“Steve what is all of this stuff?” Neal asks.


“Oh hey….”


“Hey yourself, so what is all of this stuff?”


“Well I cleaned out the back room and I found all of this stuff! Old clothes….”


“Hey that is where my old hat went and look it still fits!” Neal exclaims.


“Yeah a fat head always stays fat!” Steve says as he laughs.


“Ha- ha oh hey look it’s a Trophy! ‘Club Neon’s Disco Dance Contest circa 1975 to 1976 presented to Steve Perry and Eva Thornhill as First Place winners!’ Very cool and impressive and I think the bullet hole adds some ambiance as well.”


“Yeah doesn’t it though. That was quite a night and how is Eva doing by the way?”


“Ruby says that she is enjoying the Riviera and that is what marrying rich will get you, a Villa on the Riviera.”


“Oh yeah Neal she is just waiting for that old geezer to kick the bucket so she can inherit his millions!”


“Steve I am shocked! That sounded so cynical but so true! Boy back in them, dark days you were certainly fleet of foot! You could really cut a rug partner!”


“I still can and before Ruby was so pregnant she and I used to really dance! I miss that you know.”


“Well I know she does too and the best I can do is dance her around the living room I mean before she was so pregnant and all.” Neal says.


“Hey Neal let me show you some moves….” Steve says happily.


“Oh man I don’t know….”


“Oh come on Neal you want to be able to dance at your son’s wedding don’t you?” Steve says.


“Steve the kid isn’t even born yet and you already have him married off and it could be a girl!”


“No it will be a boy I kept telling you that come on give me your hand and put the other on my waist.”


“I’ll lead.” Neal says.


“No I’ll lead I’m teaching remember.”


“Oh yeah but we need music.” Neal says.


“Turn on the radio.”


The next sound heard is the radio playing. “Okay that is perfect, now give me your hand and put the other on my waist, don’t look down, look at me. Ready?”


“Ready as I will ever be.” Neal says.


“Okay 1….2….3 and 1….2….3 see Neal that isn’t so bad no don’t look down.”


“You know this is sorta fun I could probably get to like this….” Neal says.


The next sound is the office door opening and Mel another detective working nights is heard saying, “Hey guys I got your….sandwiches. Are you two….dancing?”


“Ah well….” Neal says.


“Yeah Mel you know I was just…..teaching Neal how to dip!”




The next sound is a loud crash as Neal hits the floor. “Neal! Man oh man I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to drop you!!”


“You know I’m beginning to think all those rumors about you two are true!! Goodnight!” The slamming of the door is heard as Mel leaves.


“Neal are you alright?” Steve asks.


“Yeah I think I landed on my Smith and Wesson.”


“Ouch let me help you up.”


“What was that Mel said about rumors?”


“Oh you know those old rumors that you and I are, you know, gay.” Steve replies.


“Jeez you know I am married with a baby on the way so I doubt that I am gay and you are….” Neal says.


“I am what?” Steve says.


“Well you know single, unmarried, unattached so that may lead some people to think….”


“Just because I am not married at this moment does not mean that I am gay!” Steve points out.


“So anyway I guess we could talk about the Disco Murder Case.” Neal says.


“Good idea I have the case file right here and look at these old pictures! Wow I was skinny!”


“You’re still skinny.” Neal retorts. “You start I need to find that heating pad.”


“It’s in the file cabinet under ‘H’ for….”


“I know heat right Steve.”


“Yeah right Neal. Well let’s see it all started with Eva….”




V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7




“Knock, knock partner.” Neal says as he opens the front door to Steve’s apartment. “Hey.”


“Hey yourself. I was just going to put these in the dishwasher and run it and then I’ll be ready to go.”


“Wow this place is really spotless! Who did all of this?”


“I did.” Steve says.


“You did?” Neal replies as he runs his finger over the coffee table.


“Well yeah man who else I mean I live here by my lonesome so I have to clean it.”


“Well maybe you should think about hiring a cleaning lady again.”


“Oh no man I am not going through that again!” Steve replies.


“That is why you need a girlfriend man so she can clean house and cook and do the laundry….what?”


“With that attitude I can see why you’re single!” Steve replies as he puts on his jacket.


“I am not single! I have a lady remember!” Neal says as he opens the front door and Steve follows him out and he locks it.


“Oh yeah I forgot that Ruby is your girlfriend.” Steve says as they walk to the Charger and they get in.


“Ah no Ruby isn’t my girlfriend she is my lady!” Neal responds as he starts the car.


“What’s the difference?” Steve asks as he shrugs.


“A lady is a step-up from a girlfriend and not quite a wife….if you catch my drift?”


Steve nods then he shakes his head. “No.”


“Ruby is very sophisticated and cultured and highly educated….”


“Not to mention gorgeous.” Steve replies.


“….And that too so that makes her a lady and the girls you go out with….” Neal says as he points at Steve. “….are just girlfriends.”


Steve looks at him. “I don’t think I like the sound of that!”


“Oh pooh don’t be so sensitive! Just think back Steve to all the women you have been involved with….”


“Wow man that is a lot!” Steve exclaims.


“I know just take your time….” Neal replies.






Neal sets a cup of coffee down at Steve’s desk. “Well it’s been an hour finish thinking yet?”


“Yeah and your right I have never been involved with a real lady before….” Steve replies.


“Well you know Steve that brings me to what I want to ask you….” Neal starts but doesn’t finish because their Captain puts his hand on Neal’s shoulder.


“Hello guys, well I hope you two have a good weekend because this morning you hit the ground running.”


“What cha got there Cap?” Steve asks.


“Two dead bodies at the Royal Arms….” The Captain says as he hands the paper to Neal.


“Say no more Captain….”


“We’re rolling!” Steve announces.






“Morning Sam how’s it going?” Steve says to the Coroner as he shows his badge to the Officer at the door.


“And people wonder why I hate Mondays; do you think Detective that this could be one of the reasons?” Sam the Coroner says as he holds the corner of the sheet back on one of the gurneys so Steve can have a look.


“Holy shit!” Steve exclaims.


“She used to pretty Detective….” The Coroner says.


“And I suppose that he used to be handsome?” Neal says as he looks at the other body on the other gurney.


“Well according to his driver’s license picture I would say yes.” Steve says as he looks through the guy’s wallet.


“Doc what is he wearing?” Neal asks.


“Hmmm well I would say I think those might be leotards or tights.” Sam says.


“Tights?” Neal replies.


“Yes and she is wearing the same kind of thing.” Sam says.


“So Doc what is your expert opinion about how they died?” Neal asks.


“Detective Schon they were beaten to death….” Sam says.


“And I think I found what did it, Neal, look at this.” Steve says as he motions for Neal to come over by him. Neal comes over and he squats down beside Steve who uses his pencil to lift up a bloody towel just long enough for Neal to see what it was.


“A trophy?” Neal says.


“Oh yeah and by the looks of it a pretty hefty one.” Steve replies.


“Oh yes Detectives I would say that we have our murder weapon.” Sam agrees as he stands over them.


“Make sure we have the Crime Lab guys tag and bag it. Steve can you make out the names….?” Neal asks.


“Hmmm well his name is Stephen, I got that from his license and her name is Emily looks like and the last name, Copper? Stephen and Emily Copper. Husband and Wife maybe?” Steve asks.


Neal looks around the room. “There are two beds I am betting brother and sister.”


“No husband and wife.” Steve says.


“Brother and sister! Loser buys lunch.” Neal says.


Steve shakes his hand. “Alright you got a deal buddy boy! This explains the leotards they were wearing they had something to do with some kind of dance thing.”


“I think that says disco….” Neal points out.


Steve turns his head this way and that. “Yeah I think so. They certainly had a lot of luggage.” Steve says as he gets up and he goes over to the luggage that was in the closet. “Wow Neal look at these clothes! He was certainly a sharp dresser, look at those suits, custom made! I can see this guy didn’t believe in buying off the rack.”


“Her stuff wasn’t bad either, well you know if they were dancers they probably had a lot of fancy clothes.” Neal says. “I want to talk to Sam before he gets too far away, meet you back at the car, okay?”


“Cool I’m going to talk to the officer at the door and see if he knows who found them. Officer….?”




“Officer Cole do you by any chance know who found the bodies?” Steve asks.


“Yeah it was the housekeeper.” Officer Cole says as he points to the housekeeper who was standing just down the hall with another Officer was trying without success to talk to her.


Steve looks back over his shoulder at her. “Okay thanks man.” Steve says as he turns and walks away.


“Just so you know man you’re going to be wasting your time.” The Officer says.


“Oh really why is that Officer Cole?”


“Because Detective she doesn’t speak English.” The Officer says.


“Oh what a coincidence neither do I.” Steve says as he continues to walk in her direction leaving a confused expression on the Officer’s face.






“You’re buying lunch partner!” Neal says when Steve gets back to the car.


“Brother and sister huh?”


“Oh yeah and they are from Las Vegas according to the Hotel registration book and we were right about the dance thing. It seems there is going to be a big, disco dance competition in about three weeks or so, all the Hotels and Motels are booked solid. Sam the Coroner man said that they have been dead since last night and to him it looks like she got it first and then her brother.” Neal says.


“Probably surprised them as they came into the room.”


“Probably so did you find out who found the bodies?” Neal asks.


“Yeah it was the housekeeper Maria she found them this morning when she went into to the room to clean up. She knocked and waited and knocked again and when nobody answered she went in and found them. She was really spooked, she didn’t speak much English and she was really talking fast it took me awhile to catch on to what she was saying.”


“I can imagine that she was shaken up I mean that room looked like something out of a horror movie, oh I almost forgot, the Front Desk Clerk gave me a matchbook from that club that’s holding the disco competition.”


Neal takes the matchbook out of his pocket and he tosses it to Steve. “Seems the Front Desk Clerk he is a regular there.”


“Do tell but we don’t have any pictures of the victims to show around.” Steve points out.


“We’re just going to have to wing it man.”






“Look Neal this solves our problem of having their pictures.” Steve exclaims as he takes one of them off of the sign that was in front of the club.


“That was fast thinking partner.” Neal says as he knocks harder on the front door of the club.


“You know Neal I bet they are closed until tonight.” Steve says as he walks over to him.


“When you grow up you ought to be a Detective.” Neal says as he now kicks at the door.


Finally after a few minutes they hear somebody yelling on the other side of the door. “Cool it man don’t break down the door! We’re closed!! Come back tonight!”


“No can do man we are the Heat, the Fuzz, the Man!” Steve says.


“Well you shut up. Come on open up this is the Police!” Neal says to the door.


The door opens just enough for them to see a face. “You two have some form of I.D.?”


Neal and Steve look at one another as they put their badges up to the door. “Satisfied?” Steve asks.


“We want to talk to the owner or the manager.” Neal adds.


“Oh alright boys hold on.” In the next moment the door was opened and the person let them in.


“Ramón! Ramon! My name is Gary and that is the owner of the club.” Gary points way across the club to where Ramon was supervising the hanging of a huge banner advertising the dance contest. “Ramon!” Gary yells but this time Steve and Neal noticed that Gary stamped his foot and put his hands on his hips when once again Ramon didn’t answer. “RAMON! Oh just wait here!” Gary says as he walks off.


“You know Neal I get a weird vibe about this place man.”


Neal looks around. “No shit.”


Finally Gary was able to get Ramon’s attention and he immediately made his way right over to Steve ignoring Neal.


“Detective….?” Ramon asks.


“Perry.” Steve replies as Ramon shakes his hand.


“So Gary tells me that you wanted to see me? I swear Detective that I paid those parking tickets!” Ramon laughs as he looks Steve up and down.


Steve looks over at Neal who was standing behind Ramon. “Hmmmm yeah okay and that is my partner back there Detective Schon.”


Ramon just turns his head and looks at him. “Oh….hello.” Then once again he turned his complete attention back to Steve.


“Hey Ramon how’s it hanging?” Neal asks as he waves.


“So Detective Perry can I offer you some coffee or tea or how about….me?!” Ramon says as he laughs but Steve knows that he isn’t kidding.


Steve looks at Neal. “Ah no we wanted to talk to you about Stephen and Emily Copper.” Steve shows him the picture he got off of the sign.


“Oh yes the reigning World Disco Champions! It will be a huge honor when they appear at my Club let me tell you! We are planning a big Welcome to Oceanview dinner for them.” Ramon looks at them with a worried expression. “I do hope that nothing has happened to them.”


“Well Ramon you see it’s like this….” Neal starts to say.


“They were murdered sometime last night.” Steve finishes.


Ramon turned pale and he swooned and Steve caught him just before he hit the floor. “Neal! Just don’t stand there man grab a chair!”


“Oh yeah!” Neal exclaims as he grabs the nearest chair and Steve lowers Ramon down into it.


“Hey….hey….” Neal says as he snaps his fingers in the direction of Gary.


Gary! Gary bring Ramon some water!!!” Steve yells as he fans Ramon with his notepad.


Gary add some vodka to that water.” Ramon replies as he puts his forearm over his forehead. “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Murdered you say? That is just terrible.”

Gary runs up holding a big glass of water that he hands to Ramon.


“Do you know anything about where they were last night?” Steve asks.


“Yeah what time did they leave dance rehearsal here?” Neal asks.


Ramon takes a big, long sip of the water. “Detective you mean dance practice not rehearsal….”


“Yeah okay I guess what time did they leave dance practice then?” Neal asks again.


“Detective I don’t know since they weren’t here last night!” Ramon replies.


Neal looks around. “Oh well I thought since there was going to be a contest here….”


“Like everyone in this dance competition they each have their own studio where they practice so the other dancers don’t see their dance moves! It is very hush, hush!” Ramon replies as he brings one finger up to his lips.”


“Do you know what studio they practiced at?” Steve asks.


“Oh….Detective what is your name?” Ramon asks.




“No I meant your first name?” Ramon asks again.


Steve glances over at Neal. “….Steve.”


“Ah Stefan!!” Ramon exclaims happily.


“Well no you see it’s actually pronounced Stephen….”


Ramon shoves the glass back to Gary as he gets to his feet then much to Steve’s dismay Ramon takes Steve by his arm and he begins to walk him in the direction of the office.


“Stefan come with me!”


“Ah….where? Neal?” Steve asks as he looks back over his shoulder. “A little help here!”


“To the office where I have a lot of things to show you.” Ramon says as he sneaks a look at Steve’s butt.




“I meant about the dance competition of course! What did you think I meant you naughty boy?” Ramon replies as he laughs.




“Hmmm you know I just adore men with long….hair!” Ramon says as he smiles at Steve.


“I’ll wait out in the car.” Neal replies.






“You know that wasn’t very funny!!!” Steve says loudly as he throws a manila envelope on the roof of the car then he leans in the passenger side window. “Leaving me alone with that….that guy!! The entire time he was undressing me with his eyes!!” Steve says as he yells at Neal.


Neal laughs. “Hmmm you know I just adore men with long….hair!” Neal says as he mimics Ramon.


“Shut up!!”


“Stefan!!!” Neal says as he laughs.


“Do you know what he said to me?” Steve says.


Neal tries not to laugh. “What?”


“He said he liked how I filled out my pants!!!! Can you imagine?! A guy said that to me!!!”


Neal wipes his eyes. “That is what you get when you wear your pants too tight!”


Steve leans farther into the car one hand bracing himself on the seat as he points at Neal with the other.


“Look you putz....” Steve says but doesn’t finish because the next thing they hear is a loud, shrill wolf whistle coming from somewhere up above and it causes Steve to jump and he hits his head on the roof of the car.


“Ow!” Steve says as he grabs his head as he slowly backs out of the car window and he looks up to the office window where Ramon was waving at him.


“Come back soon sweetie!”


Steve grabs the manila envelope off of the roof of the car then he grabs the car door handle and he opens the car door and he jumps into the passenger seat.


“Let’s go! Now!”


Neal smiles as he starts the car. “Okay sweetie!!!”






“I lost so I have to buy lunch and I am buying you lunch Neal!”


“Well yeah Steve but maybe I should have specified which restaurant.” Neal says as he follows behind Steve in the lunch line.


“There is nothing wrong with the food here and its Monday and on Mondays it’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy and glazed carrots and apple pie ala mode! You like apple pie ala mode don’t you?”


“Yeah you know I do.” Neal replies as they stop at the cash register.


“Hello Misty….” Steve says as he smiles at her.


“Hello Steve.” She says as she rings up the food on the cash register.


“Wow Misty that smock really brings out the color of your eyes!” Steve says as Misty blushes. “Oh you can add my partner’s meal to that too.”


“For you Steve it’s on the house.” Misty replies.


“Really? Well thanks Misty that is very, very sweet of you. See you later.”


“Bye Steve.”


Steve picks up his tray and Neal follows him over to a table where they unload their trays and they sit.


“What in the hell was that?” Neal asks.


“What was what?” Steve replies.


“That smock really brings out the color of your eyes? What in the hell was that? You just sweet-talked your way into two free lunches! Un-believable!”


“Eat your meatloaf before it gets cold.” Steve says.


“So what’s in the envelope your new friend Ramon gave to you?”


Steve looks at Neal across the table as he picks up the envelope and he looks in it. “Looks like newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and a list of the contestants, that sort of thing. I’ll have to look thru it later but in the meantime I think we need to find out where the Copper’s did their practicing. I didn’t find any car keys in their effects so they either took a cab or they walked or something.”


Neal points his fork at Steve. “We can check back at the Hotel and see if they know anything.”


“Well I know it wasn’t a robbery, all their money and jewelry was still there and I bet that nobody heard or saw anything.” Steve says as he eats his mashed potatoes.


“It has to be a coincidence.” Neal replies.


“What does?”


“This disco dance competition thing! I mean they are just dancing to see who gets a trophy and not a very attractive trophy at that! The Coppers probably pissed somebody off royally in Las Vegas and they followed them here and killed them, so yeah, I am willing to go out a limb and say that the disco dance competition was just a coincidence. While you read up on the competition I’ll call Las Vegas P.D. and check them out.”


“Cool.” Steve replies.


“Hey Steve man how do you feel about blind dates?” Neal asks.


Steve scratches his head. “That depends how blind is she?” Steve laughs.


“That isn’t funny.”


“Sorry.” Steve clears his throat. “Who’s the girl?”


“Ruby’s cousin.”


“Ruby has a cousin?” Steve asks surprised.


Neal laughs. “Well yeah why do you sound so surprised?”


“Well I don’t know I just never thought of Ruby as having cousins.”


Neal laughs again. “Well Steve Ruby just didn’t come fully grown out of the ocean you know she does have a family and so therefore she does have cousins and one of those cousins will be in town Friday.”


“Uh huh.” Steve replies as he crosses his arms over his chest. “What does she look like?”


“Well I don’t really know….”


“You don’t really know?” Steve says.


“I have seen a picture of her….”


“And how old was it?” Steve asks.


“Two years.”


“Two years?” Steve repeats.


“Well yeah but Steve look at Ruby! Ruby is educated and cultured, sexy and beautiful so doesn’t it stand to reason that her cousin would be the same?”




“Steve come on man Eva is her favorite cousin.”


“Eva?” Steve asks.


“Yeah Eva is her name, Eva Thornhill. Tomorrow I’ll bring her picture for you to look at and it won’t be like you two will be alone on a date, Ruby and I are going to go out, we will double date. Friday night, you know if crime behaves itself, we were planning on going to dinner and dancing. Ruby likes to check out the competition from time to time and she didn’t want her cousin to feel left out. So come on buddy, you know, from the picture she looked pretty good she has long hair and it was in pig-tails….”


“Ah Neal did you say in pig-tails? Just how old is this cousin?”


“She is in her twenties Steve. So what do you say?” Neal asks.


“Ah alright….” Steve says reluctantly as Neal slaps him on the shoulder. “I can see the picture right?”


“Oh sure I’ll bring it tomorrow. Thanks buddy!”


“Yeah sure.” Steve says.


“Don’t sound so sad I mean Steve you told me that you were getting tired of sitting at home doing nothing right?”


“Well yeah right….” Steve says.


“That you wanted to spice up your personal life right?”


“Well yeah right….” Steve says.


“That you wanted to have a nice girl to go out with….”


“Do you ever forget anything that I tell you?!” Steve asks.


“No I told you that I inherited that from my mother! Besides she likes dancing and so do you, right?” Steve nods.


“See you two already have something in common so it will be cool! And Steve she is lady material.” Neal says as he winks.


“I’ll take your word for it.” Steve says.


“Great I’ll tell Ruby. We better get to work. Let’s go partner.” Neal says as they stand up and Neal puts his arm around Steve’s shoulder as they walk.






“A limo?” Neal replies.


“Yes Neal that is what the man said a limo! You know one of those big, black cars that movie stars ride in with a driver? A limo!”


“But why?” Neal asks.


“Why what?” Steve asks.


Neal gestures wildly. “Why a chauffeur driven limo to take these two to practice for a simple, little disco dance competition? It is just silly!”


“Well does that matter? I mean you saw their clothes maybe they like to ride in style! Why is this little detail bothering you so much?” Steve asks.


“I don’t know why but it does okay?” Neal replies.


“Alright already! Jeez lets go to the limo company.” Steve replies.






“Excuse me but we’re looking for the owner.” Steve says to the receptionist as he flashes his badge at her.


“Yeah Miss is he around here somewhere?” Neal asks.


“No he isn’t but I am….I’m the owner Detectives.”


Neal and Steve look at each other and then they look at her.


“What’s a matter boys didn’t expect a woman to be the owner?” She says as she hugs the clipboard to her chest.


Neal opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out but air and Steve just stares.


“If it’s any consolation you two don’t look like cops. You….” She points to Steve. “….Look like some kind of hustler….”


“Hustler?!!!” Steve repeats loudly as Neal laughs.


“And you laughing boy….” She says as she now points to Neal. “….look like his pimp!”


“His what? Now that was just mean!” Neal protests.


“That was just wrong!! I don’t look like a hustler!” Steve says.


“Alright I am sorry….” She says.


“Well’s that better.” Steve says.


“Now that I really get a good look at you, you seem to be more the male escort type!!”


Neal snickers and Steve hits him in the chest.


“Ow!!” Neal exclaims.


“What is your name?” Steve asks as he takes out his notepad.


“Why?” She asks suspiciously.


“I need it for the citations I am going to write! Just standing here I see at least 6 code violations!” Steve says.


“What! You can’t do that!!!!” She yells at Steve.


“Try me!” Steve yells back.


“Alright, okay stop it!” Neal says as he waves his arms back and forth. “Look we admit that we were a little surprised….”


“Shocked might be a better word.” Steve adds.


“Okay shocked that the owner was I mean is a woman.” Neal replies.


“Haven’t you two ever heard of Women’s Lib?”


“Just everyday.” Steve says as he rubs his eyes. “We’re sorry that we got off on the wrong foot we just wanted to ask you a question about a client of yours that is if you don’t mind, ah Miss….Mrs. or Ms.?”


“Miss Vickie O’Brian.”


“Miss O’Brian the Hotel told us that this couple….” Neal shows her the picture of Stephen and Emily Copper. “….Was using your limo service to go to dance practice….”


“….And we would like to know where that dance practice is.” Steve says.


Vickie takes the picture. “I have never seen them before but I am sure the drivers have. What Hotel were they picked up at?”


“The Royal Arms.” Steve replies.


“The last time would have been this passed Sunday.” Neal says.


She hands the picture back to Steve. “I’ll have to check the trip sheets for that day.”


“Okay we’ll wait.” Steve replies.


“No you won’t Detective….” Vickie says.


“….Perry. Why not?”


“Because I don’t have time to look it up now. I have a business to run and paperwork to do and drivers to appease and I am not at your beck and call!! I can have it for you by tomorrow or the next day.”


“Tomorrow but we really….” Neal says.


“Neal man give it a rest! She is giving me a headache! Here’s my card when you get something call me okay?”


“I’m giving you a headache!!! I was having a perfectly good day until you two walked in here and spoiled it! And you are the biggest pain in the ass!!!” She says as she points at Steve.


“Me? You called me a hustler for god sakes!” Steve says.


“Because you’re a male chauvinist pig!!!” Vickie says.


“A male chauvinist….?!!!”


Neal grabs Steve by his arm as he begins to drag him backwards. “Come on Steve!”


“Neal did you hear what she called me?? Did you?” Steve yells.


“Yes Steve I did come on let’s go.”


“I will have you know Miss O’Brian that I am all for Women’s Lib! I am all for bra burning and….and…the pill!”




“…..And women owning their own businesses….”




“….And bra burning!!!”


“Steve you already said that.” Neal points out.


“I did?”


“Yes you did now get in the car.” Neal says as he holds open the car door.


“Can you believe the gall and her moxy….? It’s that fiery red hair!! Neal I absolutely hate that woman!!! She is bossy, annoying, and loud and when she calls you can talk to her! She called me a hustler!!”


“Yes Steve I know I was there remember?”


“Red heads Neal I never had much luck with red heads, Eva isn’t a red head is she?”


“No not really….” Neal replies as they drive off.


“No not really?”


“Well I mean she is blonde with just a touch of red, I think Ruby called her a strawberry blonde.”


“A strawberry blonde well that might be okay, where to now?” Steve asks.


“Back to the station to see if the info I requested on the Copper’s have come in and you haven’t finishing reading that stuff that your new friend Ramon gave to you have you?”


“Don’t call him that and no I haven’t finished reading it.” Steve replies.


“Okay well then that should take care of the rest of the day.”


“Probably so partner.” Steve replies.






“Wow Steve the Coppers life was more boring than yours. No arrests, no trouble, no nothing, not even a parking ticket.”


“Neal you know how you are always calling this dance competition just a ‘simple little dance competition’ and who would want to kill anybody that is in this competition?” Steve asks.


“Yeah?” Neal asks as he looks up.


“What if I was to tell you that one of the prizes was $50,000 dollars?”


“What!! $50,000 dollars that has to be a typo! Let me see that….!” Neal says as he reaches over and he snatches the paper out of Steve’s hand. “No I be damned it is right! $50,000 that is just crazy!”


“Look at the other prizes.” Steve points out.


“Other prizes….wow a car and the winners get to endorse the products of the sponsor.”


“Yeah Danfields….” Steve consults his notes. “They make clothes, suits, shoes and all sort of dancewear.”


“So that could explain all those fancy clothes in their room and holy….they go to Europe!” Neal says.


“Oh yeah the winners get a free trip to Europe where they show off their dancing skills at Clubs and on Television shows that sort of thing, you know people love winners and whatever winners wear….”


“The public wants to wear too….” Neal says.


“Exactly.” Steve says.


“I had no idea that disco music was such a big thing.” Neal replies.


“Of course you don’t because you don’t dance….”


“I do to dance! I mean it may not be all that throwing around and sliding on the floor stuff but I do dance! Ruby and I can really cut a rug!!”


“Okay I stand corrected you dance a really mean waltz!!!” Steve says.


“I believe they call it a slow dance Steve!”


“Disco is a huge monster and there’s been a few clubs I have taken my dates to where we had to wait to get into the place it was that crowded!”


“According to this there are six contestants….” Neal says.


“Yeah they came from Detroit, Texas, New York, Pittsburgh, Nevada and California….”


“And now there are five.” Neal says.


“And all of them are here in Oceanview.” Neal and Steve says at the same time.


“So Neal do you still think this is just a simple, little disco dance competition that isn’t worth dying over?”


“I may have been wrong about that but who knew?”


“I wish what’s her name would call.” Steve says.


“Who?” Neal asks.


“You know the redhead!”


“Oh you mean Vickie.” Neal says.


“Yeah her.”


“Why don’t you call her?” Neal asks.


“I’m not going to call her! She called me a hustler!!”


“Steve she also called you a male escort and she was right!!!”


“No let her call.” Steve replies as he crosses his arms over his chest.


“That won’t be until tomorrow so I think in the meantime we could talk to the Danfields rep Gordon Parks his number is right here. Let me call him and see if we can get an appointment.”






“Can I offer you Detectives some coffee?” Gordon asks as they sit around the breakfast table on the balcony of his suite.


“Thank you Mr. Parks.” Steve replies.


“Yes thank you.” Neal replies as he holds out his cup. “I am sorry that we had to talk to you under these circumstances.”


“Yes so am I Detective it is certainly a tragic state of events. Our reigning champions murdered in such a fashion, I am totally speechless.” Gordon says.


“Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” Steve asks.


“Oh no of course not Detectives but I don’t know how I could be of any help to you.” Gordon replies.


“First of all we are really curious why a dance competition would offer such a high dollar amount for a prize?” Neal asks.


“Well Detective for publicity of course, you see, we were a small dance clothing company from England about five years ago. One of our employees was visiting in the States and she just happened to go to a disco club and she hit upon the idea to have a contest that would promote our clothing line here in the States. The timing just happened to be right and the company took off like wildfire! As the Company prospered the prizes went up and it is what you see before you.”


“From what we understand the winners get the prize money then they travel to Europe?” Steve asks.


“Yes for a year the winners dance across Europe and of course the States wearing and promoting our products. They appear at the openings of dance clubs and what-haves-you.”


“Has there ever been any sort of trouble?” Neal asks.


Gordon looks at them. “Trouble?”


“Yes you know the winners being threatened or anything like that?” Steve asks.


“Oh no Detectives, we of course have security at the various events and functions but that is all that is required.”


“How many years have you had these dance contests?” Neal asks.


“This would be the fourth year.” Gordon replies.


“Would you say Mr. Parks that the contests have been a big success for you?” Steve asks.


“Oh yes! You see the United Kingdom Detectives love anything that has to do with America.”


“Really I didn’t know that.” Neal replies.


“Oh my goodness yes the winners of the dance contest, like the Coppers last year were stars in the Untied Kingdom. Before the dance contests Danfields manufactured ballet slippers and tutus and dance clothing such as that but now we run the gambit from shoes to dresses and men’s clothing, it is endless. The public loves to wear clothes that winners wear.”


“See Neal I told you!” Steve says.


“I am sorry about the Coppers they were very talented young people and very nice. Do you know who did this terrible thing yet Detectives?” Gordon asks.


“No sir but we think it might be an isolated incident.” Neal replies.


“We are running down leads.” Steve says.


“Well Detectives I will be busy with the arrangements of this latest contest but you can always call my room and leave a message with my assistant.”


“You aren’t going to cancel or postpone the contest?” Steve asks.


“Oh no we have commitments in the States and of course back in the U.K.


“Of course.” Neal says.


“Where were you last Sunday night around ten o’clock or so?” Steve asks.


“I was here Detective….”


“Alone?” Neal asks.


“No my assistant was with me.”


“Well she verify that Mr. Parks?” Neal asks as he looks at him.


“Of course HE will Detective. His room is right thru that door but I sent him out on an errand, you may wait to talk to him if you like.”


“Yes Mr. Parks we would like to do that.” Steve replies.






“You know that was interesting hour spent talking about the business of disco dancing competitions.” Steve says.


“Darn if it wasn’t Steve I was intrigued.”


“I was even more intrigued that room service verified that they had a late dinner sent up to the room.” Steve replies.


“Well I have a feeling that this case will reach a dead end soon….we need a break.”


“Ocean to Victor 7 come in Victor 7.” They hear the dispatcher say.


“This is Victor 7 go ahead Ocean.” Neal replies into the mike.


“A Vickie O’Brian called and left a message for you. She said the name of the studio is Arcadia Dance on Wellborn.”


“Wellborn?” Neal says as he looks at Steve.


“Isn’t that the warehouse district?” Steve asks.


“Pretty close to it. 10-4 Ocean and thanks.”







“Wow that was really amazing!!” Steve claps and whistles at the couple when they finish their practice.


“Who are you?” The dance instructor asks.


“Oceanview Detectives from the 9th Precinct.” Neal replies as they hold their badges up for everyone to see.


“How did you two get in here?!” The instructors yells at them. “This is a closed practice!”


“Calm down twinkle toes the door was open.” Neal replies as he points behind him.


“Yeah man we didn’t know that we weren’t supposed to be back here.” Steve replies as he shrugs.


“What happened to the guy at the door?” The instructor asks.


“Man I don’t know but then again we couldn’t understand him with all that duct tape on his mouth.” Neal says as Steve simply nods.


“Take 5!” The instructor yells to the dancers.


“Ah you might want to take 15 to 20!” Steve says as he laughs.


“Take 20! Now what do you two want we’re busy!”


“Oh yeah man what do you think we’re on vacation here? We’re busy too.” Neal says.


“We’re trying to conduct an investigation so do you know these two people?” Steve asks as he shows the pictures of the Coppers to him.


“Yes I do that is Emily and Stephen Copper they have been here everyday to practice except for the past couple of days....”


“They haven’t been here because they’re dead.” Steve replies.


“What! Oh my goodness that is just awful what happened to them.” The instructor asks.


“What’s your name?” Neal asks as he takes out his notepad.


“Anthony….Anthony Arcadia I own this studio. The Coppers were such nice people I can’t believe….what happened?”


“They were murdered.” Steve replies.


“Oh my god who would do something like that?” Anthony asks.


“That is what we are trying to figure out Mr. Arcadia now when did you last see the Coppers?” Neal asks.


“Sunday night. They came in and practiced for about 3 to 4 hours.”


“Wow that is a long time to practice isn’t it?” Steve asks.


“Not at all it takes time to build up endurance and stamina and do some of the moves that they were doing you need a lot of endurance. They were amazing and they were natural talents they never had a lesson in their lives.”


“Huh….” Neal replies.


“Who rented the studio time?” Steve asks.


“Gordon Parks.” Anthony replies.


“That makes sense.” Neal replies. “What time did they leave?”


“Eight or eight thirty the limo was always out front waiting on them.” Anthony says.


“You didn’t happened to see anybody hanging around or another car that may have followed them?” Steve asks.


“No sorry.” Anthony replies as he shakes his head.


“Do the other contestants practice here also?” Neal asks.


“No just the winners.” Anthony replies.


“Don’t you think that is just well…?” Neal starts.


“….Strange?” Steve finishes.


“Dancers can be a little strange and the Coppers had certain tricks and dance moves that they didn’t want anybody to see until the night of the competition but I do know one thing for sure Detectives.”


“What’s that?” Steve and Neal say together.


“They were going for their third win.”


Their third win?” Neal replies.


“They are some stiff competition or should I say was. They were quite a dance force to be reckoned with.”


“So they had already won the competition twice before?” Steve asks.


Anthony nods.


“Do you know anything about the other contestants?” Neal asks.


“No not really but they cant be very good if the Coppers kept beating them right?” Anthony replies.


Neal and Steve look at each other. “True.” Steve says.


“Well Detectives I best get back to my students I wish they were as good as the Coppers….okay you two Philip lets try that dip again….”


“Yeah Phil watch where you put your hands so you don’t drop her.” Steve says as he turns to walk off.


Anthony looks back over his shoulder at him. “Detective?”


“Hmmm yeah?”


“Do you dance?”


Steve looks at Neal as he puts his hands in his pockets of his jeans. “Well you know a little in the nightclubs and such….”


Anthony takes Steve by his arm. “Go over there and show Phil how to dip her properly.”


Steve looks back at Neal then he looks at Anthony. “Oh no way man I couldn’t do that!” Steve says as he protest. “Neal?”


“Go ahead and trip the light fantastic.” Neal says.


“But I’m not dressed properly, see tennis shoes, and I am not warmed up or anything!”


“Steve give me your jacket and your holster.” Neal offers as he holds his hands out.




“Come on Steve.” Neal prompts.


“This is just crazy!” Steve protests as he takes off his jacket and he hands it to Neal then he takes off his holster and he also hands that to Neal. “I’m going to make a fool out of myself and it’s your fault!”


“Steve this is Jackie.” Anthony says as he introduces the young woman to Steve.


“Hi how you’re doing?” Steve replies as they shake hands. “Could we just take a few turns across the floor to warm up?” Steve asks.


“Sure how about the Hustle?” Anthony asks.


“Perfect.” Steve says as he takes her by her hands.


“Cue the music!” Anthony yells.


When the music starts they move across the floor Steve holding her by her hands and as they get more into it and Steve starts to feel comfortable he pushes her back and then he pulls her to him and then he spins her one way and then the other and then he spins her right into his arms and then he dips her.


Anthony and Neal both applaud. “Perfect! That was just beautiful! Phil did you see that? He didn’t drop her!”


“Thanks Jackie that was fun.” Steve say as he pulls her to her feet.


“No thank you!” Jackie says as she winks back at him.


“Well Detective you look like you could enter a few dance competitions yourself!” Anthony replies.


Steve takes his holster from Neal and he puts it back on. “Oh it was nothing really.” Steve replies.


“Oh my partner is being modest you should see him when he really gets going.” Neal says as he smiles at him as Steve adjusts the collar of his jacket.


“Well if you ever decide to give up police work I could use you as an instructor.” Anthony replies.


Steve smiles. “Thanks I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the information.”


They walk off but before they get to the door Neal turns and he says back in Anthony’s direction, “You might want to let the guy who was standing at the door out of the bathroom we sorta locked him in there, bye.”






“So Neal how do I look?” Steve asks.


“Very spiffy. Is that another suit from back in the….? Neal asks.




“Hey you got your hair trimmed.” Neal points out.


“Yeah so?”


“I thought you said that you wasn’t going to go to any trouble for this date?” Neal asks.


“I changed my mind okay so will you just….”


“Neal!” Ruby as she opens the door and she lets them in. Neal as soon as the door closes takes Ruby in his arms and he kisses her.


“You’re beautiful as always.” Neal says.


“Steve I have never seen you so dressed up you are very handsome!” Ruby says.


“Thank you.” Steve replies.


“Let me just go and get your date I’ll be back.” Ruby as she leaves the room.


“Don’t be nervous.” Neal says.


“I’m not.” Steve says.


“I know how you nervous get on these kind of dates.”


“I am not nervous so shut up!” Steve replies.


“Boys allow me to introduce my cousin Eva Thornhill.”


Ruby and Eva came out and they look more like sisters than cousins and Neal and Steve stood with their mouths open until Neal gave Steve a little shove forward in Eva’s direction. Eva did have long strawberry blonde hair made up fancy and put up on her head and green eyes and a slinky type disco dress that showed off a beautiful figure.


“Nice to meet you I’m Eva.” She says as she extends her hand to Steve and Steve takes it.


“Nice to meet you too my name is Steve and you’re so tall!!” Steve said even before he knew that he had said it. “Neal didn’t tell me that you were tall.”


“I didn’t know you dope!” Neal says to him as they all laugh.


“Oh I’m sorry Eva I should have said that your beautiful and you are!” Steve finally manages to say.


Eva laughs. “You’re beautiful too and I can go and put on flats if you want.”


“Oh no no don’t do that your legs look great in those heels….oh I mean!” Steve hits himself on the forehead as Neal puts his arm around him.


“He’s a little nervous because he has never been around a real lady before.” Neal points out.


“Well if it makes you feel better I have never been out with a real Detective before.” Eva says as she smiles at Steve and he feels himself drawn into that smile.


“See another thing you have in common.” Neal says.


“Another thing?” Steve asks.


“Yeah Eva loves to dance too don’t you?” Neal asks her.


“Oh yes I love to dance and I take it you do too Steve?” Eva asks.


“Oh yeah I sure do.” Steve says not taking his eyes off of her.


“Well let’s head to dinner and then we can dance our legs off.” Neal says as he helps Ruby on with her wrap and Steve does the same for Eva then she wraps her arm around his and Steve has to look up to smile at her.






“Here’s your coffee and Danish.” Steve says as he hands it to Neal.


“Thanks man. Speaking of coffee and Danish how did it go at brunch with Eva yesterday? You know Ruby and I are glad you two hit it off. You know you two really looked great dancing together! Ruby thinks you two make a cute couple and when she wears flats she isn’t that tall….”




“Yeah Steve?”


“I don’t want to talk about it.” Steve says simply as he looks at the newspaper.


“Oh okay that’s cool man.” Neal says as he eats his Danish.


“Okay who in the hell are you and what have you done with Neal?” Steve asks.


Neal looks at him surprised. “What do you mean?”


“I mean usually when I say I don’t want to talk about something you wheedle, cajole, beg and plead and then you nag like an old woman until I finally give-in so what gives? Are you sick?” Steve asks as he puts his hand on Neal’s forehead. “No fever.”


“I just decided to became a more gentler and nicer Neal.”


Steve laughs. “Since when?”


“Since Ruby, she thinks that I am too hard on you.”


“She thinks that you’re too hard on me?” Steve asks.


“Yeah she says that you’re a sensitive type of guy being an Aquarius and all and that I could kill your sensitivity by yelling at you and doing mean stuff to you….”


“Neal have you been drinking?” Steve asks.


“No I am just telling you what Ruby said and I think she’s right so if you don’t want to talk about you and Eva then you don’t have to.”


“My god you’re serious!!” Steve replies.


“Well you know what they say about the love of a good woman.”


Steve looks disappointed.


“What’s wrong with you?” Neal asks.


“Well I guess I was looking forward to having a fight with you….”


“Well you know since you want to….” Neal says.


“It was just something I got used to you know so if you don’t mind….” Steve says.


“Oh no I don’t mind that is if you don’t mind?”


“Oh no I kinda want to talk about it anyway. So let’s start over.” Steve says.


“Okay.” Neal clears his throat before he starts. “Hmmmm Steve this is really good coffee and Danish so speaking of Danish how did Brunch go with Eva yesterday?”


Steve looks thru the newspaper ignoring Neal.




“Huh what?”


“I said how did brunch go with Eva yesterday?” Neal asks again.


“I heard you the first time.”


“Then why didn’t you answer me?” Neal asks.


“Because I don’t want to talk about it.”


“You just said that you did!” Neal yells.


“I changed my mind!”


“In five seconds you changed your mind?” Neal says.


“Yes I hope that is alright with you?” Steve asks.


“I ought to whack you with this newspaper!”


“Ah what about Ruby?” Steve asks.


“Ruby isn’t here!” Neal says as he raises the newspaper just as the dispatcher calls them on the radio.


“Come in Victor 7.”


“Saved by the dispatcher!” Neal says as he picks up the mike. “Go ahead Ocean.”


“A report of a 187 at the construction site on 1304 Wheeler.”


10-4 Ocean E.T.A 15 minutes.” Neal says as Steve puts the bubble light on the roof.


“We had dead bodies last Monday.” Steve points out.


“Yeah let’s hope this doesn’t start a trend.”






“Well Sam fancy meeting you here.” Neal says.


“Detective. We have to stop meeting like this people will talk. This is one of two.” Sam says as he kneels down by the body and he pulls back the corner of the sheet.


“So this time we have a shooting.” Neal says.


“He fought with his attacker and by the look of it he got in a few good licks, notice the defense wounds on his hands. I think he was trying to protect her.” Sam nods to the other body that was a few yards ahead where Steve was.


“She didn’t get far did she?” Neal says.


“I think whoever shot her did it from here.” Sam says. “No footprints going over to her and that’s a pity.”


“Why do you say that?” Neal asks.


“She bleed to death Detective and for her death wasn’t quick.”


Neal takes a deep breath. “Any I.D.?”


Sam shakes his head. “Didn’t find any.”


“Time of death Sam?”


“Sometime last night other than that I am not sure, it was cool last might I will have to check the liver temperature. I’ll have to get back to you on that.”


“Alright Sam thanks.”


Neal gets up and he walks over to the catering truck where Steve was talking to the owner.


“Jose this is my partner Detective Schon.” They shook hands. “He found the bodies.”


“It was awful just awful I thought I was seeing things. I….I come here everyday for the construction workers and never in my life have I ever seen anything….that poor girl and so much blood.”


“Have you ever seen them before?” Neal asks.


Jose shakes his head. “May I do something for them?”


Neal and Steve look at one another. “What would you like to do Jose?” Neal asks.


“You want to give them the last rites don’t you?” Steve asks.


“Yes you are Catholic?” Jose asks Steve.


“I was raised that way.” Steve replies.


“I would like to say a few words over them.” Jose says.


“I don’t see how it could hurt do you Neal?” Steve replies as he puts his hand on Jose’s shoulder.


“No I don’t see how it could hurt. You could do it before they are put into the ambulance.”


“Come on Jose I’ll go with you.” Steve says as he puts his arm around Jose’s shoulders and they walk off in the direction of the ambulance.






“Well at least we know who they are.” Steve says as he tosses their pictures down onto Neal’s desk.


“Nancy Harper and Charles Tucker from right here in California, why do those names sound so familiar?”


“Because maybe you saw them here.” Steve replies as he throws another piece of paper down onto Neal’s desk.


“Holy Mary don’t tell me! They were contestants in that dance competition too!”


“Yeah now that leaves four contestants maybe they should change their name to the Deadly Disco Dance Competition.” Steve says.


“And we haven’t even figured out who killed the first ones yet.”


“Well the first order of business should be to find the other living contestants and get them protection I had Vivian run up a list of all the Hotels and Motels in town….here you get the Motels.” Steve says as he tosses the list to him.


“Vivian does good work doesn’t she?” Neal says as he thumbs thru the pages.


“That she does, that she does.” Steve says as he moves the phone closer to him then he picks up the receiver and he hits the button for an outside line and then he dials the first number on the list.


“Yes hello this is Detective Perry with the 9th Precinct Homicide Division and I need to know if you have any of these people registered at your Hotel….”






“My jaw is sore from talking so much.” Neal says.


“I am hungry and thirsty and this finger hurts from dialing that phone so much.” Steve says as he holds up a finger.


Neal rubs his neck as they sit down at a table. “I had no idea that there was that many Hotels and Motels in this city.”


“Neither did the Captain since he had to field those verification phone calls. You know I am slightly hurt that so many people didn’t believe I was a cop!” Steve says.


“You mean more than usual?” Neal says as he laughs.


“Well now at least the other contestants are protected thanks to the Captain.”


“Evening gentleman what can I get you this evening?” The waitress asks as she stops at their table.


“A good massage for starters.” Neal replies as he rubs his neck.


Steve laughs. “Two beers and two big steaks, baked potato and salad.”


“No salad.” Neal says.


“Yes salad you need fiber.” Steve says.


“How do you want the steaks?” She asks.


“One well done and the other medium well and oh yeah and apple pie….”


Ala mode.” Neal says.


“Alright I’ll bring those two beers right away.” She says as she walks off.


A few minutes later she returns with the beers and immediately Steve takes a long drink. “Oh man that hit the spot you know you should have Ruby give you a massage.”


“That is a good idea and speaking of Ruby are you ready to talk about Brunch with Eva?” Neal asks.


“You know Neal Eva is a really sweet girl….” Steve says.


“Uh oh something happened already hasn’t it? Steve it’s only been about three days….”


“Oh no nothing has happened that is not really.” Steve says.


“What does that mean? I mean you two looked like you were getting along great, you were dancing and laughing….”


“Well we were I mean we are I mean she just doesn’t want to get serious.” Steve says.


“Well okay there is nothing wrong with that.”


“She doesn’t want a relationship per se.” Steve says.


“You’re already talking about relationships?” Neal asks.


Steve shrugs. “Eva gets right to the point I found out.”


“So if she doesn’t want to get serious or have a relationship that must mean..!” Neal sits up straight as his eyes widen and he inhales sharply. “…..She just wants to be friends? Oh Steve man that is just….”


Steve waves his hand. “No that isn’t it.”


“That isn’t….it?” Neal repeats.


Steve shakes his head.


“Then what?”


“And you call yourself a detective?” Steve replies.


Neal looks at him. “Yes I do call myself a detective but the problem is I am not psychic!! So sound it out for me!”


“She doesn’t want to get serious and she doesn’t want a relationship and she doesn’t want to be friends so all she wants is….”


“Is?” Neal asks.


“Sex.” Steve says.


“Sex?” Neal repeats.




“So let me get this straight. She doesn’t want to get serious?” Neal says.




“She doesn’t want a relationship?” Neal says.




“And she doesn’t want to be friends?” Neal says.




“All she wants to do is have sex with you?” Neal asks.




“And that is a problem how?” Neal says.


“Neal maybe I want more than that! Maybe I would like to have a relationship….”


“Steve didn’t you tell me that you didn’t want to get serious or even have a relationship? You just wanted to have fun and keep it casual?”


Steve leans across the table. “You know I will have to take you to the doctor to get that memory feature of yours turned off!!!”


Neal snaps his fingers. “I know why this bothers you so badly!”


“Pray tell why?”


“Because you didn’t think of it first that’s why!” Neal says.


“Oh no that isn’t true!!! I don’t know I guess I’m just not used to all of this Women’s Lib stuff.”


“Here we go let’s ask her.” Neal says as he sees the waitress approaching with their food.


“Neal what do you mean ask her?”


“Here you go two steak dinners, one well done and the other medium well, now is there anything else I get you two tonight?”


“Yeah can I ask you a question?” Neal asks her.




The waitress looks at both of them. “I guess it would depend on the question.”


“Okay we are Survey Takers for the City….”




“Ssshhh! Okay the question is would you rather be in a relationship, or a serious relationship, or just be friends or….just have sex with my buddy here on a regular basis?” Neal asks.


Steve shakes his head as he covers his eyes.


“That would depend on the size of his tip.” She says then she turns and walks off.


“Why in the hell did you do that?!” Steve asks. “Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was?”


“Steve shut up and eat your dinner and do you have any idea how lucky you are?” Neal says as he points his fork at Steve. “Do you have any idea how many men would kill to be in your shoes? Do you? I mean to have a beautiful woman to want to have sex with you with no strings attached? I say enjoy it man.”


A few minutes into the meal the waitress returns. “Do either one of you guys drive a Dodge Charger?”


“Yeah I do why?” Neal says.


“It’s talking.” The waitress says.


“Talking?” Steve says.


“Yes it keeps saying something about a 10-40?”


“Thanks I better get that.” Neal says as he gets up from the table and he goes outside.


“What is it you two do again?” The waitress asks.


“We’re cops.” Steve says as he shows her his badge.


“Oh okay well here’s your check for your friend and here’s one for you.” She says as she puts it on the table in front of Steve.


“Oh no we just wanted one check….” Steve says as he tries to hand it back to her.


“Keep it.” She says as she smiles at him then she turns to walk off and then Steve looks at the check.


“Hey partner the Captain wants us to come back to the station. What’s that?”


“Oh the waitresses phone number.” Steve replies as he puts it in his pocket.


“Let’s roll partner.” Neal says.






“I called you two back to the station because of the nature of the case and the fact that there are no viable suspects I decided with the cooperation of the owner of the Club Neon and of course Gordon Parks to put you two undercover.”


“You mean in the dance contest Cap?” Steve asks.


“Exactly, now one of you will be a contestant in the dance competition and the other will be working in the club at the time of the competition to keep an eye on the other. Now the only people that know you two are cops is Ramon and Gordon Parks but not anyone else. So who wants to do what?” The Captain asks.


Neal and Steve look at one another. “Well Cap you know Steve can dance so I think he should be in the competition and I’ll work in the Club.”


“Steve?” The Captain asks. “Is that agreeable with you?”


“Oh well sure oh but wait I don’t have a partner!” Steve says.


“That is alright we can ask some of the women here in the office if they can dance….” The Captain says but he is interrupted by Neal.


“We don’t have to do that I know somebody who can be Steve’s partner.” Neal says.


“You do?” Steve asks.


“Who is that Neal?” The Captain asks.


“Eva.” Neal says as he looks at Steve.


“Oh yeah sure I almost forgot about her. I’ll call her when we get finished here.” Steve says.


“Great because tomorrow you need to report to the Arcadia Studios for practice at ten in the morning so hopefully Eva will do it. If she doesn’t want to well we will go from there. Neal you go to the Club Neon tomorrow and talk to Ramon and see what he wants you to do, officially as of tomorrow you both are off of the streets. I don’t need to tell you that this is serious four people have died and let’s not add you two to the list got it?”


“Yes Captain.” They both say.






Neal unlocks his apartment door to find Steve lying on his sofa, his back to the living room covered by an afghan Neal’s mother made so Neal takes his groceries into the kitchen and by the time he had finished putting them away Steve was sitting up rubbing his eyes and yawning.




“Hey yourself.” Steve replies as he yawns.


“First time I have seen or heard from you in four days and you’re sleeping.”


“Oh sorry man.”


“Hey its cool you’re welcomed anytime I was going to have spaghetti for dinner want to join me?” Neal asks.


“Sure that sounds good.”


“So how goes the dancing?” Neal asks.


“Disco will be the death of me if Eva doesn’t kill me first.”


Neal laughs as he hands Steve a bottle of beer and then he sits down next to him on the sofa. “What?”


“You know this dancing stuff is hard work going thru the police academy wasn’t this hard!”


“Really?” Neal replies.


“Really man I mean my feet are killing me and parts of my body hurt me that I didn’t even know existed.”


“So what is this about Eva I thought she was a good dancer?” Neal asks.


“Oh she is she’s a great dancer but her dancing isn’t the problem.”


“Well?” Neal replies as he takes a swig of beer.


Steve takes a deep breath then he says, “Eva is a Nymphomaniac.”


Neal spits out his mouthful of beer. “She’s….she’s a what?” Neal asks as he wipes his chin.


“Eva is a Nymphomaniac.” Steve repeats again.


“How do you know?”


“How, how do I know? Beside the fact that she told me we have had sex more times this week than I have had all month!”


“Seriously man?” Neal asks.


“I swear and sometimes it has been twice a day! Do you have any idea how many condoms I have gone thru? The cashier at the drug store gives me these weird looks I mean I don’t even have to ask for them she just hands them to me! Do you have any idea how that feels?”


“No I can’t say that I do damn it.” Neal replies.


“I can’t sleep Neal she won’t let me! I mean the woman is insatiable, in the shower, in the kitchen…”


“Kitchen?” Neal repeats.


“I have never been this tired in my whole life what with the dancing and Eva it’s a wonder I can even walk let alone function! She’s killing me Neal.”


“Yeah but Steve man what a way to go!” Neal replies as he hits Steve on his shoulder.


“Ha-ha-ha yeah! Neal she doesn’t want to do anything else but dance and screw! I know it seems like it is a dream situation but it is getting old fast. I’m getting old fast! I thought dancing would test my stamina and endurance, ha! That is why I’m here I’m hiding.”


“Hiding you say?” Neal repeats.


Steve nods. “I have to get some sleep and Eva doesn’t know where you live, does she?”




“Cool.” Steve replies.


“Can’t you just you know tell her no?”


Steve laughs. “The woman doesn’t know the meaning of the word. I mean she has me doing stuff that I didn’t even know that I could do!”


Neal scratches his head. “I just can’t believe that Eva is a Nympho I mean she seems so sweet and innocent.”


Steve laughs. “Ah boy does she have you fooled! Oh Neal my feet are killing me can you rub my feet?”


“No Steve I won’t rub your feet but I will get you some hot water and Epsom salts. Go and sit in the leather recliner in the bedroom and I’ll be there in a minute.”


“You mean in your special leather recliner?” Steve asks.


“Yeah Steve in my special leather recliner.”


“Cool.” Steve says as he throws the Afghan across Neal as he gets up and he walks gingerly into the bedroom.


Neal rooted around in the kitchen until he finally found the pan and the Epsom salts and after he filled it with hot water he carried it into the bedroom and when he got there he saw that Steve had fallen asleep in the recliner. All Neal could do was smile at him as he put down the water and then he pushed the recliner back so Steve would be more comfortable. He pulled a blanket off of the bed and he covered Steve with it then before he left the bedroom he closed the door behind him.





“Hey there partner.” Neal says as Steve gets in the car.


“Hey yourself, don’t spare the horses man let’s get out of here before….”


“Steve honey where are you going?” Eva says as she leans in the car window.


“Neal and I have work to do tonight baby right Neal?”


“Oh yeah we sure do. So Eva how goes it dancing with old Stevie here?” Neal asks as he puts his hand on Steve’s shoulder.


“Oh Steve is a wonderful dancer and he is also wonderful at a lot of other things too. Are you sure he has to work tonight? I really, really need my Stevie fix.” Eva pouts.


Neal looks at Steve then he looks at Eva. “Yeah Eva I’m afraid we have to work tonight.”


“All night.” Steve adds.


“Yeah you know all night.”


“Oh well can I least have a goodbye kiss?” Eva asks.


“Well I suppose that wouldn’t….” Before Steve can finish Eva grabs him with such force that she almost drags him out of the car as she plants a kiss on him and after what seems like a long time she finally lets him go.


“Bye honey see you tomorrow. Bye Neal.” Eva says as she walks away waving.


“Steve man I want to apologize.” Neal says.


“Apologize about what?” Steve asks.


“I thought you were exaggerating about Eva but I can see now you were telling the truth. I thought she was going to suck the tonsils out of your mouth.”


“Apology accepted can we go now please?” Steve says nervously.


Neal starts the car and he drives off. “Her Stevie fix?”


“That is what she calls me her ‘Stevie Fix’ so what was this info you found out?”


“Well I found out that the Coppers and the young couple we found Monday knew each other.” Neal replies.


“So? I mean they were in a dance competition I would think that they would be friends with each other.”


“I didn’t say they were friends.” Neal says as he looks at Steve.




“That about describes it. It seems our young couple was always coming up in second place and they have been for years and there was a few words between them and one of the words was ‘fix.’”


“Fix? You mean the competition was fixed?”


Neal shrugs. “Don’t know but our young couple seem to think so.”


“You don’t think that our young couple killed the Coppers do you?”


Neal shrugs again. “Don’t know but anything is possible.”


“Where did you hear this from?” Steve asks.


“Oh you know around.” Neal replies as he gestures.


“Around where?”


“Ramon.” Neal says.


“Ah okay getting cozy are we?” Steve asks.


“He likes you better remember?”


“I’m trying to forget.” Steve replies.


“Ramon likes to gossip especially when he has a few of those Vodka Martinis in him and he made it seem like it was common knowledge that they didn’t like each other.”


“So did Ramon mentioned why they thought the competition was fixed?”


“Nope.” Neal replies.


“So we aren’t any closer to figuring out who did what to whom and why?”


“Nope.” Neal replies.


“What about Gordon Parks?”


“His assistant says that he is too busy to talk to me.” Neal replies.


“You know this whole thing makes me nervous.”


“Nervous why?” Neal asks.


“Because I am practicing for a competition where four people have died and we don’t know who the suspects are and all we have are speculations and innuendos and the competition is next week! And you ask why I’m nervous.”


“I do have an idea.” Neal replies.


“Sometimes I really hate when you say that.”


“Come on let’s go up to the apartment and I’ll run it down for you.” Neal says.


“I hope dinner is included in this because I’m starving!!!”


“Yes partner I will feed your face.” Neal replies.








“Here man I brought you a beer.” Neal says as he sits the beer down at Steve’s table.


Steve reaches for the beer but then he starts to laugh. “Neal what are you wearing or should I say what aren’t you wearing? Where’s the rest of that outfit?”


Neal is wearing very tight pants with see-thru panels, no shirt, a bow tie and a beaded headband.


“Steve you know this is a gay nightclub I mean it’s a gay’s men nightclub.”


“No kidding and you just figured that out?” Steve asks. “But that doesn’t explain this.” Steve motions to Neal’s lack of clothes.


Neal takes a deep breath. “All the waiters have to wear this and you know before this night is over my butt is going to be black and blue I have never been pinched so much in my life!”


Steve laughs. “It’s because you’re so cute that’s why!”


“Shut up! When I signed up to protect and to serve I don’t think they meant this kind of serving!” Neal replies as he holds up the tray.


“So you never really told me what your idea was.” Steve replies as he laughs.


“You’re find out.”


“Wait what does that mean I’ll find out?”


“Just what I said you’re find out I did some tweaking.” Neal replies.


“Tweaking?” Steve says suspiciously.


“Yeah you know tweaking just like you did when I was in the hospital, remember?” Neal asks.


“Oh yeah that tweaking!! Should I be worried?” Steve replies.


“No not especially you’re be dancing and a moving target is hard to hit.”


“A moving target is hard to hit?” Steve repeats.


“Neal pick-up your drinks!!” The bartender yells to Neal over the noise.


“Gotta go!” Neal replies.


“Hey wait! What did you mean a moving target is hard to hit?” Steve asks. “Hey Neal!!!!!”


“Stevie baby.” Eva says as she puts her arms around Steve’s neck. “We’re next we should go and warm up.”


“Good idea baby.” Steve replies as he twirls her back into his arms. “Let’s go.”




The announcement is followed by a round of applause and after Steve and Eva take their places the music ‘The Hustle’ begins.


Ramon slides over next to Neal dancing to the music. “I must say that your partner is very fleet of foot!” Ramon yells over the music.


“Yes he is that….” Neal replies.


On the dance floor Steve grabbed Eva by her waist and he lifted her cleanly into the air and she turned in mid-air and she landed back in Steve’s arms just as the shots rang out. People screamed and they either ducked for cover or they ran for the exits with Steve holding tight to Eva’s hand he ran a zig-zag pattern across the floor dodging the bullets as they ran to the relative safety of the bar. Steve shoved Eva behind the bar and once there he found that Ramon, Neal and the bartender had also found safety behind the bar. They covered their heads as the bullets being aimed in their direction caused the liquor bottles on display behind the bar to shatter and rain down on them.


“Neal do you think that you might have over-tweaked it just a tad?” Steve asks as he grabs the gun that was strapped around his ankle.


Neal ducks as a bullet destroyed another bottle of liquor. “Probably so. Are you three okay?” Neal asks to Eva, Ramon and the bartender.


And all they managed to do was nod their heads.


“You know that is the last time I send somebody a note with your name on it.” Neal replies.


Steve looks over at him. “A note with my name on it?” Steve ducks as another bullet whizzes by. “A note to whom?”


“Gordon Parks telling him that you knew that the competition was fixed….” Neal replies.


“FIXED?!” Ramon, Eva and the bartender and Steve say all together.


“Wait you sent him a note signed by me saying that I knew that the competition was fixed?!!!” Steve asks as he ducks down.




“Knowing this might happen?” Steve asks.


“Well yeah….”


“Are you guys insane?” Ramon asks as he sits up and immediately after a bullet shatters a bottle right above his head.


Neal reaches out and he pushes Ramon’s head down. “Stay down! Sometimes you have to push it to get any results right partner?”


“Yeah sometimes okay so where is he?” Steve asks.


“Well judging from the angle of the shots I’ll say that he’s up in the light scaffolding.” Neal replies as another shot rings out.


“Lovely bullets and heights my two favorite things!!” Steve replies.


“How far to the stage?” Neal asks.


“Ten feet easy.” Steve replies.


“Do you think if I give you cover….? Neal asks.


“Yeah I can….”


“Neutralize the situation?” Neal asks.


“Easy….” Steve replies.


“Wait you aren’t going out there are you?” Eva asks.


“We don’t have much choice Eva.” Steve replies.


“Yeah we can’t stay here.” Neal says.


“Oh my god you two are crazy!!” Eva says.


“Ramon I’m going to need your help.” Steve says.


“My, my help?” Ramon says as he points to himself.


“Where is the light scaffolding tied off?” Steve asks.


“Oh my goodness on, on either side of the stage what, what are you going to do?” Ramon asks.


“Put out the lights because the party’s over!!! Neal on the count of three?” Steve asks as he gets to his feet and he crouches near the edge of the bar.


Neal also gets to his feet as he crouches down behind the bar. “On the count of 3! 1….2….3!!”


Neal yells and when he stands up he fires in the direction of the light scaffolding as Steve runs another zig-zag pattern across the floor to the stage. Steve ducks his head as he runs for the stage and once there he runs up the stairs and he makes his way backstage to where the light scaffold is tied off and that is when he felt the bullet whiz pass his head and he turned and he had a clean shot and just as the shooter fired off another shot Steve raised his gun in the shooter’s direction and he fired. The well placed shots killed the shooter where he perched on the scaffolding and as death claimed him he lost his grip and he fell to the stage below with an awful thud that echoed thru the now quiet club. From behind the bar Eva screamed as Steve got down on one knee to check the shooters pulse.


“Steve!” Steve looks up to see Neal scrambling over the bar and gesturing towards the Exit door. “It’s Parks he just beat a hasty retreat!!”


Steve doesn’t miss a step as he steps over the shooter on the stage or as he jumps down off the stage in hot pursuit of Neal. Neal hit the bar on the Exit door running and Steve fell into step right behind him as they ran out into the dark of the parking to see a large sedan racing pass them.


“How many….?” Steve asks.


“Two more….” Neal replies.


“Not that dark.” Steve replies as he holds his gun out in front of him as walks out between the other cars parked next to the club and standing out in the middle of the parking lot he takes aim on the two back tires of the sedan and then he fires. The tires exploded which cause the car to swerve right into a stack of trash cans that were piled against the wall.


“Top of the evening to you Governor.” Steve tries to say in his worst/best British accent to Gordon who still sat in the car.


“Oh bloody hell!!” Gordon replied.


“Out of the car mate.” Neal replied as he opened the car door.


“Your British accents are atrocious.” Gordon says as Neal helps him out of the car.


“Yeah they are almost as bad as your morals.” Steve replies. “Let’s get him back to the station partner.”


“Righty-o old chap! “ Neal replies with another bad British accent.






“We will look forward to seeing you and showing you around Oceanview and cheerio to you too!”


“So how long will it take them to get here from England?” Steve asks as Neal hangs up the phone.


“They said about 12 hours or so.”


“Wow that is a long flight.” Steve replies.


“Yeah they should be here by the end of the week and I told them we would be happy to show them around the City.” Neal says.


“Cool that should be fun!”


“Yeah they sound like a couple of good old blokes!” Neal replies.


“Did you say blokes?” Steve asks.


“Yeah so how is Eva?” Neal asks.


“Oh you know man the usual.”


“Horny….?” Neal says.


Steve nods. “Yeah man all that shooting didn’t scare her a bit it just turned her on.”


“No shit! So are you going to go….?” Neal asks.




“Nope?” Neal replies.




“Why?” Neal asks.


“Because I am tired my feet hurt and I am fresh out of condoms.”


Neal laughs.


“I wonder if Eva would like a trip to England.” Steve says.


“You aren’t serious!”


“Try me!!” Steve replies.


“Oh hey I almost forgot!” Neal says as he pushed his chair away from the desk.


“Forgot what? Where are you going?” Steve asks.


“Don’t get your disco pants in a wad you’ll see.” Neal replies as he goes into the Captain’s office and a few minutes he returns carrying something wrapped in a towel that he rests on Steve’s desk.


“What is that?” Steve asks as he moves papers out of the way.


“Well you know partner you worked so hard with the dancing and all….”


“Ah don’t forget I worked hard with Eva too!” Steve replies as he holds up a finger for emphasis.


“Yeah well okay and I thought you shouldn’t have went thru all of that for nothing and it shouldn’t be a total lost so I got you this….” Neal says as he whips the towel off of it. “….Wa La!”


Steve stands up. “A trophy and hey look it has my name and Eva’s on it!!! First place!!! Wow man I will cherish this forever!!!” Steve says as he picks it up.


“Sorry about the bullet hole man.”


“Oh no man it’s cool it adds that certain something you know!” Steve replies.


The stenographer appears and she places a couple of sheets of paper on Neal’s desk.


“Hmmm Steve nice trophy you have there!” The stenographer says as she walks away.


“And whoever said that size doesn’t matter lied!” Steve says as he laughs as he puts the trophy back on the desk. “Park’s confession?”


“Oh yeah. Let’s see he was skimming from the company and somehow the Coppers found out about it and for years they were blackmailing him.”


“So the competition was fixed after all?” Steve asks.


“Oh yeah and somehow that young couple we found at the construction site figured it out.”


“The guy I shot at the club was a hitman from across the pond one Malcolm Reynolds. Parks obviously got tired of being blackmailed so he enlisted some help.” Steve replies.


“Yeah Parks had Reynolds get rid of the Coppers….”


“And also the young couple Tucker and Harper just because the Coppers told Parks that they had figured it out and Tucker and Harper was tired of losing.” Steve replies.


“Well I don’t blame them all that work for what? You know I would be pissed off myself and I guess this end Danfield’s Disco Dance competition for good.” Neal replies as he looks across the desk at Steve who is resting his chin in his hand as he taps a pencil on the desk.


“Okay spill it man I know you want to say something.”


“Yeah actually I was curious about that note you sent to Parks.”


“What about it?” Neal asks.


“What did it say exactly?”


Neal scratches his head. “You know it just said the usual.”


“No I don’t know enlightened me why don’t cha.” Steve replies.


“Well it may have alluded to the fact that you had figured out, by using your keen Detective’s wit….”


“….My keen Detective’s wit is it now?” Steve replies.


“Yeah your keen Detective’s wit that you put two and two together and came up with the fact that the Copper’s were blackmailing Parks and furthermore you figured out the competition was fixed for the Copper’s to win….”


“So we didn’t figure this out it was just me that figured it out?” Steve asks.




“So that hitman was shooting at me?” Steve says as he points to himself.


“Well yeah man he sure as hell wasn’t shooting at me!” Neal replies.


“Uh huh Neal….”


“Yeah Steve.”


“Just for my own clarification here you signed my name to that note?”


“Yeah Steve I did.” Neal replies as he nods.


“It wasn’t our names it was just my name?”




“So Neal.”


“Yeah Steve.”


“How many other times have you forged my name…?”


“Well I exactly wouldn’t call it forgery….” Neal replies.


“So you admit it?”


“Well yeah you know….” Neal says.


“No again enlighten me.”


“Well I have signed your name before to reports when you were out chasing tail, you know simple stuff like that, it’s not like I sign your paychecks or anything like that or anything that might get you in trouble actually I did it to keep your ass out of trouble!”


“Uh huh Neal.”


“Yeah Steve?”


“Don’t do it again.”


“Okay so I guess that means you don’t want the Sweepstake Ticket….” Neal replies.


“Wait a minute the what….?”


“….Or the subscription to Playboy….” Neal says.


“Play….? Did you say Playboy?” Steve says.


“Yeah Playboy.”


“Oh well okay then it’s okay sign away when do I get the Playboy?” Steve asks.


“Next month. Well let’s go and get Parks to read this over and then sign it.”


“Good idea partner.” Steve replies.






“Hey partner do you want to have dinner with Ruby and me tonight?”


“Sorry partner but no can do.”


“Oh so you have a date well that is cool! You didn’t wait long to replace Eva.” Neal says as he smiles.


“Who know that she would really go to England and no I am not replacing her and you could say that I do have a date.”


“I could say that you have a date?” Neal asks. “Okay Steve what’s going on?”


“Well you remember that dance studio we went to during the investigation?”


“Huh yeah Arcadia Studios or something like that?” Neal replies.


“Yeah man I decided to take the owner up on his offer!”


Neal looks shocked. “You mean you going to quit the police department and become a dance instructor?!”


Steve laughs. “No no nothing that extreme but I have decided to become a dance instructor there I mean it is a good place to meet people and I’ll have fun and earn some extra money!”


“Well Steve that is cool man so how many times a week do you do this?” Neal asks.


“Monday, Wednesday and Friday and guess who’s taking lessons there?”


“I don’t know who?” Neal asks.


“Vickie O’Brian!”


“Vickie O’Brian? Vickie….oh you mean the redhead that owns the limo company.”


“That’s her and I’m teaching her how to disco!” Steve replies. “And after the lesson tonight we’re going to go out for coffee!”


“Wait a minute I thought you hated her and I thought she hated you right?”


“Oh yeah we hate each other guts!!” Steve says happily.


Neal scratches his head. “Okay I don’t see why you are so happy about a woman hating you.”


“Because I can have fun in trying to convince her to like me!!!” Steve says as he slaps Neal on his chest as he goes out of the door.


Neal stands there a minute then he follows after Steve. “Steve wait what in the hell did that mean? Steve!!!”





V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7 V7




“Steve I can’t believe you’re going to leave that thing here in the office.”


“That thing as you call it Neal is what you gave to me remember?”


“Yeah I know but that Trophy is too heavy for that shelf.” Neal points out.


“No it isn’t and doesn’t it look great sitting there?” Steve replies.


“Yeah but I still think it is too heavy.”

“This is our award shelf right?” Steve asks.




“Well that is an award and so it goes on the award shelf!!” Steve says.


“Okay Steve let’s go home.”


“That works for me!” Steve replies.


The next sounds heard are footsteps as they move around the office and then the sound of the door opening and closing is heard. Silence. The next sound is a loud ‘CRASH!’ as the award shelf that was hanging on the wall falls off and everything on it hits the floor and then the……..tape……..runs……..out.




©LAB and SRP & JRNY FANFICTION 2007 to 2008. All rights reserved. Steve Perry and Neal Schon’s likenesses appear only as characters. Any resemblance to any one living or dead is purely a coincidence. This fictional story is for entertainment purposes only and for the complete enjoyment of the author and the readers. And for the love of things and people back in the day.

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