Lovin Touchin Squeezin

Chapter Three

Nancy comes into the living room. She glances over and sees Steve asleep on the sofa. She locks the front door then she goes over and sets her stuff down on the table. Then she goes over to the TV and turns it off. She goes into the kitchen and turns on the light and opens the refrigerator. The next time she turns around Steve is standing in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. Nancy has never rally seen him angry before, until now. Steve is trying to maintain control but by the minute is getting harder to do. Nancy can tell by his eyes that he is pissed about something.

"Who was the guy in the Vette, Nancy?" Steve asks.

"What?" Nancy says watching Steve come closer into the kitchen.

"The guy in the Vette. I saw you from the window! Kissing that other guy! Who is he?!"

By now Nancy is trying to go around Steve but he wonít let her get past. He puts his hands on either side of the door. Nancy backs up until she is sitting on top of the kitchen table.

"He just gave me a ride home from work! He is nobody Steve!"

Steve stands in the doorway, gripping the doorís jambs to tight that his knuckled are turning white.

"Uh huh. That was some kiss for a nobodyÖ" Steve says.

"You didnít seeÖ." Nancy says.

"Are you screwing him!?" Steve looks here straight in the face.


By now Nancy is up and once again trying to get out of the kitchen. She runs past Steve but he grabs her around the waist and spins her around. He has her pinned against the refrigerator. His face is about an inch from hers.

"Iím going to ask you this question again. If you look me in the eye when you answer it, I might believe you! Are you screwing that guy!?"

Nancy puts her hands on his chest and she looks him right in his eyes and without blinking, or even wavering

"No!!! I am NOT screwing himÖ!!!"

Nancy pushes him away. Steve falls backwards into the pantry door. Steve watches as she walks out of the kitchen and up the hall to what used to be her old room. Steve hears the door slam and the lock in the door being turned. Steve stands there, hands on his hips, moving the corner of the rug around with his foot. He opens the refrigerator and takes out a beer and he goes into his room and slams the door.

Hours later it seems Steve is sitting on his bed. His bed is against one wall and he is propped up on the pillows. He has the mini blinds raised and he is looking out of the window. The window is open and he hears the traffic moving out on the highway. The breeze ruffles his hair as he looks out of the window. This window also has a view of the parking lot but beyond the parking lot are trees. Steve can also see a water tower off in the distance, that rises above the trees, with a red light blinking on and off. He sees little airplanes coming in for a landing at the local airport. Their lights blinking and blending in with the stars. Steve has one leg bent and leaning up against the windowsill. Steve looks at the clock radio, 2:00 AM The radio is on but is not very loud. Steve rubs his hand through his hair as he drinks the bottle of beer dry. He sits the empty bottle on the windowsill next to the other one. Steve doesnít usually drink this much but he figured today was a special occasion.

I must be a fool Steve thinks. The biggest fool that ever was. She likes guys with fancy cars, well that certainly leaves me out he thinks. He wonders if she has done this before. He has been gone allot lately. He still wasnít sure if she was telling him the truth, but she did look him straight in the eye. Steve knows from experience if somebody is going to purposely lie to you it is hard for them to look you straight in the eye and do it. Oh he is sure that some people could do it, but he doesnít think that Nancy has ever lied to him. Sometimes she is a little too forthright. He remembers coming home from work one day, when they were still just roommates and not lovers, and Nancy was curled up on the sofa watching TV she didnít look like she felt well so Steve asked her

"Hey Nan are you alright?"

"Iím having cramps" Nancy says.

"Uh..too much info for me Nan"

"Then donít ask" Nancy throws back at him.

Touchť Steve thought. Yeah, he had to ask. After being with somebody this long you would think that some things didnít have to be spoken. Being faithful for one. Steve knows that he is, not that there hasnít been times but then Nancy always comes to mind and that brings him back to reality. Look but donít touch. Like at work, thereís a girl there, Sandra. From the beginning Sandra flirts, drops big hints and is not too subtle with innuendos. Steve thinks it was his second day there and Tony had already warned him. Watch out for Sandra. Well it was soon after that that Steve was in the break room eating lunch all by himself when Sandra comes in. Steve was reading a book, not paying attention, his back to the door. Sandra comes up behind him, puts her hands on his shoulder, says hello, whatís for lunch and she moves his hair behind his ear and then proceeds to bite him on his ear. Steve jumps a foot and Sandra laughs. Sandra is far from ugly and she probably knows it. Heck, she does know it. If he hadnít met Nancy he was considering asking Sandra out, but then he saw that Sandra has a linebacker for a boyfriend, a guy with no neck. He could make mincemeat out of Steve so he reconsidered.

But that fact didnít stop Sandra. She made another pass at him. Actually she cornered him in the hallway and had him backed up against the wall, literally. He told her that ht appreciated the fact that she thought that he was good looking and so on and so forth but he already had a girlfriend. Sandra looked disappointed but if Steve ever changed his mind, she would be around. Yeah, but what about your football player boyfriend. She laughs. Heís harmless. Yeah, harmless to whom? Steve can run fast but not that fast. So he filed Sandra away for safekeeping and then forgot about her. Even though he saw her everyday. She worked in the office and Steve had to go in there every now and then, but he kept things business like. Even when Sandra would smile at him like that.

Steve was thinking so hard on this he didnít hear his bedroom door open until he saw the shaft of light cutting across the floor. The light from the kitchen. Steve turns his head and looks. Nancy is standing in the doorway, back lit, and that old T-shirt she is wearing is almost transparent and it leaves nothing to the imagination. Steve takes a deep breath, he knows she is doing this on purpose, heís trying to stay mad at her. Trying to sort all of this out in his mind and right now he doesnít think that he can handle her pushing his buttons, because he will cave. They have been together awhile now and she knows all of his little turn ons. That T-shirt is one of them. Steve lays his head back and closes his eyes. Steve can hear her coming into the room, her bare feet making noises in the carpet. She comes over and stands at the side of the bed where Steveís feet are. Steve opens his eyes and looks at her. She looks like that she might have been crying, hair all mussed, like she tried to sleep but couldnít. She did better than I did Steve thinks. He hasnít been to sleep yet. Nancy takes her finger and tugs on the hem of his pants leg.

"Stevie, are you still mad?" Nancy asks quietly.

Well, there you go. Thereís another. She is the only person besides Steveís mother who could call him Stevie and get away with it. Anybody else would be shot down in a second.

"Iím trying to stay mad, but youíre making it damn difficult, girl!"

"Oh, what am I doing?" she asks innocently giving Steve one of her looks. Steve laughs and covers his face and shakes his head.

"What you always do!" Steve says

"Oh, and what is that exactly?" she asks as she climbs on the bed. As she crawls towards Steve, her hand trails along the top of his leg up to his waist. The hooks a finger in his belt loop as she settles in next to him. One of her arms goes around behind him. Steveís arm drops down to her waist. Steve kisses he on the top of her head. Nancy takes some of Steveís hair & twirls it around her finger then she moves it behind his ear and she reaches up and kisses him on the ear. Steve closes his eyes, feeling the anger dissolve like an ice cube on a hot sidewalk. Damn.

"Stevie, are you still mad?" Nancy asks him again. Steve pulls her closer and he kisses her again.

"Mad? About what?"

For that space of time Steve lets it go, he lets it all go. The anger, the image of Nancy and that guy in the Vette, the hurt, and the confusion, the feeling that there is something more to this than what he is seeing at the moment. Steve youíre too cynical. You bruise too easily. So he takes it all and wraps it up into a neat little package and leaves it beside the road and walks away. Only time will tell if he is right, or wrong he thinks.

(to be continued)

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