you say something?” Neal asks.


“Yeah man I want to know if you want some coffee, what’s wrong you don’t look so good.”


“Steve its Ruby….” Neal replies.


“Oh my god she is pregnant!!!”


“What? No, no she isn’t pregnant she’s….” Neal replies.


“Oh Neal you two didn’t break up did you? Oh no Neal I can’t believe it!”


“No Steve we didn’t break up Ruby is….” Neal replies.


“Neal man I am so sorry….”


“….Old fashioned, sorry? Sorry for what?” Neal asks.


“About you and Ruby breaking up and calling off the wedding, who’s old fashioned?”


“Steve we aren’t breaking up and Ruby is old fashioned!”


“Ruby is old fashioned and you two aren’t breaking up?” Steve asks.


“No I mean yes I mean no!” Neal replies.


“No about what?” Steve asks.


“No we aren’t breaking up and yes Ruby is old fashioned.”


Steve scratches his head. “You two are still getting married and your upset because Ruby is old fashioned? Is that it?”


“Well yeah….”


“Ruby is old fashioned? The Ruby who is a tough, savvy business woman who doesn’t take any shit from anybody is….old fashioned?” Steve asks.


“Our Ruby, your Ruby?” Steve asks.


“Well yeah….”


“So what happened?” Steve asks.


“Well last night she told me that she didn’t want us to be together until the honeymoon.” Neal replies.


“You mean….”


“Yeah nothing not even a kiss.” Neal replies.


“Wow!” Steve exclaims.


“Yeah she doesn’t even want us to see each other until the day of the wedding!!”


“Wow!!” Steve exclaims again.


“She thinks it will make it even more special for us, the absent makes the heart grow fonder sort of thing, you know.”


“Oh yeah man the absent makes the heart grow fonder sort of thing.” Steve replies.


“You know what that is Steve don’t you?”


“Oh yeah man she wants you to miss her and not take her for granted. It would sorta be, like us. Ruby is smart she also knows that it will make you love her even more.”


“And she’s right I miss her already.” Neal replies as Steve reaches over and he pats him on the back. “Go with me on Saturday to get the ring?” Neal asks.


“You know I will but for now we have to hit the streets.”








“Steve, Steve man do you know where you’re going?” Neal asks as he braces himself against the dash of the car.


“Yeah I’m chasing that guy right there!!” Steve replies as he points.


“At least he’s got a new gimmick.”


“Yeah you don’t see too many purse snatchers on bicycles.” Steve replies.


“And he can certainly go places that we can’t….Steve this is a one-way street!” Neal points out.


“Yes I know that but he’s going this way and there’s nobody coming.”


“Steve look out man he’s I think he’s going to jump that fence!!!” Neal yells.


“I see him Neal!”


“Steve there’s kids crossing the street!!!” Neal yells again.


“Oh shit!!!” Steve exclaims as he turns the wheel to avoid the kids just as the guy on the bicycle jumps the fence of the house and that is when Steve rams thru the fence knocking the guy off of the bicycle but much to their surprise the guy hits the ground running.


“Holy shit I can’t believe this….Ocean we’re in foot pursuit!” Neal replies as he yells into the mike then he throws it into the seat.


Neal takes off after Steve who has taken off after the guy who jumped another fence and who by now was running up the alley and Neal caught up just in time to see Steve follow the guy over a bigger fence and they both suddenly disappeared.




When Neal got to the bigger fence he too jumped over it and he saw, too late, where Steve and the bad guy had ended up. They were in a dumpster and Steve was fighting the guy. Steve had the guy face down in the dumpster but he was still struggling.


“Stop resisting!! Neal, Neal man I am so glad that you’re here! This guy is flying and he’s strong….”


“Let me help….” Neal replies.








The Lieutenant rubs his eyes as he takes a deep breath. “Is that Soy Sauce I smell?”


Neal looks over at Steve as Steve leans over and he smells Neal jacket. “Yes Lieutenant I would say so.” Steve replies as he reaches over and he takes an half-eaten egg roll from off of Neal’s head and he starts over to the trash can that is near the Lieutenant desk and he makes a move to toss it into the trash can.


“Don’t throw that in my trash can Detective.” The Lieutenant replies as their eyes meet.


“No.” Steve asks.


“No.” The Lieutenant repeats as he shakes his head.


Steve slowly backs up and he puts the egg-roll back on Neal’s head.


“I’m afraid to ask this question….” The Lieutenant replies.


“Oh go ahead.” Neal replies.


“Yeah you know you want to.” Steve adds.


“Why does it look like a Chinese Restaurant threw up on you two?” The Lieutenant finally asks.


“Well….” Neal replies.


“It’s in our reports.” Steve points out. “You know the who, what, where, when and why of it all.”


“And don’t forget the how.” Neal replies.


“Oh yeah and the how.”


“I read your reports but it just all sounded so fantastic that I just had to hear it first hand. Detective Perry why don’t you start first?”


Steve looks over at Neal. “I….well Lieutenant Sir and I am not very good at public speaking….”


“Try.” The Lieutenant replies.


“Well….” Steve clears his throat. “….We chased the bad guy….”


“He was on a bicycle correct?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Ah yeah correct and we had chased him for probably about four blocks or so….”


“According to this you chased him up a one way street?” The Lieutenant asks.


“There wasn’t anyone coming at the time.” Steve replies.


“You chased him right into a citizen’s fence is that correct?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Yeah that’s correct, lookit Lieutenant all of that is in our reports.” Neal replies impatiently.  


“But we avoided the kids crossing the street.”


“Go on.” The Lieutenant replies.


“We chased him up the alley and he jumped the fence and we followed him….” Steve replies.


“….Right into a dumpster that was behind….” Neal replies.


“….A Chinese Restaurant.” They both say.


“The cook just happened to be taking the trash out at that time and he….” Steve replies.


“….Dumped it on us.” They both say.


“The cook didn’t believe in garbage bags I take it?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Obviously not.” Neal replies.


“Actually I think that might be a Health Code violation….” Steve points out as the other two just look at him.


“Now Detectives what about this citizen’s fence?” The Lieutenant asks.


“I….” Neal replies.


“Well you know these things happen and I told her that we would fix it….” Steve replies.


“Excellent idea Detective you and Detective Schon can fix it tomorrow!!” The Lieutenant replies happily.


“What?! Wait just a minute what do you mean Detective Perry and I can fix it?” Neal asks.


“Yeah what do you mean?” Steve asks.


“You told the homeowner that you would fix it didn’t you?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Well yeah but I meant that the city would fix it!” Steve replies.


“Yeah we even gave her a voucher.” Neal replies.


“And who do you two work for?” The Lieutenant asks.


Neal and Steve look at each other then Steve looks back at the Lieutenant. “The city?”


“Very good Detective Perry!!!”


“Well I actually meant the other city people that work for the city that does repairs and such….for the city. As it were.”


“You broke it and you can fix it tomorrow.” The Lieutenant replies.


“Tomorrow is Saturday and we have plans to go shopping for wedding rings.” Neal replies.


“Yeah shopping for wedding rings!” Steve echoes.


The Lieutenant folds his arms across his chest. “And after that you’re going to go shopping for your wedding dress?” The Lieutenant asks as he tilts his head.


“Yeah….” Steve replies then he realizes what the Lieutenant just said. “….No, no.” Steve says as he shakes his head back and forth.


The Lieutenant stands up behind his desk. “You two goofballs….”


“Goofballs?” They both say at the same time.


“….Will purchase the materials and then you will go over to that homeowner’s house and repair her fence! Do I make myself clear?”


“Yeah I suppose.” Steve replies.


“Yeah okay.” Neal replies.


“Now get out of my office you’re getting rice all over the rug!”


A few minutes later.


“Boy that was a nice how do you do don’t you think?” Steve replies. “Why does he have to be so mean Neal? I mean if I ever become a Lieutenant I will never, ever be mean!!”


“With all we have to do to get ready for the wedding I can’t believe we have to fix that Lady’s fence!” Neal replies.


“I’ll go by after work and eyeball it then we can get the materials.” Steve replies.


“Okay but first we have to get out of this Chinese meal we’re wearing.” Neal replies.


“Oh yeah.” Steve replies as they head in the direction of the locker rooms. “….After we wash these clothes two hours later they will be dirty again! Get it? Two hours later? Dirty again? Ha-ha!!!”


Neal just looks at him.


“Ah come on Neal! You know how you eat Chinese food and two hours later you’re hungry again? Get it?” Steve replies.


“Yeah Steve I get it. After we get cleaned up let’s go and get lunch.”


“For some strange reason I am liking Chinese food.”








“Boy it’s early.” Neal says as he yawns.


“Neal it’s almost ten in the morning, what did you do stay up all night talking to Ruby on the phone?”


“Not all night just until two in the morning, where did you get the truck?” Neal asks.


“From my landlord he let me borrow it.”


“Wow Steve you sure did a lot of damage and you wonder why I won’t let you drive. Where did you learn to drive anyway?”


“For your information Neal I was driving with my grandfather when I was an itty-bitty thing!”


“You’re still an itty-bitty thing and your grandfather let you drive?” Neal asks.


“I was probably eight years old and I sat in his lap and he let me steer so there!” Steve replies.


“Well that explains a lot wow these are already pre-cut!” Neal exclaims as he picks up one of the wooden slats.


“Of course I took one of them down to the lumber yard and had them pre-cut and I got some more paint too so it shouldn’t take us too long.”


“Let’s pick up all this debris then we can get started on the fence.” Neal replies.


“Good idea.”


“Ah Steve….”


“Yeah Neal?” Steve asks.


“Can you know, ah fix my car where you damaged it?” Neal asks.




“No not now but you know, in the future, like soon in the future?” Neal asks.


“Like maybe when you go on your honeymoon?”


“Yeah that would be cool.”


“No problemo, watch out for nails man.”


“Oh yeah thanks man.” Neal replies.








“It’s nice of Al to wait on us.” Steve replies.


“Yeah man who knew that a two hour job could stretch into four!”


“Well it didn’t help matters that that girl was out there in front of her house washing her car.” Steve replies. “Who knew that concrete could harden that fast! I guess that is what happens when you get distracted!”


“Yeah no kidding especially since she was wearing those non existent short shorts and that halter top so do you still think that they were real?” Neal asks as he nudges Steve.


“Yeah sure why don’t you think so?”


“I don’t know how can you be so certain?” Neal asks.


Steve makes a noise. “Because I know these things that’s why and I am telling you that those chrome bumpers on that car were the real thing!!”


“Okay what about the girl?” Neal asks.


Steve shakes his head. “Na man too round.”


“Too round?” Neal asks.


“Yeah man too round trust me I know about these things!”


Neal laughs. “How do you know so much?” Neal asks.


“Remember those twins?” Steve replies as he winks.


“You mean the stripper twins that you met doing the Meter Maid gig?” Neal asks.


“Those are the ones!”


“Now that you mention them you never did tell me if they were identical or not.”


Steve nods as he smiles.


Neal pushes him. “You old dog you!!”


“Wow Neal you know I can’t believe you’re getting married, I guess all our wild nights are over.” Steve replies.


Neal smiles. “I guess so partner, no more wild Scrabble games or Go Fish.”


Steve laughs. “Hey Neal lookit there’s a vacant parking meter!” Steve replies as he points.


“Got it!” Neal replies as he heads for the vacant space.


Steve jumps out of the car and he heads for the front door of the store. “Hey Neal I thought he was suppose to wait on us, the Closed sign is showing!”


Neal feeds quarters into the meter. “All we have to do is knock.” Neal replies.


“Wow Neal this place looks expensive!” Steve points out.


“Not only does it look expensive it is expensive but Al is going to give me a discount.”


“Oh because of his son Robert right?” Steve asks.


“Right I helped him get out and stay out of trouble and right now he’s going to College playing football. Knock Steve.”


Steve knocks on the door and from inside Al peeks out then he unlocks the door and he let’s them in.


“Neal!” Al gives Neal a big hug then a kiss on the cheek.


“Al thanks a lot for this I really appreciate it.” Neal replies.


“Neal you know I would do anything for you and now your getting married and I would love to help.”


“Steve?” Neal replies as he looks for Steve.


“Is this Robert?” Steve asks as he points to a picture on the wall.


“Yes that is my boy playing College football at UCLA he is in his freshman year and his mother and I have Neal to thank for it. Robert was in a bad way, he had gotten in with the wrong crowd but Neal had stepped in at just the right time.”


“What did you do Neal?” Steve asks.


“I arrested him.” Neal replies. “And then after I arrested him I took him around and I showed him what would happen if he continued on the road he had chosen. I took him to the morgue, made him watch an autopsy of a kid that was his age and I took him around to some other choice places and for him it turned him around.”


“Yes and his mother and I have been so grateful ever since. I picked out some rings for you to look at in the back room, how about you son do you need anything? Engagement or a wedding ring for you too?” Al asks Steve.


Steve moves the end of the rug with the toe of his shoe. “Ah no but I wish.” Steve replies. “I could probably use a new watch.”


“Oh Al man I’m sorry this is my partner and best friend Steve Perry.” Neal replies.


“So you’re Steve! Neal has told me a lot about you.” Al replies as he shakes his hand. “You know I have some watches I think you just might like, let’s go in the back.”








“Hey Neal look at this cool watch! See it gives you the time in Japan and it’s good for 300 feet deep in the ocean!”


“Steve why would you ever need to know what time it is in Japan?”


Neal you just never know I mean this could be the perfect way to meet women!!” Steve replies.




“Hi my name is Steve want to know the time in Japan?”


Neal laughs. “You know Steve that would work for you and you don’t need any help in meeting women! Planning on going scuba diving? 300 feet?”


Steve shrugs. “You never know. Wow those are some beautiful rings which one are you going to chose?”


“Well out of these four I’ve narrowed it down to these two, this one….” Neal holds up one of the rings. “….is exactly the style of diamond that Ruby loves and this one is the exact setting she wants, the problem is I can’t decide.”


“Well….” Steve sits down next to him and he takes both rings. “….Why don’t you have Al take the best of both rings and make a customized ring? You said that he will give you a discount.”


Suddenly Neal’s eyes widen and he lets out a yell and he throws his arms around Steve and he kisses him on the forehead.


“Neal!!” Steve exclaims.


“Steve I love you and you are a genius!!! That would be the perfect solution!!! Hey Al I got it!!”


Al picks up a notepad. “Okay Neal go ahead.”


“Al take this diamond and put it in this setting make it a customized, one of a kind Al creation, can you do it?” Neal asks hopefully.


Al takes the two rings and he looks at them. “I don’t see why not.”


Neal and Steve smile and they shake hands.


“And I’ll give you a good price too now do you like the watch?” Al asks.


“Oh yeah Al I love it but how much is it?” Steve asks.


“Hmmm well that watch is four hundred….”


Neal and Steve whistle.


“….Give or take but for you how about a one hundred and fifty?” Al asks.


“Sure I can swing that.”


The next sound they hear is the bell on the front door as it is opened.


Al looks back over his shoulder. “I thought I locked that door excuse me guys I’ll be back in a minute.” Al goes back out thru the curtain.


The guys look over their purchases and in the next instant they look up to see Al being forced thru the curtains by a masked gunmen who is holding a gun to his head. 


“Alright boys just stay calm or Pops here gets it! Got it!”


Neal and Steve both raise their hands in the air. “Yeah man whatever you say.” Neal replies.


“Yeah man it’s your world you have the gun you know, just don’t hurt the old man okay.” Steve replies.


The gunman pushes Al hard into the room. “Now Pops open the safe and be quick about it!”


“Hey take it easy!” Neal replies.


“Shut up!!” The gunman says as he points the gun at Neal. “You big nose!” The gunman says as he now points the gun at Steve.


“Who are you calling big nose creep?” Steve snaps back.


“Steve….” Neal replies.


“You!” The gunman replies as he yells at Steve. “Give me that watch!”


Steve hesitates and Neal nudges him. “Steve man give him the watch!”


“Listen to your friend there and give me that watch!”


Steve takes the watch off and he tosses it to the gunman. “Thanks!”


Al after a few shaky moments manages to open the safe then the gunman tosses him a bag. “Put all of it in that bag and be quick!!”


When Al catches the bag Steve drops his head to the desk.


“Hey what are you doing?” The gunman asks.


Neal puts his arms around him. “Steve! Steve what’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong with him?” The gunman asks Neal.


Neal shrugs. “I don’t know man! Steve!”


Before Neal can stop him Steve falls sideways out of the chair to the floor where he starts to convulse and Neal is out of his chair and kneeling on the floor next to Steve.


“What in the hell is wrong with him?” The gunman asks as he creeps closer to them.


“I….I don’t know man.” Neal replies worried. “Steve! I have to take him to the hospital!!”


“No! You stay right there!” The gunman replies as he points the gun at Neal.


“If he dies you’re going down for murder!” Neal replies.


“Yeah man murder.” Steve suddenly replies as he sits up pointing Neal’s gun at him that he managed to remove from its holster. “Drop it.”


The gunman hesitates.


“I would do it man I mean at this distance, what with old Steve here being a crack shot, you wouldn’t stand a chance.” Neal replies.


“Yeah man give us a break it’s Saturday.” Steve replies as Neal helps him up.


“Oh and in case you haven’t guessed, we’re the heat man.” Neal replies as he shows him his badge.


“So drop it creep and oh by the way I want my watch back!!” Steve replies.








“Whew it’s been quite a day!” Steve replies.


“No kidding we went from a hot chick to a dumb cluck!!!” Neal replies as he laughs.


Steve laughs. “Hot chick to a dumb cluck!! Ha I like it! Neal have you noticed lately that every where we go trouble seems to follow us?”


“Now that you mention it yeah.” Neal replies as he takes the report out of the typewriter. “Hurry up I want to get out of here before Lieutenant Big Mouth gets here!”


“Neal….” Steve replies.




“Too late.” Steve replies as Neal looks back over his shoulder then he grimaces when he sees Lieutenant Michaels standing there.


“Lieutenant Big Mouth is it?” The Lieutenant says as he walks over to their desks and Steve starts to laugh.


“What….what are you wearing? Were you a clown at a kid’s birthday party or something?” Steve asks.


“This is a golfing outfit Detective, I was playing golf.”


“Yeah man the hat with the pom pom on top really adds that special touch!” Neal replies.


“So….if you were shooting birdies why are you here?” Steve asks. 


Lieutenant Michaels takes a deep breath. “I am here because I am the Lieutenant and dispatch called me about the shooting at the jewelry store.”


“Whoa there was no shooting….” Neal replies.


“Yeah man it was a robbery pure and simple but we took care of it.” Steve replies.


“Yeah Steve here is quite the actor.” Neal replies as he points at Steve.


“Ah Neal you say the sweetest things.” Steve replies.


“I drove by the house where you two fixed the fence and I just want to say….”


“Yes?” Steve replies.


“Say it fast it will hurt a lot less!” Neal replies.


“….That you did a good job.” The Lieutenant replies quickly.


“Ah Lieutenant that didn’t hurt too badly now did it?” Steve asks.  


“The homeowner was very happy with it especially with that big, stepping stone you guys made. What made you come up with that?”


“Oh I don’t know Lieutenant it might have something to do with the view.” Neal looks at Steve as he winks.


“Yeah man the view.” Steve replies.


“The view? What in the hell are you two talking about?”


“Nothing Lieutenant….” Steve replies as he hands him his report then he gets out of his chair.


“Yeah not a thing Lieutenant.” Neal replies as he hands him his report then Neal pats him on the back. “See ya Monday.”








“Alright let’s see what we got here.” Steve replies as he takes out the wedding list. “The wedding invitations went out right?” Steve asks Neal.


“Yeah. Of course Ruby’s mom and dad are coming.”


“Right and Ray will be there.” Steve replies.




“Kathleen is going to let Joey come right?” Steve asks.




“Does Joey have a suit?” Steve asks.


“No we’re get that when he gets here.”


“What if it has to be tailored?” Steve asks.


“What?” Neal asks.


“What if Joey’s suit has to be tailored? Sometimes that takes time you know. He’s coming out a week before the wedding.”


“Yes I know Steve.” Neal replies. “What do you want me to do have Kathleen buy him one and he brings it with him?”


“Duh! I think that would make more sense don’t you?”


“Steve you and I both know if you pack a suit in a suitcase it will be all wrinkly and they will be hell to get out and then you will be bitching about the damn wrinkles!!!” Neal says loudly which causes the others in the squad room to look in their direction.


“Boy you’re cranky!!!”


“Yes I know.” Neal replies.


“Well go smoke a cigarette or two or three.” Steve replies.


“I’m all out.”


“Neal you smoked all those cigarettes?” Steve asks.




“But they usually last you a month or so.” Steve points out.


“Yes Steve I know but I’ve been on edge lately!”


“Yeah man being celibate has a tendency to do that to you.” Steve replies.




“Yeah celibate it means….” Steve replies.


Neal holds up his hand. “I know what it means thank you.”


“Hey Neal.”


Neal looks over to see Dan walking his way and when he gets up to him he puts his hand on Neal’s shoulder and then he leans in.


“If you think you’re celibate now just wait until you get married old man.” Dan pats him on the back then he walks off.


“Steve?” Neal asks as he looks at Steve.


Steve waves his hand back and forth. “Don’t listen to him, he’s been married forever.”


Neal looks over at him. “How long has he been married?”


“Oh five years I think.” Steve replies.


“Oh. What?”


“Neal I know from experience it’s hard to be without female companionship….”


“It ain’t hard that’s the problem.” Neal says as he crosses his arms over his chest.


Steve laughs. “You have to take your mind off of it, do other things, and get a new hobby.”


“Such as?” Neal asks.


“I got it! Golf! We could try that.” Steve replies.


Neal looks at Steve suspiciously with his head tilted to one side. “Steve have you ever played golf?”


Steve scratches his head. “Well no but it doesn’t look to be that hard. All you do is hit a ball with a stick and try to get it in the hole. If all else fails we can just watch everybody else and see how they do it.”


“Well….okay.” Neal finally replies.


“Cool! How about a cup of coffee?” Steve asks.


“I think I would like a cup of hot tea instead.”


“Hot….tea?” Steve asks.


“Yeah hot tea.”


“Alright man no problemo.” Steve replies.


Steve makes the hot tea and his cup of coffee and he carries them back to their desks just as Alicia comes over to them which causes Steve to perk up immediately.


“Good morning Alicia you look beautiful as always.” Steve replies which makes Neal roll his eyes. “You did something to your hair? Am I right?” Steve says again.


Alicia touches her hair as she smiles. “Yes I did and it’s so sweet of you to notice too, do you like it?”


“I love it! Alicia would you like to know the time in Japan?” Steve asks as he raises his eyebrows up and down at her which causes Neal to laugh.


Japan? Oh Steve….I mean Detective Perry you are so funny but so cute!”


“Ah….” Steve says as he blushes.


“Detective Schon you have a visitor.” Alicia replies as Neal looks over to her desk to see a man standing there.


“A visitor, who is he?” Neal asks.


Alicia shrugs. “I don’t know he says his name is Floyd Wilkins and he wants to see you.”


“Floyd Wilkins?” Neal replies as he looks at Steve who just shrugs.


“I can tell him that you aren’t here….” Alicia replies.


“Oh no, no send him over.” Neal replies.


“Alright.” Alicia replies before she turns and walks away.


“Do we know a Floyd Wilkins?” Neal asks Steve.


Steve shakes his head. “I don’t think so, hey maybe he’s here about the house!”


“Could be.” 


As they watch Floyd Wilkins walk over to them Neal sits his cup down on the desk. Floyd Wilkins was tall and thin, dressed in a nice citified suit and holding his hat in one hand as he shakes Neal’s hand with the other.


“Neal….Neal Schon?” Floyd asks with his distinct southern drawl.  


“Yeah? Who are you, have we met before?”


“Yeah man are you here about the house?” Steve replies.


Floyd looks over at Steve. “No what house?”


Neal and Steve look at one another.


“I called here maybe a couple of weeks ago and left a message….” Floyd replies.


Neal looks at Steve again. “Steve?”


Steve looks at Neal with his mouth open as he shrugs.


“I….I did get a message of some sort….but I couldn’t read it!!!” Neal replies in Steve’s direction.


Steve slowly moves back to his desk and he sits down.


“That is why I am here, I never heard back from you so I came out here to see ya.”


“See me about what exactly?” Neal asks now becoming slightly agitated.


“Your wedding.” Floyd replies.


Once again Neal looks over at Steve.


“Well what about it man?” Neal asks.


“You can’t marry Ruby.” Floyd says.


Neal moves closer to him lessening the space between as he puts his hands on his hips.


“Oh why not?” Neal asks.


“Because I’m her husband.” Floyd replies.


Back at the desk Steve spits out his coffee that he had just taken a drink of. “What?!!” Steve asks shocked as he wipes his chin.


“What? What did you just say?” Neal asks.


“I said I’m her husband city boy!” Floyd replies.








“Well what did he say?” Steve asks as Neal walks out to his car that Steve has been waiting in for the past hour.


“What did you hear him say Steve?” Neal asks as he gets in the car.


“Well….that he was Ruby’s husband.”


“Bingo! That is exactly what he said!” Neal replies.


“But….but how can that be?” Steve asks. “I thought you said that Ruby had been divorced….twice.” Steve replies as he holds up two fingers.


“Yes that is what she told me!!” Neal replies as he grips the steering wheel tighter.


“I can’t picture Ruby married to that guy! I mean he looks so….so rural!!! Neal….” Steve glances over at him.


“Yeah Steve?” Neal asks as he grips the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles are turning white.


“Are you mad?” Steve asks cautiously.




“Just how mad are you?”


Neal looks over at Steve. “I’m so mad I’m going to let you drive!”


Steve watches as Neal gets out of the driver side and he watches as Neal comes over to the passenger side.


“Move over!” Neal orders.


Steve moves over into the driver’s side as Neal gets into the passenger side.


“Let’s go! Now!” Neal orders.


“Where are we going?”


“Back to our old district!” Neal replies.


“You got it! Ocean Victor 7 is available.”








“She said what?” Steve asks.


Neal takes a deep breath. “She said that they have been divorced for years, she even showed me the papers, and he just refuses to believe it. He’s a nut job pure and simple.”


“I can’t believe our Ruby was married to this guy!”


“She said it was a lapse of judgment.” Neal replies.


“I would say so.” Steve replies.


“They got married in Vegas.”


“What?” Steve replies shocked.


Neal shrugs. “Ruby is human.”


“Ruby may be human but she is not in the same class as human as you and I!”


Neal laughs. “What?”


“Ruby is a very special woman and I have never, ever met anyone like her, anywhere!!”


“I’ll agree with you she is special.” Neal replies.


Steve opens the newspaper and he starts to read. “So how did old Floyd find out about the wedding?”


“They come from a small town so I am sure word….”


“Oh holy shit!!!!” Steve exclaims loudly.


“What?” Neal asks as he glances over at the paper.


Steve sees Neal looking so he quickly turns the page. “Oh nothing, the Yankees won again.”




“Yeah Neal?” Steve asks.


“Let me see that paper.”


“Sure buddy when I get finished reading it.” Steve replies.


“No buddy now!” Neal says loudly.


“No! I said when I get finished reading it!” Steve yells back.


Neal reaches over and he grabs the paper but Steve pulls it back causing it to rip in half.


“Ah Neal why did you have to go and do that for? I wasn’t finish reading it yet.”


“Sorry I’ll buy you another paper now what were you reading?”


“Oh hell… turn back one page it’s in the middle of the page.” Steve replies as he wads the rest of the newspaper up and he tosses it into the back seat.


Neal turns the page and he scans it until he gets to the middle. “Oh hooolllyyy shit!!!!!! But….but….who? Did you….?” Neal asks Steve as he looks over at him.


Steve raises his hands. “Don’t look at me man I didn’t do it, just read a little further.”


Neal turns back to the paper and he reads it mumbling out loud to himself suddenly his eyes widen. “Mom!!! My mother put the engagement and wedding announcement in the paper!! Oh my god I can’t believe she did that!”


“That’s a lovely picture of you two I must say.”


“Yeah one of her girls at the club had a new camera and she wanted to try it out so she took that picture and I sent it to mom!! Oh my god I can’t believe she put it in the paper!”


“Neal what’s the big deal I mean it isn’t a secret.” Steve asks.


“The big deal is all the freaks and weirdo’s that we have arrested will read the paper and they may cause trouble!”


“Neal I don’t think all the freaks and weirdo’s we deal with even know how to read so I think you’re safe.”


“Then they will get somebody to read it to them! Jeez Louise I can’t believe my mother did that!”


Steve reaches over and he pats Neal on the chest. “You’re her baby boy remember and she didn’t know it was a bad idea.”


“I know it’s just that….”


“Neal do you hear that?” Steve asks.


“Yeah where is it coming from?” Neal ask as he looks around.


Steve gets out of the car and he listens closely. “Neal it’s coming from that alley!”


Neal gets out of the car and he looks in the direction of the alley and suddenly the sound of a woman screaming fully reaches their ears and they both take off running in the direction of the sound.


When they round the corner they see a man on top of a woman, ripping her clothes off and she is screaming and trying her best to fight against him.


“Hey! Hey man we’re the cops get off of her now!!!” Neal replies as they run towards him.


“Get off now!!!” Steve yells as he takes his gun out of his holster and he fires one shot into the air.


That seem to do the trick because he stopped what he was trying to do and he looked back over his shoulder at them.


“Come on buddy just get up real slow.” Neal replies.


“Yeah come on Mac we won’t hurt you.” Steve replies.  


The man continues to look over his shoulder at them as he slowly raises himself off of the woman, getting on his hands and knees and then he gets to his feet and as soon as he was off of her, the woman scrabbled over to the wall and huddled there trying to cover herself. Steve, seeing the damsel in distress runs over to her taking off his jacket as he goes and when he gets to her he kneels by her covering her with his jacket.


In the meantime the man has now fully stood up and much to Neal’s dismal and fear he was a very, very big guy, so big he was literally blocking out the sun. He was so tall Neal had to look up at him.


“Ah let me guess….football player?” Neal asks him.


“No.” The man says as he opens and closes his fists.


“Ah….a boxer?” Neal asks again.


“No try wrestler!” The man replies.


Neal backs up just a little. “STTEEEEVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!”


At the sound of Neal’s desperate cry for help Steve leaves the girl’s side and he runs over to help Neal but before he can even get there the man reaches out with one of his extra long arms and grabs Steve by his arm and he hoists him up and over his head. Steve struggles and he kicks his feet but the man holds onto him tightly.


“NEAL!!!” Steve yells from up above the man’s head.


Neal pulls his gun from his holster and he points it at the man. “Drop him or I’ll drop you!!!”


Almost immediately and without hesitation he hoists Steve just a little higher and with no effort he propels him backwards, and he flies thru the air like a rag doll and he lands, none too gently into a stack of cardboard boxes and then the man grabs Neal and he takes the gun from his hand and he tosses it aside as Neal eyes widen. Then he lifts him off of his feet as he holds him by his arms.


“Steve!!! Steve!!! Do something!!!!!” Neal yells.


“What!!!” Steve yells back as he extricates himself from the mound of boxes.


“Shoot him!!!!” Neal yells.


“I can’t do that I’ll shoot you too!!!” Steve points out as he gets to one knee.


The man gives Neal a good hard shake. “Then hit him with something!!!”


Steve finally gets to his feet. “What!!!!”


“I don’t know and I don’t care just find something!!!!” Neal yells.


Steve still feeling shaky in his legs looks around and after a few seconds he finds a two by four discarded nearby so he picks it up and he makes sure that he has a tight grip on it then raises the two by four and with all of his mite he hits the man across the back with the two by four and they achieved the desired results, he dropped Neal, then he turned on Steve.


Before Steve could move the man grabbed the two by four out of Steve’s hands and he snapped it in two like it was a twig.


“Oh shit! Neal?” Steve asks.


The man tossed it away then he made a grab for Steve but this time he was ready and he dodged one way and then another.


“Run!!” Neal yells.


And Steve does just that. He takes off up the alley and even though the man is a lot bigger than Steve he isn’t far behind. Steve glances behind him just to see how far away he is then Steve shifts into high gear as he rounds the corner and when the man rounds the corner he stops and he sees….nothing.


The man looks all around him. “Alright little chicken boy come out, come out wherever you are!”


“Pssssst up here you dumb jackass!”


The man turns and then he looks up and that is when he sees Steve hanging from the fire escape ladder and then he saw Steve’s feet kick out and hit him square in the face. The man grabbed his broken nose and he staggered backwards.


“Hey behind you!” Neal replies.


The man turns to see Neal holding another two by four. “Nighty, nighty scum bag!”


Neal rears back and hits him on the side of the head, very hard, with the two by four and like a tree falling in the forest, he sways in one direction and in the other.


“Timber!!” Steve yells.


The man staggers a few feet then he hits the ground.


“Are you alright?” Neal asks Steve as he comes toward him.


“I don’t know my ribs are killing me!” Steve replies as he grimaces.


“We have another problem.” Neal replies.


“What is it?”


“Our handcuffs won’t fit him.” Neal replies as he holds up a pair of his handcuffs.


“Oh shit.” Steve replies. “I have an idea, got any rope?”


“Rope?” Neal asks.








“Hey Doc watch it that hurts!” Steve replies as the doctor wraps an Ace bandage around his ribs.


“Sorry it has to be tight or it won’t help. You’re very lucky Detective that nothing was broken just bruised, now you will hurt for awhile but I’ll give you some pain medication for that and I am going to suggest to your boss that you stay at home for awhile to rest….”


“Ah Doc!” Steve exclaims. “I’m not hurt that badly….ow!!!” Steve winces as he moves too fast.


“And then desk duty.” The Doctor replies.


“Ah hell! Oh alright where’s my partner?” Steve asks.


“He’s in the next examining room getting checked out. There now I think that will do the trick, I’ll go to the Pharmacy and get that pain medication and I’ll check on your partner on the way out.”


“Thanks Doc.”


A few minutes later Neal comes into the room.




“Hey yourself.” Steve replies.


“That looks bad does it hurt?” Neal asks as he comes closer to the table where Steve is sitting.


Steve shakes his head. “Na man its okay….”


Neal puts his arm around Steve’s shoulders. “This is me remember.”


Steve looks up at him. “Have you ever had bruised ribs?”


“Oh sure, here hold my hand and squeeze when it hurts.”


Steve takes Neal’s hand and he holds it tight.


“Do you want me to go and get the nurse?” Neal asks.


“No….the Doc went to the Pharmacy to get my pain pills….could you know….stay here with me?”


“Sure I have to make sure that my best man is alright.”


Steve smiles at this.


“I saw the girl out in the hallway.” Neal replies.


Steve looks up at him. “Oh you did?” Steve winces. “How is she doing?”


“The nurse said that she is pretty well shaken up but nothing is broken, their going to keep her for observation. She thanked us.”


“That’s nice. Neal?”


“Yeah Steve?”


“Can I lay my head against you?” Steve asks.




“It hurts to breath.” Steve replies.


“I know Steve it’s going to be alright.”


“You know you always say that.” Steve replies as he looks up at him.


“And have I ever been wrong?” Neal replies as he looks down at him.


“So far? No.” Steve replies as he closes his eyes.


Just then the Lieutenant comes into the room.


“Well this is cozy.” The Lieutenant replies.


Steve slowly opens his eyes and he looks at him.


“It makes him feel better Lieutenant, have you ever hear of giving someone comfort?” Neal replies.


“Anything broken Detective Perry?” The Lieutenant asks.


Steve shakes his head. “Just bruised the Doc says I’ll be out of commission for awhile.”


“Which one of you did the hog tying on the perpetrator?” The Lieutenant asks.


“Steve did.” Neal replies.


“Yeah our handcuffs wouldn’t fit him.” Steve replies.


“He has a broken nose and a concussion.” The Lieutenant replies.


Neal shrugs. “The girl is okay that is all that matters. After Steve gets his pain pills I’ll take him to my place and then I’ll do all the reports that is if that is okay with you….Lieutenant?”


“Fine Detective fine.”


A nurse comes into the room carrying a towel covered tray.


“Detective Perry the doctor sent me to give you a shot to help you with the pain.” The nurse replies as she sets the tray on a table and she moves it closer to the bed.


“Uh oh.” Neal replies.


“It’s alright I mean the pain is so bad I could care less about a little old needle.” Steve replies.


“Nurse can I stay?” Neal asks.


“I think it will be alright.” The nurse replies as she rubs some alcohol on Steve’s arm. “Now this will make you drowsy.” The nurse replies as she gives Steve the shot. “Now that wasn’t bad was it?”


Steve shakes his head.


The nurse hands the bottle of pills to Steve. “The doctor wanted me to give these to you just follow the directions on the bottle carefully.”


“He will Nurse and thank you. Is he ready to go?” Neal asks.


“Yes I think so I’ll go a get a wheelchair.” The Nurse replies.


“Oh stuff and nonsense I don’t need a wheelchair!” Steve replies as he slides off of the table and he would have hit the floor it wasn’t for Neal.


“Wow that stuff works fast!!”


“Alright there Junior have a seat and let the Nurse get you a wheelchair.” Neal instructs.


“I was just going to suggest that myself.” Steve replies as Neal helps him back up onto the table.


“Detectives you did a good job of protecting that girl and subduing the perp and Detective Perry….”


“Yeah?” Steve replies.


“Take a week off and after that we’re see how things go.”


“Alright.” Steve replies as he leans against Neal.


“Here Steve you can wear my jacket.” Neal takes his jacket off and he drapes it over Steve’s shoulders just as the Nurse returns with the wheelchair.


“Alright buddy easy now.” Neal replies as he helps him into the wheelchair. “Come on Steve let’s take you home.”


“Thanks Neal, you know I think I’m going to close my eyes.”


The Lieutenant opens the door to the room for them.


“Sure Steve go ahead.” Neal replies as he pushes him out of the room and out into the hallway as the Lieutenant watches them go.















©LAB and SRP & JRNY FANFICTION 2007 to 2008. All rights reserved. Steve Perry and Neal Schon’s likenesses appear only as characters. Any resemblance to any one living or dead is purely a coincidence. This fictional story is for entertainment purposes only and for the complete enjoyment of the author and the readers. I have no permission from Steve Perry or/and the members of Journey to use their likenesses or names and this story is purely fiction and written solely for the love of things and people back in the day.  No real rock stars were injured in the writing of these stories and I put them back when I am finish with them.