“Steve I can’t believe that you’re still reading those magazines that are supposed to predict future events.”


“They don’t predict future events Neal they just give you some idea of what things, products, and people maybe around in the future. These articles are written by highly technical people who have done years of research. This article says that someday cars will run on electricity….”


At this Neal starts to laugh. “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of! How is a car going to run on electricity? It would have to have one long hell of an extension cord!!”


“Ha-ha very funny! You park the car at your house and over night you charge it.”


“Yeah, yeah that is just silly!”


“Neal aren’t you interested in what the future may hold? I mean all the new technology….?”   


“Does it say anything in there about Robots taking over our jobs?” Neal asks.


“No not that I saw anyway.”


“Good that is all I care about.” Neal replies.


“It also said that in the future a woman will be President….”


Neal laughs hysterically at this so much so that he starts to cry. “Oh no you can’t be serious!!!”


“Well yeah that’s what it says….”


“A woman will never, ever be President Steve!”


“Why? I think a woman would make a great President.” Steve replies.




“Well because a woman is strong and compassionate….”


“Ah right there a woman is too emotional to be President!!!” Neal replies.


“Wait men can be too emotional also.” Steve points out.


“We men think with our heads and not with our hearts!! We can make the tough decisions!! We are not easily swayed in our convictions and we are not hormonal!!!”


“Wanna bet?” Steve replies. “Ever since you found out that Ruby was going to have a baby your emotions have been all over the place!!!”


“Oh that so isn’t true!!!” Neal protests.


“Oh yes it is and the bigger she gets the worse you become!!!”


“How can you say that Steve?”


“Easy because it’s true that’s how!! You had morning sickness….”


“It was the flu!”


“Yeah right!!! You had the flu for months Neal?”




“You would cry and yell and laugh for no good reasons….” Steve says.




“And you ate some of the weirdest stuff I have ever seen!”


“It wasn’t that weird Steve.”


“Oh no? Okay let’s see pickles and ice cream isn’t considered weird?”


“At the time it looked good….” Neal replies.


“It’s weird!!!”


“Okay Steve so you have never in your life, cried, or yelled or felt emotional for no good reason?”


“I am an Aquarius Neal and I have no problem admitting that I’m in touch with my feminine side!!!”


“Well then you couldn’t be President either!!” Neal points out.


“Neal there is nothing wrong in being in touch with Ruby’s feelings, its called sympathy pains and it happens to a lot of men….and I must say that I am shocked by your male chauvinist attitude!!!”


“My male chauvinist attitude??!!”


“Yeah your male chauvinist attitude! I would think after what happened that your views on women would have been changed just a little!! Neal you do realize that women vote now don’t you?”


“Yeah well….”


“And honestly Neal I don’t know how Ruby lives with you sometimes!!!”


“What does that mean?”


“That means Neal that Ruby is a very strong willed Southern woman not to mention the fact that she is a very savvy businesswoman and I can’t believe that she allows your barefoot and pregnant attitude!!! You two must have some great fights.”


“Just so you know Steve we get along great.”


“Oh yeah then why did you lose your mind when Ruby decided to keep the club after you two got married?”


“Because I don’t think it’s a good idea for my wife and the mother of my children to run a nightclub that’s why!!! It’s not a good environment for children.”


Steve laughs. “Oh brother! Joey spent a lot of time there because you thought that it would be a good learning experience for him to see how a business was run!!”




“Well nothing! Did you ever think that just maybe this police station was not a good environment for children either but you brought Joey here all the time right?” Steve replies.




“Neal I guess you forgot that women’s lib saved your life right?”


“Alright I guess my attitude maybe considered just a little archaic….”


“A little archaic Neal?”


“Alright Steve so I’m not as free and modern thinking as you are I mean you have to have a really open mind in order to carry a purse….”


“I told you before Neal that it isn’t a purse it’s a bag!”


“Whatever! Purse or bag what’s the difference anyway I just can’t help it okay and no I haven’t forgotten that women’s lib saved my life.”


“I certainly hope not and maybe you should try and be a little more like me….”


“You mean I should be a short, skinny, long-haired Portuguese with a big nose?” Neal replies.


“No you should be more open-minded and you forgot to add handsome to that list.”


Neal laughs. “Alright I will try and be more open-minded but you have to admit I’m not as bad as I used to be.”


“True you have come around just a little but I consider you a work in progress.”


“Speaking of work….” Neal replies.


“Yeah time to get started and it started like this….”




V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7





“Hey Neal did you see this story in the newspaper?”


“Hey Steve and the answer would be no.” Neal replies as he takes a bite out of his sandwich.


“Well you should it is very interesting.”


“What did they do find Jimmy Hoffa?” Neal asks.


Steve laughs. “No! The San Francisco Police Department just promoted a woman officer to Detective….see.”


“What?” Neal replies as he snatches the paper out of Steve’s hands.


“Hey!” Steve replies.


“You were serious I thought you were joking!!”


“No why did you think I was joking I mean that is a big thing!” Steve replies.


“It says that she is the first women in the SFPD to be promoted to Detective!”


“Uh huh and good for her!” Steve replies.


“Good for her Steve are you crazy?”


“Why do you say that?” Steve asks.


“Because it’s not a good thing that a woman made Detective! I mean she’s the only woman who’s going to work with her?”


Steve laughs. “Well if I was there I would!”


“You….you would? Why?” Neal asks surprised.


“Why not I mean I’m a Detective she’s a Detective….I don’t see the problem?”


“Steve the problem is she’s a WOMAN!!!” Neal yells.


“Alright already! Holy crap I think they heard you across the street!! Neal the veins are standing out on your forehead and that only happens when you are really, truly peeved at something or someone, what gives?”


Neal wads the newspaper up and he throws it into the back seat. “Women should not be police officers! They are not equipped for the job!!”


“What???” Steve says surprised.


“Police work is thwart with danger!!!” Neal says seriously.


“Did you just say thwart?” Steve asks as he laughs.


“Yes I did because it is! I mean this job is not for lightweights and faint of heart Steve!!!”


Steve looks around the car in which they are sitting. “Neal what is so hard about this? I mean we are sitting in this parking lot waiting for something to happen, this is hardly dangerous.”


“Not now no but do you know how many times we were shot at last week?”


Steve puts his chin in his hand as he looks out of the car window. “I don’t keep track of those things, do you?”


“Well no but it had to be a lot!!”


“Neal what is your problem about this I mean it didn’t happen here?”


“Oh but it could what happened in San Francisco could start a very bad trend!”


“Neal I can’t believe you feel this way you sound just like a….” Steve stops as he looks out of the window again.


“I sound just like a what Steve come on spit it out!!!!”


“You sound just like a big, fat male chauvinist pig!!! There I said it!! You ought to be ashamed of yourself Neal!!!”


“Why and okay maybe I am a male chauvinist pig but I think that women should not be police officers!!! So there!” Neal replies as he crosses his arms over his chest. “As a matter of fact they shouldn’t even work in the police station! It’s too dangerous!”


Steve laughs. “What? How is it too dangerous?”


“Steve there are no police officers at the station they are all out on the street!!! So everybody that is left at the station are unarmed civilians and the majority of them are women!!!”


“Neal the police department is the biggest employer in the city and they cannot hire women because that would be against the law!”


“Let’s say Steve your sister….”


“I don’t have a sister Neal.” Steve points out.


Neal takes a deep breath. “I know Steve that you don’t have a sister but for the sake of this argument let’s just say that you do okay?”




“Now let’s say your sister….” Neal repeats.


“What’s her name?”


Neal stops. “Who’s whose name?”


“My sister? I mean I always wanted a sister and since for the sake of this argument I do have a sister she should have a name don’t you think?”


Neal scratches his forehead as he takes a deep breath. “Okay let’s call her Angie.”


“Angela Perry….Angie Perry….okay that sounds good. Go ahead.”


“Thank you. Let’s say that your sister Angie wanted to go to work at the police station….”


“To do what exactly? I mean we’re related and we couldn’t be in the same department….”


“Steve that doesn’t matter it’s just a hypothetical situation.” Neal points out.


“Oh okay well then go ahead.”


“Thank you. Anyway, your sister wanted to go to work at the police station as a meter maid would you let her?”


Steve makes a noise. “Well sure I mean it’s a good job and all….I don’t see a problem.”


“Okay what if she wanted to work in the jail?” Neal asks.


“Doing what exactly?”


“A jailer of course.”


“What is she a Amazon?” Steve asks.


“What does that have to do with anything?”


“It has a lot to do with everything because if she is my real sister….” Steve replies.


“Real sister?” Neal asks.


“Yeah as opposed to adopted….”


“Adopted?” Neal asks again.


“Yeah adopted because if she is adopted I could see her being a big, strapping girl but if she is my natural born sister than she would be too little to work in the jail although….”






“Never mind.” Neal replies.




“What if she wanted to be a cop would you let her?” Neal asks.


“I thought you just said never mind.”


“I changed my mind so would you let her?” Neal asks.


Steve thinks about it for a minute. “If she wants to do it sure why not and Neal you don’t let anybody do anything women have their own minds and they can do what they want to do. My sister, if I had one, wouldn’t need my permission.”


“Well if I had a sister she would not be working in a police station at all I wouldn’t let her!”


Steve shakes his head. “Neal this isn’t the 50’s or the 60’s anymore it’s the 70’s and in case you haven’t noticed there is women’s lib! Women are doing a lot of things! They even vote now!”


“Oh my god when did that happened!”


Steve laughs. “As for women being cops what about Charlie’s Angels?”


Neal looks at him. “What about them?”


“They’re cops, I mean they went thru the police academy and they….”


“Steve that is a TV show and it isn’t real!! Besides they aren’t cops they are private investigators or something like that.”


“Yes they are too cops! Three little girls went thru the police academy and they were assigned very hazardous duties….” Steve says.


“Yeah I think one of them was a meter maid or something and yes I know you have a thing for Farrah Fawcett.”


“And why not Farrah is a fox! I mean she could arrest me anytime!” Steve replies.


“Do you still carry her picture in your wallet?” Neal asks.


“I don’t carry her picture in my wallet it just came with the wallet and I haven’t bothered to take it out.”


Neal laughs. “Steve I bought you that wallet and her picture wasn’t in it!!”


“Oh well so what if I do she’s better looking than you!” Steve points out.


“That’s another thing.”


“What?” Steve asks.


“She is way too gorgeous to be a cop! I bet that woman in San Fran that got Detective looks like Mister Ed as a matter of fact I bet any woman that makes Detective looks like Mister Ed!”


“Neal that is just rude besides Police Woman Angie Dickinson isn’t ugly!”


“Steve Angie Dickinson is a TV cop that isn’t reality the reality is you’re the prettiest Detective we have out here!”


“Oh well I don’t know about that.”


“It’s true.” Neal says.


“Anyway I won’t mind having Farrah Fawcett as a partner I mean everyday the shift would be a pleasure.”


“Steve women and men can’t work together hell we can’t even be just friends with them.”


“What does that mean?”


“It means that men and women can’t just be friends because of that always underlying sexual tension thing and I could never, ever have a woman as a partner because of that reason and also because I would always be worried about protecting them.”


“Underlying sexual tensions? Neal I have a lot of women friends.”


“Yeah right Steve and how many did you sleep with before you realized that they would make better friends than lovers?”


“Oh….yeah….well….okay. How about Vivian?”


“Vivian is married Steve.”


“How about Leslie?”


“She doesn’t like men Steve.”


“Okay. Well Neal if a woman makes Detective I bet she could probably take care of herself don’t ya think?”


“No women should be at home barefoot and pregnant.”


Steve then lets out a scream then he covers his mouth. “Oh my god I can’t believe that you just said that!!!”




“The….the barefoot and pregnant thing! God that was just awful!”


“Oh come on you can’t be that liberal minded!” Neal says.


Steve nods. “Yes I am! Neal I am just shocked!”


“I’m old fashioned okay I can’t help it.”


“Does Ruby know this side of you?” Steve asks.




Steve laughs. “Oh man I bet it drives you crazy that she owns her own nightclub and that she runs it by herself….why don’t you ask her to marry you….?”


Neal grips the steering wheel as he looks over at him. “Don’t you think I have? I mean I have asked her to marry me on numerous occasions and she always says no.”


“Well If I knew that you were a big, fat male chauvinist pig I wouldn’t marry you either!” Steve yells.


“Well don’t flatter yourself man I wouldn’t ask you to marry me either!!” Neal yells back to him.   


In the next minute they hear a loud tap on the roof of the car and when they look they see one of Oceanview’s finest standing at the driver’s side window.


“WHAT?!” Neal and Steve yell at the same time.


“Afternoon Gentlemen….” The Officer replies as he tips his hat to them. “We had a disturbance report of two men fighting in a car.”


“We weren’t fighting Officer we were just having a hypothermia….”


“….A hypothetical….” Neal interrupts.


“Yeah what he just said discussion and sometimes we get a little loud.” Steve replies.


“Can I see some identification fellows?” The Officer asks.


“You’re a rookie aren’t you?” Neal asks as he holds up his badge and Steve in the seat next to him does the same thing.


“Oh you two are Detectives! Hey I heard about you two!!” He replies as he looks at their I.D.


“Yeah man we’re famous.” Neal replies.


“Hey can I ask you a question?” Steve says as he rolls down the passenger side window and then he sits up on the door with his hands on the roof.


“Oh come on Steve don’t involve him in our discussion.”


Steve looks in at Neal. “Oh come on!”


The Officer pushes his hat back. “I have some time so what’s the question?”


“Officer?” Steve asks.


“Oh Officer Tanner.”


“Do you have a sister?” Steve asks.


Officer Tanner looks at Steve and then he looks at Neal who just rolls his eyes.


“Yeah I do.”


Steve smiles. “Would you want your sister to be a cop?”




Neal lets out a whoop as he slaps Steve on the leg. “Ha….!!!”


“She’s only ten.”


Steve lets out his own whoop as he pushes Neal with his foot. “Ha….!!!”


“Stop it! How about when she gets older Officer Tanner? What if when she gets older she comes to you and she says she wants to be a cop? What would you tell her?”


“Well I would tell her sure….”


Steve smiles as he wiggles his eyebrows at Neal.


“I mean my mom back home works at the local police station….”


Steve again pushes Neal with his foot. “Where’s back home?” Steve asks.


“Oh a small town in Iowa.”


Iowa.” Neal repeats as Steve slides back down into the seat. “Well thanks Officer and have a nice day.”


“Yeah you too fellows.” Officer Tanner says as he walks away.


“A small town in Iowa.” Steve says.


“Oh yeah I bet they have cows running amuck on a daily basis!” Neal replies.


“Oh yeah Neal a small town in Iowa is more liberal minded than you are!”


“I can’t believe that some yahoo called the cops on us!!” Neal says.


Steve takes the log book out of the glove box. “You and your big mouth. So you really asked Ruby to marry you huh?”

Neal nods. “Yeah I did.”


“So why does she say no?”


Neal shrugs. “I guess she thinks it would look funny I don’t know really. But I will wear her down eventually she wants to have kids and that won’t happen until she gets married.”


“Oh so no ‘ooops baby’ huh?” Steve asks as he smiles.


“Women’s Lib remember there’s the birth control pill now.”


“Right. Hey look our shift is about over.” Steve replies as he puts the log book back in the glove box. “So are you going to spend time with Ruby this weekend?”


“Until she kicks me out.” Neal says as he smiles. “Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?”


“Ah Neal you know how I feel about that I hate to intrude on you two lovebirds.”


“You won’t be intruding besides Ruby wants you to come over she’s been bugging me for ages to ask you.”


“Really you just aren’t saying that are you?” Steve asks.


“No Steve Ruby really would like you to come over and so would I. I mean my best friend and my best lady should be friends with each since we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.” Neal smiles as he puts his hand on Steve’s shoulder. 


Steve smiles. “Alright I’ll be there I’ll bring the wine.”


“Wine Steve?”


“I’m branching out.” Steve says as he shrugs. “Seven?”


“Yeah seven is great.”


“Let’s get back to the station and do the paperwork.” Steve says.


“You got it partner.”








“Good morning boys I have somebody I would like you to meet.” The Captain replies as the guys take a seat. “Send her in please.” The Captain says to his secretary.


A few minutes later a young woman comes into the office and as Steve and Neal look over their shoulders they all rise to their feet. The Captain comes around from behind the desk to greet her.


“Nancy Cross this is Detective Neal Schon….”


Neal shakes her hand. “Nice to meet you Nancy.”


“You too Detective.” Nancy says.


“And Detective Steve Perry.”


Steve shakes her hand. “Hello Nancy nice to meet you.”


Nancy nods her head. “Nice to meet you too Detective.”


Steve scratches his head. “You know your name sounds familiar where I have….” Steve replies.


“Well Detectives you probably read about her in the newspaper, it is my pleasure to introduce Detective Nancy Cross from the San Francisco Police Department. Detective Cross is the first woman to be promoted to Detective in the San Francisco Police Department.”


Neal’s eyes widen as his mouth drops open and Steve smiles as he elbows Neal in the ribs and he whispers in his ear. “She sure doesn’t look like Mister Ed!”


In response Neal stomps on Steve’s foot which causes him to yelp in pain and grab his foot as he falls back into a chair.


“Did you say Mister Ed?” Nancy asks as she laughs.


“Oh no no don’t listen to him.” Neal replies as he looks at Steve who rubs his foot.


“Oh no don’t listen to me.” Steve repeats as he looks up at Neal.


“Detective Cross these two are my best Detectives.”


“Oh really could have fooled me.” Nancy replies as she smiles.


Neal and Steve look at one another.


“Boys Detective Cross will be here for two to three weeks to promote the roles of women in the police force, she will speak to the new recruits at the police academy and to the young ladies at the local high schools and colleges….”


“Wow this is a lot to do in three weeks or so.” Steve exclaims.


“Oh I get it this is just a promotional gimmick and you aren’t really a Detective, they just promoted you so that more women would be encouraged to join the force.” Neal replies as the other three gazes in surprise at him.


“WHAT?” The three of them say.


“Neal I can’t believe you just said that!” Steve replies.


“Yes Detective I am rather shocked myself to hear you say that.” The Captain replies.


“Detective Schon I can assure you that I am just as qualified as you are to be a Detective here are my badge and my gun.”


“Wow Neal her gun is bigger than yours.” Steve replies. “She takes a much better picture also.”


“I apologize Detective Cross….” Neal replies as he glances at Steve. “….We would be happy to do whatever we could to help you while you are here.”


“Well Detective Schon I am glad to hear that because since it has been a little slow lately I thought you might like the opportunity to show your colleague around the City and escort her to some of her meetings.”


Neal clears his throat as the Captain and Detective Cross smile at him. “Oh sure I mean yes….yes sir Detective Perry and I would like to….”


The Captain shakes his head no.


“No sir?” Neal asks.


“No Detective Schon you see I also have this for your partner.” The Captain pulls a folded sheet of paper out of his pocket and he hands it to Steve who looks at it.


“A subpoena?” Steve and Neal both reply at the same time.   


“Yes for the Baker case that Detective Perry worked so hard on and it’s finally going to trial. Detective you have a meeting with the D.A. in about two hours.”


Steve gets out of the chair. “I better find my notes and all my paperwork. It has been very nice to meet you Detective Cross and Neal I guess I’ll see you later.”


“Yeah man later.” Neal says with just a twinge of disappointment.


“Detective Schon why don’t you show Detective Cross around our Precinct I’m sure that she would love to see it.”


“Yes sir well I guess we can start out here in the squad room since we’re here already.” Neal replies as he opens the door for her. “After you.”


“Thank you Detective but in the future I am quite capable of opening my own doors.” Nancy replies as she goes out of the door.


Neal looks over at the Captain who just shrugs.










“Hey yourself.” Neal replies as Steve comes towards the desks. “What are you doing here?”


“Well that’s a nice way to greet your partner, partner.” Steve replies as he pours himself a cup of coffee. “Wow this coffee tastes great! You didn’t make this did you?” Steve asks as he sits on the corner of his desk.


Neal looks at him. “No I didn’t make it Nancy Drew did. She thought for some strange reason that the coffee would taste better if the coffee maker and our cups were cleaned so she cleaned them.”


“Who?” Steve asks.


“Nancy Drew.” Neal replies.


“Neal her name is Nancy Cross not Nancy Drew.” Steve replies as he takes another sip. “I must admit she was right.”


“Nancy Drew, Nancy Cross what’s the difference? I thought you were in Court?”


“Jeez you’re in a bad mood and I’m on a lunch break. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing and now that I see that you’re panties are still in a wad I guess I’ll be on my way.”


“No don’t go I’m sorry.” Neal replies as he tries to slip a file folder under some other file folders. “I guess I’m just on edge….”


Steve glances down as Neal tries to hide the folder. “Oh well okay so where is she?”


“Oh she’s at Oceanview High talking to the students at Career Day and what are you looking at?” Neal asks.


“That folder that you’re trying to hide what is it?” Steve replies.


“What folder?”


“That folder right there.” Steve replies as he points.


“I really don’t know….hey give that back to me!!!”


Steve reaches down and he grabs the folder as Neal tries to snatch it out of Steve’s hands. “Steve!”


Steve clutches it to his chest as he takes off across the squad room and he jumps into an empty chair holding the file above his head.


“Steve you give me that file right now before you go back to Court sporting a black eye!!!” Neal replies as he points a finger at Steve.


“Neal what is this!!! Oh my god how did you get this?” Steve asks as he looks at it.


“That is none of your business give it back to me now!!!”


“Neal this is Nancy’s work file how in the hell did you get this and why did you get this?” Steve asks.


“Sssshhh!!!” Neal replies as he looks around the room. “Keep your voice down and let’s go into the Captain’s office.”


“You won’t beat me up or anything like that will you?”


Neal raises his hand and he crosses his heart. “I swear.”




Steve comes down off of the chair and together they go into the Captain’s office.


“Okay Neal now tell me why you have this?” Steve asks as soon as Neal’s closes the door.


“I just wanted to see what I was up against that’s all.” Neal replies.


“What do you mean up against….oh wow holy cow!!! Neal I can see why you’re pissed she’s has better stats than you!!” Steve replies loudly as he reads the paper in her file.


“Sshhhh!!!! You and your big mouth!!!!”


“Sorry. Wow Neal look at her scores on the target range! Neal you have to admit that these are impressive….what did you mean when you said you wanted to see what you were up against?”


“Just what I said I wanted to see if she was for real or if she was just all hype….”


“Neal you’re acting like she is here to take your job away from you….” Steve replies.


“I know….”


“And Neal she isn’t here for that reason you dumb putz!!”


“I know….”


“Well then what in the holy hell are you doing you big lummox? She is from San Francisco and I seriously doubt she will leave there to come here because the San Francisco Police probably pay more and I….HOLY SHIT!!!!”


“Uh huh!” Neal replies as he points at Steve.


“Wow and wow some more!! Maybe we should transfer to the SFPD! She is really racking in the big bucks!!!” Steve replies.


Neal sits down hard in one of the chairs. “Depressing isn’t it?”


“Yeah man totally but according to this she has worked very hard, I mean look at all the classes she has attended and all the different stuff she has done within the department. Wow she started out as a records clerk!”


“Yeah man I know.” Neal replies.


“And she was passed over twice for Detective.”


“Yeah man I know.” Neal replies again.


“Wow Neal her arrests are really quite impressive! Oh man she helped to arrest the Bay Area Sniper! Remember him Neal?” Steve asks excitedly.


“Yes Steve I do and you aren’t going to read all of that out loud are you I have already read all of it.”


“Neal you look pale you aren’t going to be sick are you?” Steve asks.


“I just might.”


“Neal I don’t blame you for being sick I mean since your manhood has been threatened….”




“Yeah Neal man look it….”


“You’ve been reading Cosmo again haven’t you?” Neal asks.


“Neal seriously I mean Nancy is just as great as a cop, if not better, than you….”


“Now wait a minute….”


“….And it’s completely normal to feel impotent….”


Neal snatches the file out of Steve’s hands and he points it at Steve. “I….I have never, ever been impotent around a woman!!! Just ask Ruby!!!!”


Neal then opens the door and he walks quickly back to their desks with Steve trailing behind him.


“No Neal I didn’t mean that kind of impotent….Oh hey hi there Vivian.”


“Hi guys.” Vivian replies as the guys’ wave at her with a couple of stupid expressions on their faces. “Everything okay?” Vivian asks as she tries not to smile.


“Oh sure yeah….” Steve replies.


“Oh yeah everything is just….you know peachy keen.” Neal replies as he rocks back and forth on his heels.


“Okay and Neal I’ll be finish with those forms this afternoon.”


“Oh no rush Vivian thanks.” Neal replies.


“Good luck in court Steve.”


“Oh yeah thanks Vivian see ya….”


Steve doesn’t have a chance to finish because Neal grabs him by his arm and he swings him around until he lands up against the wall.


“Neal you promised….” Steve points out.


“That was when we were going into the Captain’s office and not out here….!!!”


Neal raises his fist….


 “Neal come on….!”


And Neal rears back….


“Neal I’m going to call your mother….!!!!”










“Good morning Detective Schon.”


“Good morning Detective Cross.” Neal replies as he pours himself a cup of coffee. “Would you like some coffee?”


“Yes thank you I would.”


Neal pours her a cup just as Steve comes thru the door and as he does so everybody in the squad room turns to look at him.


“What!!! Haven’t you ever seen a black eye before?” Steve yells as he goes to the coffee pot.


“Detective Perry.”


“Detective Schon.” Steve replies as he pours himself a cup of coffee. “Morning Nancy how are you?”


“I’m….oh my god how did you get that black eye?” Nancy asks. “Did you have a fight with a suspect?”


“Not exactly no….I ran into a door.” Steve replies as he looks at Neal and Neal looks down into his coffee cup.


Nancy points at Neal. “You hit him didn’t you! You big meanie!!”


“Oh come on we are always beating each other up! It’s a guy thing! Come on Steve tell her.”


Steve sits down his coffee cup. “Oh yeah Nancy, Neal is always beating me up! Always!!!”


“Oh come on!! Steve….Steve is just a big whiny baby!!! I only beat him up when he deserves it!” Neal replies.


“Oh….oh that is just horrible! Come on Steve….” Nancy says as she takes Steve by his hand.


“Where….where are we going?” Steve asks.


“To the cafeteria where we can get you some ice for that eye. Don’t you have to go back to Court today?” Nancy asks.


“Hmmm….yeah….sure I do. Tell you what I’ll drop you off at your next speaking engagement on the way to the courthouse okay?”


“Oh yes that would be great.” Nancy replies.


Before they go out of the door Steve looks back over his shoulder and he sticks his tongue out at Neal.








“Steve I thought that was you! See I knew that you couldn’t be mad at me for too long! You’re sitting at our table out here on the patio and oh I see you have a….date.” Neal says as he points to the other place setting on the table across from Steve.


“Yeah I do actually, she’s in the bathroom.”


Neal puts his hands in his pockets. “Oh well I don’t want to intrude….”


“Well Detective Schon fancy seeing you here.” Nancy replies as she sits down at her place across from Steve.


“Oh I see how it is! You bring a stranger to our favorite table.”


Nancy looks at Neal as she laughs. “What? Your favorite table?”


“Yes our favorite table! I guess my partner didn’t bother to tell you but this is our favorite restaurant, it is sorta like a tradition that when we get finish going to court we come here to celebrate or hash over what went wrong and we never, ever brought anybody else here!”


“Neal this restaurant was close and we were hungry and since you haven’t shown her around Oceanview I thought I would….”


“I have a girlfriend so I can’t really….” Neal starts to say but doesn’t finish because Nancy starts to laugh.


“You have a girlfriend?”


Steve looks up at Neal. “Yes I do and why do you seem so surprised?” Neal replies.


Steve looks back at Nancy. “Well because I don’t know how any woman could put up with you for too long what with your male chauvinist attitudes!”


Steve looks at Neal. “My male chauvinist attitudes?”


Steve looks back at Nancy. “Yes you’re male chauvinist attitude! You should be more like your partner here, he has an open mind.”


Steve looks at Neal. “My partner carries a purse!!!” Neal says loudly.


Steve hits the table. “I told you a million times it isn’t a purse it’s a bag!!!” Steve says loudly.


“You Detective Schon feel threaten by women because you are afraid we might take your jobs and your fragile male ego couldn’t handle that!!!!”


“No my ego isn’t that fragile I just think that women should be at home….!!!”


Steve stands up. “No Neal don’t say it!!!!”


“….Barefoot and pregnant!!!!” Neal yells.








“Hey, hey you can’t throw us out of there like that!” Steve replies as he pounds on the service entrance door.


“Yes they can Steve didn’t you see the sign that says that they can refuse service to anyone?” Neal replies as he takes out his notepad and he flips the pages until he gets to the back cover. “Can I borrow your pen?”


“But yeah man we just aren’t anyone’s we’re cops!!! Why?”


“So I can write something down that’s why.” Neal replies.


Steve hands him his pen. “What are you writing down?”


“I’m adding this restaurant to the list.”


“What list?” Steve asks as he looks over Neal’s shoulder.


“The list of places we have been banned from or kicked out of because of you!!!” Neal replies.


“Because….because of me?? This was not my fault!!! You’re the one that opened your big mouth and said what you said and every time you say it I can’t believe that you had said it!!! Do you have any idea how many women were in that restaurant? You could have caused a riot with your big mouth!!!”


“Well nothing happen and we out here safe and sound and all is right with the world!!!” Neal replies.


“Oh no not everything is right with the world Nancy is still in there having a nice, sit down dinner with wine and a green tossed salad and I’m out here, in this filthy alley looking at your ugly mug instead of her nice legs!!!!”


“Steve….Steve where are you going?!” Neal replies as he follows Steve out of the alley.


“I’m going home!!!”


“But….but what about Nancy? We can’t leave her here!!!” Neal yells at Steve.


Steve waits for a break in traffic then he crosses the street. “I’m not leaving her anywhere you are! You’re supposed to take her around places!!! Remember what the Captain said Neal!!!”


“Ah Steve come on man!!! Don’t leave me alone with Nancy Drew!!!” Neal whines.


Steve gets in his car, starts it up and then he rolls down the window. “And that’s another thing her name is Nancy Cross!!!!” Steve yells out at Neal as he hits the gas and he tears off down the street and around the corner.


“Hey!!!!” Neal yells after him.


“Oh Nancy Drew is it? So is that what you call me behind my back?”


Neal jumps. “Don’t do that! Don’t sneak up on a person like that! What are you doing out here I thought you were still in there!!!!” Neal replies as he points to the restaurant.


“I didn’t want to eat dinner by myself so I left, so you call me Nancy Drew?” Nancy asks as she crosses her arms over her chest.


“I….yeah okay I did and I’m sorry okay.”


“Oh no actually I loved reading Nancy Drew she was just one of the reasons why I became a cop so don’t apologize I take it as a compliment.”


“Good….” Neal replies.


“But I don’t take the Mister Ed comment as a compliment….”


“Oh you know about that do you and I bet that little Portuguese munchkin told you didn’t he?”


“Yes he did and Steve is quite a wonderful, sensitive, open-minded guy….”


“Oh yeah well you know he is always the sensitive, open-minded one and I’m always the mean one!!!”


“Well you don’t have a black eye now do you?”


“No I guess I don’t. It’s still early do you want me to take you to dinner someplace else?”


“No the manager in the restaurant called a cab for me it should be here in a few minutes I just want to go back to the Hotel and take a hot bath and order room service.” Nancy says. “You don’t like me very much do you Detective Schon?”


“I….if I gave you that impression I’m sorry and no Detective Cross it’s not that I don’t like you….”


“Oh well of course it bothers you that I am a woman that was pretty self-evident back in the restaurant with that barefoot and pregnant reference.” Nancy replies.


“I’m sorry for saying that but I can’t help how I was raised or how I feel….Detective Cross I will understand if you tell the Captain that you want someone else to escort you around to your speaking engagements. I wouldn’t blame you in fact.”


Nancy smiles. “No I’m used to having to win people over Detective….”




“….Neal….you would be just another one. Oh well here comes my cab I’ll meet you at the Precinct tomorrow.”


They watch as it comes up the street and it stops at the curb and Neal reaches for the door handle at the same time she does. “Sorry I can’t help it.” Neal replies as he opens the door for her.


“Thank you Neal I’ll see you tomorrow.” She gets in the cab and Neal shuts the door and he stands there watching as it goes up the street then he walks slowly over to where his car is parked and he gets in it and he drives off in the opposite direction.








A week ago when Nancy first came to town and she began her speaking engagements Neal would drop her off and then he would go back to the Precinct or do whatever he could find to fill the time but today after he dropped her off he waited. He waited just long enough to make sure that it was well enough underway then he snuck in to the Auditorium and he sat in the back and he had timed it just right because it was Nancy’s turn to speak.


Neal sat there slumped down in his chair listening to her and when she had finished in amidst of all of the clapping that is when Neal beat a hasty retreat back out to his car and he waited.








“So….what did you think of my estimate of how many police officer are on the force?” Nancy says as she whispers in Neal’s ear.


“Hmmmm I think it was rather….” Neal replies as he removes the magazine that covered his face as he sat up and he looked back over his shoulder at her. “That wasn’t fair I was asleep….”


“I know I got in the back seat and you didn’t even wake up.” Nancy replies. “So what did you think of my speech?”


“Well what I heard of it….”


“Neal I saw you come in.” Nancy replies.


“Oh well then I thought it was well written and well thought out and you held their interests….”




“It was good and I agree with you, the good career part and all of that and how the Police Department is changing part. So all in all it was you know….good.” Neal looks at his watch. “So where to for lunch?”


Nancy smiles. “How about a free lunch?”


“Oh are you going to buy?” Neal asks.


“No the school district is, its Mexican food day and we have been invited so what do you say?”


Neal looks at the school building. “I don’t know I remember how the school lunches were when I was in high school.”


“These days Neal you don’t have to catch it, kill it and then cook it.” Nancy replies as she smiles. “All of that has already been done for you!”


Neal points at her. “Oh you’re so funny….ha-ha! Alright I guess it won’t hurt and like Steve says never turn down a free meal. So let’s go….”








“I love the ocean you know if I wasn’t a cop I think I would like to be a lifeguard.” Nancy replies as they walk along the beach.


Neal smiles. “So why did you become a cop?”


“Oh I come from a long line of cops, my father, my grandfather and my great, great grandfather.”


“Wow that is impressive.”


“I have an older brother and the cop gene skipped him and hit me much to my mother’s dismay and grief.”


“Why do you say that?” Neal asks.


“Oh my mother is very traditional, sort of like you….”


At this Neal kicks at the sand as he smiles.


“She wanted the usual for her daughter to get married and have babies.”


“What about your father?”


“He was hoping that my brother would carry on the family tradition and he was disappointed when he decided not to but he is proud of me and how far I’ve come….it hasn’t been easy having to start at the bottom and work my way up harder than any man would have to.”


“You started out as a records clerk didn’t you….uh oh.” Neal replies.


“You checked up on me didn’t you Detective?” Nancy asks with interest.


“I….yeah I did I mean I was curious….sorry.”


“Well I understand the curiosity I have been under a microscope ever since I decided to become a police officer and that made news way back when too.”


“Yeah I think the newspapers called you a triple threat didn’t they.”


Nancy laughs. “Oh my god they did….”


“Beauty, brains and a deadly aim!” Neal exclaims as he mimics shooting a gun with his finger.


“You really did your research didn’t you? Well you aren’t a slouch yourself are you I mean you were the youngest officer to make Detective grade on the Oceanview Police force, right?”


Neal wags his finger at her. “Oh Detective you’ve been checking up on me too haven’t you?”


“Both of you actually and you both have impressive records and you two are the talk of the Precinct.”


“Oh brother and I bet all of that talk ain’t too nice.” Neal replies as he laughs. “I was pretty much of a loner that is until old Steve came along and now I wouldn’t know what do without him.”


“Where is he by the way?”


“Oh he’s still in court….” Neal replies.


“No I meant this morning he didn’t come by the Precinct.”


“Oh….hey lets go and sit on those rocks okay?” Neal replies as he points to some rocks close by. “Steve is mad at me.” Neal says as they sit on the rocks.


“Oh about the black eye?” Nancy asks.


“Well yeah that but mostly he is mad at my attitude these days….he left me a note this morning on my desk that said that he stills loves me but just not this week….”


Nancy laughs. “I’m envious.”


Neal looks at her. “Why are you envious?”


“I’m envious that you have a partner that you can rely on and I’m envious that you two are so close.”


“You don’t have a partner back in San Francisco?” Neal asks.


Nancy shakes her head. “Since I became Detective I really haven’t done any real police work and it was true what you said about me being a promotional gimmick to get more women to join the force….”


“Oh look I’m sorry I said that….”


Nancy holds up her hand. “Don’t be….I mean I don’t mind helping out the Police Department but I would really like to do some real police work. Do you know what I mean?”


Neal smiles as he nods his head. “You want to chase bad guys.”


“Yeah that’s it! Something tells me that you have experience with this?”


“Well Steve does actually, you see, it took Steve a long time to get people to take him seriously. They didn’t believe or they didn’t want to believe that a guy that looks like Steve could be a cop. They think he’s too pretty for police work and I guess you know what they call us around the Precinct, well I mean the one thing they call us that I can say in a women’s presence.”


“I think I heard the words ‘The Beauty and the Brain’ right?”


“Yeah and guess who’s the beauty.” Neal replies. “Not me that’s for sure. What about when you were in uniform didn’t you have a partner then?”


“Oh sure but it was hard, none of the men wanted to work with me and when they did they either didn’t think I could do the job or they always wanted to protect me….but in the end they saw that I could do a good job and after awhile a lot of the men came around. They became my allies and not my enemies. There were a lot of times I went home in tears and I thought of giving up more than once but between my father and the Captain they wouldn’t let me quit. Steve reminds me a lot of them….and you two are so different how did you ever….?”


“Steve and I we grew up together….”


“Oh that explains a lot.” Nancy replies.


“Well not really no, even though we grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools our family lives were totally different. I’m afraid I got my attitude from my father. You see he thought that women shouldn’t worked and that they should have dinner on the table, keep a clean house, do the laundry and just basically….”


“Be barefoot and pregnant?” Nancy asks.     


“Yeah….and things stayed pretty much that way until he died then my mom had to go to work and then my mom taught me how to cook dinner, do the laundry, and keep the house clean, that sort of thing.”


“And what about Steve?” Nancy asks.


“Oh well his mom and dad both worked and when he was seven he just woke up one day and his dad was gone….”


“That’s horrible.” Nancy replies.


“Yeah and Steve was a sensitive kid and all and so after that his parents divorced and his mom worked her butt off to put food on the table and braces on Steve’s teeth then when he was about 12 or 13 his mom remarried and Marv, from everything Steve told me, was a godsend. He told me that he saw true love for the first time when they got married and I know that Steve wants that for himself too.”


“What about you Neal why did you became a cop? Was your dad a cop?”


“Oh no he worked in a factory and after my dad died my mom meet a cop whose beat was our neighborhood and he would come over for dinner in his uniform and just by listening to him I knew I wanted to do that. And I haven’t done anything else, I never even thought of doing anything else. This Protect and Serve thing is very addictive!”


Nancy laughs. “You said that you have a girlfriend? What does she do?”


“Her name is Ruby and she runs a nightclub….”


“Do you know when you say her name you smile?” Nancy asks.


Neal scratches his head. “Yeah where Ruby is concerned I have a hard time hiding my feelings for her.”


“How does she feel about you being a cop?”


“She is okay with it she knows it’s what I am going to do for the rest of my life and she wants to meet you.”


“She wants to meet me why?” Nancy asks.


“She thinks you’re making history and she wants to shake the hand of a history maker.”


“Alright I want to meet the woman that puts up with you.”




“Nancy it takes a lot of guts do to what you’ve done and I don’t know if you’ve will even believe me when I tell you this but I respect you for it….” Neal holds up his hand. “….Now I can’t promise to always agree with it and I certainly can’t promise that my mouth won’t say stupid things….”


Nancy laughs at this.


“….But I do have a lot of respect for you doing it.”


“Thanks Neal I appreciate that I really do….it’s hard to be the only one….if you know what I mean. I don’t want to be famous, or well- known, I just want to do what I love.”


Neal takes a deep breath. “I understand. Oh hey I can’t believe what time it is, pretty soon the sun will be going down. “I better get you back to your hotel.”


“Yes you better Steve promised to buy me dinner to make up for the other night.”


“Well tell Pretty Boy Perry I said hello.” Neal replies.


“You miss him don’t you?” Nancy asks as she bumps Neal with her shoulder.


“Oh maybe just a little.” Neal replies as he holds his two fingers apart.








“Hey Nancy room service is finally here….” Steve says as he opens the door to the Hotel room but instead of finding room service instead he finds. “….Neal!”


Ewww cute bathrobe there Steve.”


“What are you doing here?” Steve asks.


“I could ask you the same thing.”


“Steve….did you say that room service was here?” Nancy yells from the bathroom.


“Ah no it’s a wrong number.” Steve yells back.


“What?” Nancy yells back.


“Nothing! I meant it’s nobody.”


Neal tries to look thru the crack in the door but Steve blocks Neal’s view.


“That’s not nice calling me a nobody!!” Neal replies.


“Just go ahead and finish the shower!” Steve yells back to Nancy then he opens the door and he pushes Neal back as he takes a step outside and he closes the door to the Hotel room behind him. “You know this isn’t what it looks like.”


“Oh it isn’t is it?”


“No it isn’t.” Steve replies.


“I thought you took Nancy out to dinner last night?”


Steve nods. “Yes siree Bob I did do that.”


“And after dinner you spent the night here?” Neal asks.




“And you and Nancy were in the shower….together?” Neal asks.


“Could be.”


“So technically it is what it looks like?” Neal replies.


“You could say that yeah.”


“I just did.” Neal replies.


“I was showing her my handcuffs….”


“Oh I just bet you were you devil you!” Neal replies as he raises and lowers his eyebrows at him.


“No I meant we were having a talk about restraints….”


“Four point Steve or the good old hog-tied method?” Neal asks as he crosses his arms over his chest. “Steve its okay you know you both are adults.”




“She doesn’t work at the same Precinct as you so there won’t be any of that weird morning after stuff when you see each other in the halls. And then later when you two break up she won’t go around spreading rumors and lies about certain parts of your anatomy….”


“Did that happen to you Neal?” Steve asks.


Neal clears his throat. “Ah no I was just using a generic example….”


“Sure….what are you doing here again?”


“Oh I was going to take Nancy to the Precinct then onto her speaking engagement.” Neal replies.


“Oh I can do that after all I am already here!” Steve says as he smiles as he rocks back and forth on his bare feet.


“Okay….how’s court?” Neal asks.


“Oh fine just fine….well I better go and finish my shower….” Steve says as he slaps Neal on the shoulder. “I’ll talk to you later man….” Steve opens the door and he slips back into the room. “And oh don’t be surprised if Nancy does show up at the Precinct right away!”


“Have fun and don’t slip on the soap.” Neal replies.


“See ya!” Steve replies as he shuts the door. 








“Hey Neal….”


“Hey yourself.”


“What are you doing?” Steve ask as he laughs.


“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m sitting on the floor cleaning out these files….man I’ll be glad when a new crime wave begins…I don’t think I have ever seen things this slow….”


Steve takes off his suit jacket and he hangs it on the back of his chair then he looses the button on his collar and he joins Neal on the floor.


“What….what are you doing? Isn’t that one of your good suits?”


“Oh sure but court is done for the day, the jury started their deliberations.”




“Yeah finally….” Steve replies.


Nancy at one of her speaking engagements?”


“Well sort of she’s manning a SFPD booth at the College to hand out info and such.”


“Oh well that’s good….” Neal says as he looks down at the file drawer then he looks back up to see Steve looking at him. “What?”


“Neal can I talk to you?”


“Well sure Steve you know you can talk to me about anything.”


Steve moves closer and he lowers his voice to a whisper. “I want to talk to you about Nancy.”


Neal also leans in closer and he whispers back. “Why are we whispering?”


Steve points up to the sky and Neal looks up. “The relationship gods might be listening.” Steve whispers back.


“The relationship….gods?”


“Yeah the ones that always seem to be listening when I like a girl and then they step in and tear it all asunder.”


“Tear it all….asunder?” Neal repeats.


“Yeah….Neal how do you feel about Nancy?” Steve whispers to Neal.


“I think Nancy is a great gal and you two would be perfect together.”


“You really think so?” Steve asks happily.


“Oh sure I mean she is a cop….you’re a cop….that right there is gravy my man! She will understand all that weird, strange cop stuff that normal women don’t and she is pretty, smart and you two are tinny-tiny people and you will make beautiful tinny-tiny babies.” Neal replies as he shoves a file back into the drawer.


“You really, truly think that?”


“Yeah Steve I do….what comes after J?” Neal asks.




“Oh yeah that’s right!”


“Well Neal I’m glad that you feel that way because when she goes back to San Francisco this weekend I’m going to go back with her.” Steve says happily.


“You are?”


“I are!” Steve replies.


“You’re coming back right?” Neal asks.


“Oh sure I’ll be back Monday in time to work our shift that afternoon. Neal she asked me to go with her for a visit and I didn’t want to say no….I really like her Neal. I think she might be the….one!”


“Really Steve the….one?”


“Yeah Neal the….one! I’m just worried about the long distance relationship thing.”


“San Fran isn’t that far away you could easily drive up there on the weekends. Well Steve I am really, really happy for you! Congratulations old man!” Neal replies as he shakes Steve’s hand. “The one huh.”


“Yeah I think so I mean we both want the same things….”


“To catch the bad guys?” Neal replies as he smiles.


“That too but we both want a relationship, a real relationship. Neal I’m scared….”




“Yeah I don’t want to blow this….tell me what to do! I mean you have been with Ruby for awhile….”


“Take it one day at a time….go slow. “I’m proud of you Steve you’ve made a good choice.”


“Thanks I think so too….”


“So Steve can I ask you a favor?”


“Sure what?”


“Can we stop whispering now?” Neal asks.


“Oh yeah it’s okay now.”


Neal smiles. “Help me finish this up and I’ll buy you a congratulatory lunch.”


“Cool man never turn down a free meal!!”








“So Nancy I hear that you’re trying to take my partner away from me.” Neal says to Nancy who sits in the passenger seat.


“Just for the weekend he’ll be yours again come Monday.” Nancy says as she smiles.


“Just so you know I approve of you two kids getting together.”


“That makes me feel better.” Nancy replies.


“Why do you say that?” Neal asks.


“I don’t want to come between you two. I don’t forever want to be known as the woman that broke up the best crime fighting duo in Oceanview.”


Neal laughs. “Actually we are known as the one and only best crime fighting duo in Oceanview. Make him happy and be nice to him that is all I want okay? Because if he isn’t happy I will have to hear about it all day!!!”


Nancy laughs. “I will do my best.”


Neal pulls into the liquor store parking lot. “I have to get some more smokes do you want a coke?”




“Be back in a sec.” Neal says as he gets out of the car.


Neal goes into the store and right away he notices that the store owner Hank, who is usually behind the counter, is no where in sight.  


“Hank?” Neal says as he leans over the counter. “Hey Hank are you here?”


From the back Neal thinks he hears a noise. “Hank are you back there?” Then he hears a muffled cry and that causes Neal to leap over the counter and run to the back office where the door is ajar. Neal pushes it open and he sees Hank lying on the floor tied up and his mouth covered with duct tape.


Neal gets down on one knee beside him and he carefully pulls back the duct tape. “Hank what happened?”




Neal leans his head down closer. “How long ago Hank?”


“Maybe ten….fifteen….minutes….”


“Can you tell me what he looked like?” Neal asks.


“Tall as you…long….dirty….blonde hair….blue and white shirt….jeans….”


“Does he have a gun Hank?”


Hank tries to nod but the pain in his head stops him. “Yes….”


“Alright Hank….” Neal says as he begins to untie him. “I’ll call an ambulance for you and don’t worry Hank I’ll get him…” Neal grabs a jacket from the floor and he folds it and he carefully places it under Hank’s head. “Out the back door and up the alley?”


Hank nods. “Yeah….”


“Alright Hank I’ll see you later.” Neal replies as he pats him on the leg then he runs out of the office and back to the car.


Nancy remember when you told me that you wanted to do some real police work?” Neal says as he stands at the passenger side window if his car.


“Yeah….” Nancy replies.


“Move over your driving.”


Immediately Nancy moves over and Neal gets in on the passenger side and as soon as he does so he reaches for the mike.


“Victor 7 to Oceanview.”


“Go ahead Victor 7.”


“Okay Nancy drive up that alley right there.” Neal replies as he points. “Oceanview we have had a robbery at 1400 West Blvd, Hank’s Liquor, suspect is a white male, 5’10 to 5’11, long dirty blonde hair, blue and white t-shirt and jeans. Be advised that suspect is armed and dangerous. Send an ambulance to that location.”


“10-4 Victor 7. Attention all units….”


“So Neal what’s the plan?”


“Well Nancy we are going to do what Steve and I would do in this situation.” Neal replies.


“And that would be what exactly?”


“Make it up as we go along.” Neal replies as Nancy stops at the end of the alley and they both take a look at the people walking on the street around them. “Hang a left and we’re cruise up the street and see if we can spot him.”


Nancy turns left and they drive for a few blocks scanning the sidewalks on either side then Nancy points.


“Up ahead at 10 o’clock.”


“Bingo! Let me out.” Neal says.


Nancy pulls up to the curb and the car is still rolling as Neal jumps out and he joins the other people walking on the sidewalk as Nancy paces him with the car.


It is noon and the sidewalks are full of people shopping, walking and talking, couples holding hands and in the midst of all of this is a criminal with a loaded gun walking just up ahead. Neal hangs back as he keeps his eyes on the suspect and the suspect seems to be calm, oblivious to the long arm of the law that is following him. Neal weaves his way in between the people on the street making his way ever closer to him then the suspect does an odd thing….he stops and he looks back over his shoulder to find….nothing.


Satisfied that the people around him aren’t following him he continues on….meanwhile Neal pretending to window shop slowly turns his head as he watches the suspect he decides to let him get a little ways ahead….then after Neal has ticked off the seconds….he continues on after him.


People. There were just too many people on this sidewalk for Neal to be able to do anything let alone pull his weapon….somehow; someway Neal would have to make his move. The suspect is in a group of people that stops at the crosswalk when the light changes and once again the suspect gets that feeling….he looks back over his shoulder….his eyes and Neal’s meet….and Neal can see him reaching for….




People scream as they either fall to their knees, duck behind cars or trash cans as shots ring out. Neal lets go of the little boy that he took down to the sidewalk in the melee and then he gets to his own feet and he takes off after the suspect.


At this end of the city was an old cemetery that had fallen into disrepair and of course this was where the suspect chose to run to. Neal saw him jump the fence and then disappear into the undergrowth so Neal also jumped the fence and when he came in for a landing he stopped and he listened….Neal could him moving thru the tall grass and then Neal himself made for the closet tree and once he was behind it another shot took off a piece of bark near his head.


“Alright now man you are really beginning to piss me off!!!!” Neal replies and for his trouble he receives another bullet fired in his direction. At that moment out of the corner of his eye he sees the suspect running and turning quickly he fires one shot in that direction and just a split second later he sees the suspect fall.


Neal forces himself to wait and when he doesn’t see anymore movement Neal moves quickly over to him and when he gets there he finds that the suspect is lying on his stomach and just as Neal bends down to him the suspect suddenly brings his hand up from underneath him and he throws a handful of dirt in Neal’s eyes. Neal gasps as he backs up covering his eyes and then the suspect is on him quickly, trying to wrestle the gun from Neal’s hand.


They fall to the ground rolling thru the dirt and the weeds both of them still trying to gain control of Neal’s gun. The suspect manages to get Neal down onto his back as he straddles him and then he holds tight to Neal’s hand as he hits it again and again against a broken tombstone that is there, trying to get Neal to let go. Neal winches with the pain but he refuses to let go knowing that if he does so his own gun will be used on him so Neal manages to fire his gun into the air even as the suspect beats his hand against the tombstone using all the bullets.


“Alright you little prick! No bullets no gun!! So what are you going to do now….?” Neal yells at him.


In response the suspect picks up the tombstone that is next to them and in one quick, fluid motion he raises it above his head and to Neal this action is in slow motion, so much so, that he can see the year carved into the stone as the suspect brings it down in the direction of Neal’s head and Neal brings his arm up in some hopeless attempt to protect his face when….


The gunshot broke the quiet of the cemetery and Neal brings his hands up to grab the tombstone just as the suspect falls off of Neal….dead….the well-placed bullet having taken off the top of his head. Neal looks from the suspect up to where the shot came from and after he throws the tombstone to the side Neal covers his eyes with his forearm to block the sun and after blinking a couple of times he sees….








“Steve man don’t forget to take protection.” Neal replies.


“What?” Steve yells from the bathroom.


“I said don’t forget to take pro-tect-tion!!”


Steve comes out of the bathroom carrying his toiletries bag that he places in his overnight bag then he turns back to the dresser. “I always have protection you know I take Betsy with me everywhere I go.”


 “I don’t mean that kind of protection you dope!” Neal rearranges the toiletries bag.


“Neal are you practicing for when you have that big talk with Joey?” Steve replies as he was just about to place more things in the bag then he sees that Neal had  moved his toiletries bag and Steve moves it back to where it was originally then he places the other things in after it then Steve goes over to the closet and he stands looking tapping his finger against his lips.


Neal removes the toiletries bag and the other clothes and he repacks the bag to his likening. “I just want you to be careful is that a crime?”


Steve comes back over to the bed. “Neal what are you doing?”


“You could never pack Steve. See if you do it my way you can get a lot more things in here! You sure are taking a lot of stuff for just a weekend.”


“Neal I will be coming back you know.”


“Oh sure I know that.”


“Then what is bugging you?” Steve asks as he closes the suitcase. “Does your hand hurt?”


Neal holds his bandaged hand up. “No not really I mean the Doc said that it was just a deep bruise….”


“Are you upset that I am going out of town…?”


“Well no not really.” Neal replies.


“Are you upset that I am going out of town with Nancy….?”


“Well no not really.” Neal replies.


“Are you upset that Women’s Lib saved your life….?”


“Well that is a good possibility.” Neal replies.


“Neal I can’t believe that you would say that! I mean if Nancy hadn’t shown up when she did you would be dead!”


“I know that and I even told the Review Board that and they deemed it a good shooting. Let me carry that.” Neal replies as he grabs the suitcase and he carries it into the living room.


“But something is eating at you so what is it?”


“I….I….just might have been….” Neal whispers. “….wrong.”


Steve hits his ear with the palm of his hand as he shakes his head back and forth. “Wait what did you just say?”


“I….might have been….wrong.” Neal whispers again.


“I can’t hear you!!!!”




Steve puts his arm around Neal’s shoulder as he pats him on his chest with his hand. “Now that didn’t hurt did it?”


“Yeah it was excruciating actually.” Neal replies as Steve laughs. “I am glad that I can stand here and say that I was wrong.”


“Me too partner me too. Help me take these bags out to the car?”


“Sure. So what are you two kids going to do this weekend?” Neal asks.


“Well I thought we could get to know each other the old fashioned way.”


“What is the old fashioned way?” Neal asks.


“By talking.” Steve replies.


“Oh by talking….well I must say that is a novel approach.” Neal replies as he puts the suitcase in the trunk of the car.


“Well like you said I am going to take it slow and whatever happens….happens.” Steve replies as he closes the trunk.


“Don’t worry about anything here I’ll keep an eye on the joint for ya.” Neal replies as he points to Steve’s apartment. “Have fun and don’t worry….”


“Neal I’m only going away for the weekend.”


“Oh I know that….”


“You know I think you’re more nervous than I am.” Steve replies.


“You’re nervous?”


Steve nods. “Terrified out of my mind I mean I am also excited and happy to spend time with Nancy outside of the job but I am just nervous I am going to say or do something stupid….”


Neal puts his arm around Steve’s shoulders as they go back into the apartment. “Well Steve if that is all that is scaring you let me tell you that you will say or do something stupid.”


“Well thanks a heap!”


“Oh no Steve I mean we all do it I mean I have done it myself and every so often I still do it.”


“Just every so often?” Steve asks as he smiles.


Neal looks at him. “Oh okay here lately I have done it a lot. Come on let’s get the rest of your stuff so you can start your weekend with Nancy.”


“Good idea.”




V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7





“Funny how things work out isn’t it?” Steve asks.


“Yeah it is. You know Steve I was really hoping that you and Nancy would go the distance.”


“Ah well we had a good year or so and we are great friends now and I can’t believe that she has a good shot at Captain. I guess some people aren’t just cut out for marriage you know.”


“I must admit that Ruby and I have had our moments I am not the easiest person to live with….”


Steve starts to laugh. “Oh no I would never guess!!!”


“Hey! You know you aren’t Mr. House Beautiful yourself! Do you still have that Farrah Fawcett poster?”


“I will have you know that poster was covering up a big hole in the wall!”


Neal laughs. “Oh yeah right!”


“And no I don’t have it anymore….”


“You’re lying!” Neal replies.


“Oh okay I do still have it but it isn’t hanging on the wall.”




“Oh alright I do still have it and it’s hanging on the wall in my closet! There are you happy!”


“You know Steve maybe someday you could talk about….”


“Maybe….it has been awhile now.” Steve replies.


“You still think about it?”


“Oh just everyday but time has soften it just enough that I do a lot of smiling about it and a lot less crying.” Steve replies.


“A lot has changed in the department since Nancy came for that visit.”


“Oh yeah no kidding, we have a lot of women cops now.” Steve replies.


“Steve do you want to come over for dinner?”


“Nah man thanks for the offer but I think I’m going to go and light some candles.”


“Hey light one for me too.” Neal replies.


“Are you kidding? I light four for you! See ya later.”


“See ya later Steve and I guess this is Victor 7….over and out!”









©LAB and SRP & JRNY FANFICTION 2007 to 2008. All rights reserved. Steve Perry and Neal Schon’s likenesses appear only as characters. Any resemblance to any one living or dead is purely a coincidence. This fictional story is for entertainment purposes only and for the complete enjoyment of the author and the readers. I have no permission from Steve Perry or/and the members of Journey to use their likenesses or names and this story is purely fiction and written solely for the love of things and people back in the day.  No real rock stars were injured in the writing of these stories and I put them back when I am finish with them.